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Splatoon 3 | How To Play Rainmaker - Tips & Guide

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How To Play Rainmaker - Tips & Guide in Splatoon 3. Learn about the rules, recommended weapon, tips & tricks, objectives, overtime conditions, Rainmaker Shot and so much more.

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Rainmaker Best Weapons Tier List

Rainmaker Rules

▼Bring The Rainmaker To The Goal
▼Rainmaker Is Protected by A Barrier
▼Effects Of Holding Rainmaker
▼Pass Through Checkpoints
▼Special Gauge Builds Up If The Enemy Holds The Rainmaker
▼Overtime Is Possible

Bring The Rainmaker To The Goal

The objective of the Rainmaker is to carry the Rainmaker from the center to the enemy team's base. There is a counter that increases and decreases depending on how many territories are reached. The winner is determined by how much the count is reduced. This means that the team with the lower count when the timer reaches 0 will win the match.

If the Count Reaches 0, It Is A Knockout Win

If the count is reduced to 0 by carrying the Rainmaker to the enemy base. The player wins by a knockout decision even if there is still time left in the match. Conversely, if the opponent scores a goal and reduces your team's count to 0, the game is a knockout loss.

Team With The Lowest Count Wins

If the time runs out (5 minutes) without either team being knocked out, the team with greater reduction in count wins the match.

Rainmaker Is Protected by A Barrier

Rainmaker Barrier

At the start of the match or when either team loses the Rainmaker, the Rainmaker is protected by a barrier. The barrier expands as it is hit with ink. When it expands to its limit, the barrier will explode. If both teams apply the same amount of ink at the same time, the damage is canceled out and the barrier does not expand at all.

Effects Of Holding Rainmaker

Cannot Use Super Jumps and Weapons
 └ Instead, you can shoot Rainmaker Shot)
Slower Movement Speed (Both in Human and Squid Form)
You Cannot Drop the Rainmaker
You Can Only Hold The Rainmaker For 60 Seconds
 └ After 60 seconds, the Rainmaker will explode with enemy ink.
Your Territory Is A No-Go Area
 └ If you go too far into your own territory, you will be judged that you are in a no-go area
If You Have The Rainmaker, You Will Glow And Your Position Will Be Revealed To The Enemy Team

Pass Through Checkpoints


In Splatoon 3, Checkpoints were added in the Rainmaker game mode, just like Tower Control. It is necessary to go through Checkpoints before being able to reach the goal. Step on the platform while holding the Rainmaker to decrease the count.

Go In Either Checkpoints

In Rainmaker, two checkpoints can be seen. It is ok to go through either of them. This means that you have two different paths that you can take.

Special Gauge Builds Up If The Enemy Holds The Rainmaker

Conditions For Automatic Special Gauge Builds Up
The enemy has the Rainmaker
②Neither team has the Rainmaker and my team is losing.

When either of the conditions above is met, the special gauge of all allies will gradually accumulate. The first condition is particularly important. Specials will build up when the opponent has the Rainmaker, so you should build up your specials before jumping into battle.

Overtime Is Possible


When the time expires, if the losing team still has a chance for an upset, the game will go into overtime. The extension ends when there is no more chance for the losing team to make a comeback.

Conditions For Overtime

①The losing team has the Rainmaker
②The losing team had the Rainmaker and it is now protected by a shield

Conditions That Ends Overtime

①The losing team loses the Rainmaker
②The winning team secures the Rainmaker
③A few seconds pass without both teams securing the neutral Rainmaker

Rainmaker Tips and Tricks

▼Be Aware Of Carrying & Protecting The Rainmaker
▼Immediately Move Towards The Rainmaker
▼Things To Look Out For Advancing The Rainmaker
・Reduce the number of enemies before carrying the Rainmaker
・Those who does not have the Rainmaker should focus on protecting
・The one carrying the Rainmaker should advance with Rainmaker Shot to keep enemies in check
・Choose a path where there are less enemies
・If you are about to die while carrying the Rainmaker, progress as far as possible
・If you die while attacking the enemy territory, use Super Jump to get back to the front line
▼Be Aware When Stopping The Rainmaker
・Fight together with the rest of your team (4 players)
・Prepare your special before returning to battle
・Keep an eye on all available routes where enemies can attack
・Securing high ground when attacking
・One person can approach the enemy from the flank/behind using a route that has no enemies
・If you fall off the map while holding the Rainmaker, it will return to the center

