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TOP 5 Tips To Get Good

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TOP 5 Tips To Get Good

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Read our top 5 beginner tips guide on how to play better, improve your Fortnite Battle Royale play skills, & achieve top ranks to get the Victory Royale!

Table of Contents

1. Build, Build, Build

Building is a Fortnite feature that you can utilize to get that Victory Royale! Don't forget to practice and improve this skill!

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Defend Against Enemy Fire

Building walls will protect yourself when under enemy fire & will reduce damage you receive from enemies.

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Hide When Recovering

In the middle of the battle, build small forts while using recovery items. This will ensure you heal up without getting shot!

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Scope Out Situations

You can use buildings to scope out the battle situation. Build stairs to gain height advantage and walls to peek around corners and scope out enemies!

2. Listen Well

Fortnite provides many auditory cues to assist players in-game. Exploit these in every situation to get a match advantage!

Adjust Sound Settings

Increasing your SoundFX volume settings will make it easier to hear in-game sounds. Be sure to turn this up!

We recommend using surround sound headphones, this will help you cancel noise out and hear in-game sound effects much better!

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Listen for Enemy Fire & Footsteps

Listen well for enemy footsteps and enemy fire. This will help you decide whether to retreat or join the battle!

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Search for Loot

Treasure chests emit a humming sound when you are near them. Keep your ears open and you may find yourself awesome loot.

3. Know Your Loadout

Knowing which items to put into your limited inventory can mean the difference between life and death, so choose them well!

Weapons To Keep & Use

The amount of weapons in Fortnite can be confusing. Study which ones are effective in certain situations & you can fill up your loadout smarter and faster.

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Items In Your Inventory

It is also important to keep recovery items, ammo, building materials, and traps in your inventory. Learn their uses and you can survive longer in every match.

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4. Be On The Move

Keeping mobile is a key tip in playing Fortnite better. Practice your mobility, jump around, and be on the move!

Jump & Confuse Enemy Aim

Keep jumping around when in the middle of a shoot-out! You will be harder to target and more difficult to eliminate!

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Standing Around Will Get You Killed

Whatever you do, don't just stand around! Snipers are everywhere! If scoping the situation, at least crouch and keep moving!

Always Aim For Height Advantage

If shifting areas, try to move on hills and mountaintops. You'll be harder to spot by enemies below you and you will see them faster & better.

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5. Watch Other Gameplays

Watching other gameplays can give you objective lessons on how to play better. Watch other players (or yourself) and get good!

Spectate During Matches

In case you get eliminated early, watch other players in the match who are still alive. Take note of their techniques and try to learn their ways!

Watch Your Own Replays

You can also record and watch your own gameplay. Watch the replays and see which areas you can improve, you'll definitely do better next time!

Replays Can Expire

Note: Replays may expire after every Fortnite update so be sure to watch them before then!

Check Out How To Watch Replays!

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