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End Game Tips On How To Win

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End Game Tips On How To Win

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Play to win and get that Victory Royale. Here are some tips on how to play for endgame

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Playing in End Game

As matches come to an end, players enter what is called the endgame. It differs between matches but it starts at the 5th shrinking of the Storm with only 5-10 players left, raising the intensity of battles!

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Play Better with Experience

One of the most important aspects of playing in End Game is having experience. Keep playing games to familiarize yourself with the game to be able to pull of better gameplay strategies.

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Learn from the Pros

Watch other players to know how to play the game better. Watching streams is a good way of knowing new techniques and how to play in certain situations.

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Endgame Tips for Solo Players

Playing solo, you have to rely on your own skills to win the game. Make the right decisions and you will get that Victory Royale.

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Step 1: Be Defensive at First

Go on the defensive up until you have no choice but to fight. This is also best when you have low resources or lacking health/shields, which puts you at an offensive disadvantage.

Be Stealthy

Stay out of enemy sight. Move around environmental cover to make it harder for enemies to spot you.

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Stay at the Edge of the Storm

Keep yourself away from enemy attention by moving along the edge of the Storm. From here, you can also scout out enemy positions.

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Don't Go into Unnecessary Battles

See people fighting it out? Let them take out each other first before jumping into battle. Your enemies will be weakened relatively, making it easier for you to take them out.

Step 2: Then Go for the Offensive

You need to eliminate the last of your enemies to win! Take on the offensive, retaliate when you're being gunned down, and raise your aggro when there's only 2-3 people left to steal that win.

Build to Win

Building can completely turn the tide of battle. Create cover, get the high ground, and even trap enemies with structures.

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Take the High Ground

Control the battlefield by taking the high ground. From that angle you can easily shoot down enemies, while making it harder for them to shoot you.

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Pressure Enemies from their Sides

If your enemy has built a fort, don't rush at them from the front. Come from the sides and initiate combat from there.

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Use Different Items for Movement

Shockwave Grenades, Rift to Go, and Launch Pads will raise your overall mobility. Use them to make it harder for enemies to predict your movement and to get the jump on them!

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Endgame Tips for Squads

Work together to get that Victory Royale! Playing in Squads is completely different than playing in Solo.

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Teamwork is essential in endgame. Work together to bring down other enemy teams by giving callouts to enemy positions or to help an ally who is being pressured.

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Build and Shoot

Have someone make cover while the other members provide cover fire to keep the team safe without sacrificing the agro. Don't just all focus on shooting!

Flank Enemies

Cut your team into two and move against each side of the enemy. Flanking makes it harder for enemies to anticipate your attacks especially when they are in forts.

Focus on One Enemy at a Time

Focus fire on one enemy to bring them down quicker. Remember that a downed enemy cannot shoot back and any teammates who try to revive them will be a sitting duck.

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