Be Aware Of Carrying & Protecting The Rainmaker

Rainmaker Objectives

Rainmaker's victory condition is to go the the enemy team with the Rainmaker and reduce the count. It may sound obvious but carrying the Rainmaker is the most important thing. If no one carries the Rainmaker or if someone who does not carry the Rainmaker forward will lead to defeat. Be very cautious when carrying and escorting the Rainmaker.

Immediately Move Towards The Rainmaker


Immediately after the game starts, head to the Rainmaker area in the center of the stage as soon as possible. If possible, try to break the barrier of the Rainmaker before the enemy does. When the barrier is broken, ink of the color of the barrier will blow up painting the entire area around you at once or kill the opponent during the explosion. If the barrier does not break, ignore the Rainmaker for the time being and focus on eliminating enemies.

Things To Look Out For Advancing The Rainmaker

After Outnumbering The Enemy, Focus On The Rainmaker


Holding the Rainmaker not only makes it imposible to attack with weapons, but it also gives away your location to enemies, making you an easy target. It is dangerous to hold it in a 4 versus 4 situation, so it is important to fight normally and eliminate players first. Once you have killed an enemy and secured your safety, proceed to the Rainmaker.

Protect The Rainmaker


The other 3 players who does not have the Rainmaker should focus on protecting the one who has it. Paint a path for them and repel incoming enemies approaching the Rainmaker.

If You Have The Rainmaker, Advance With Rainmaker Shot


If you have the Rainmaker, use ZR long-press to use the Rainmaker Shot. This will keep the enemy away from you. If your friend gets a kill in the mean time and you have the advantage in numbers, avoid using this and focus on getting to the checkpoint.

Choose The Route With Less Enemies


Checkpoints are placed in two locations but you only need to pass one of them. It is highly recommended that you carry the Rainmaker after identifying which checkpoint has less enemies that you have to deal with.

If You Are About To Die, Proceed As Far As You Can

If you are holding the Rainmaker and the other three players have died or you find yourself in a situation wherein there is nothing you can do, try to advance as far as possible to the enemy's side before dying. In addition to simply reducing the count, the deeper you advance into the enemy territory will buy you more time before the enemy can reposition themselves to the center of the stage.

Use Super Jump To Get Back To Battle


If the Rainmaker is on the enemy's side and can still be advanced, use the Super Jump to return to the front line. Even if you die, you will have enough time to prepare for defense.

Be Aware When Stopping The Rainmaker

Fight With The Rest Of Your Team (4 Players)


It is not limited to Rainmaker mode, but it is unlikely that the situation will improve if you rush alone. Therefore, it is important to wait for your ally's respawn time and fight together. If multiple allies die, you can give the space to the enemy and retreat to regroup.

Accumulate Specials Before Going In


Specials are sometimes enough to turn the tides if you have a disadvantage. Paint your own area to accumulate specials before going back to the Rainmaker. Also, while specials are powerful on their own, they can easily turn things around if timed with the specials of your allies.

Keep An Eye On Both Routes


You will not be able to predict which route the enemy will take to get to the checkpoint. It is important to keep an eye on both of the routes to distribute your defense and determine where the enemy is going.

Securing High Ground And Intercept


The Rainmaker mode has a certain number of routes available so it is possible to check which route will the enemy take. It is easier to stop them from advancing if you have a high position where you can shoot down the enemy's route. This will apply the enemy pressure making it difficult for them to advance.

One Player Can Flank

During combat, the Rainmaker holder is often hiding behind their team. This means that you can easily kill the Rainmaker holder by flanking them if the rest of the team is busy defending.

The Rainmaker Returns To The Center

If you fall off the map while holding the Rainmaker, it will return to the center of the map. Use this when you are advancing deep into the enemy territory and you want to make sure that it returns to the center.

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