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Check out this Anarchy Battle (Ranked Battle) guide for Splatoon 3. This includes level requirement to unlock Anarchy Battles, Open & Series rules, how to win, rewards, features!

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What Are Anarchy Battles?

Competitve Mode Where You Earn Rank Points


Anarchy Battle is Splatoon 3's Ranked Battle where players compete for Rank Points. This heavily relies on skill and is a more serious battle mode compared to Regular battles. Previously, it was named "Ranked Battle" in Splatoon 2.

Unlocked When You Reach Level 10

Anarchy Battles are unlocked and become playable when the player reaches Level 10. Until then, players can play Regular Battles, Salmon Runs, and other modes to increase their level.

If You Transfer Data From Splatoon 2, It's Available From The Beginning

Players who transfer their data from Splatoon 2 will have Anarchy Battles available even when only at Level 1. Join Ranked Battles from the Lobby after your first Turf War.

How To Transfer Data and Get Benefits

Anarchy Battle - Gameplay & Battle Types

Four Different Battle Types Can Be Played

TypeWin Conditions
Splat ZonesWhichever team can hold all Splat Zones long enough for the timer to reach zero wins!
Tower ControlWhichever team rides the tower to the goal in the enemy base wins!
RainmakerBring the Rainmaker to the goal in the enemy base to win!
Clam BlitzThe team that gets the most clams in their enemy's basket wins! You'll need to use a power clam to take down the basket's barrier first.

Battle Type Switches Every Two Hours

The Battle Type for Anarchy Battles switches every two hours. In-game, you can check which Battle Type is in play by clicking the X Button then "Stage Info". Outside the game, You can check the day's schedule by using the SplatNet 3 in the Nintendo Online application.

Anarchy Battle - Open / Series Battles

Choose Between Open / Series Battles

Series・ Only available for solo queue
・ First, pay rank points to start the match
・ Rank increase depends on performance across multiple games (Win five and get an increase, lose three and you are out)
Good performance will earn you Rank in bulk
Open・ Can join groups of 1-4
└ Can also form groups with friends
└ Rank increases and decreases with each battle

When you play Anarchy Battles, you can choose between "Open" or "Series" Battles. The two types are have different rules, including how you earn rank so learn their differences then choose which type you prefer to play.

Play "Series" If You Want To Get Rank Points In Bulk


Series Battles work wherein the more wins you get or the more awards you get, the higher the bulk reward at the end. You are out of the battle when you lose three battles. Players have to pay a challenge fee with their rank, making this a high risk, high reward payoff type of battle.

Anarchy Battles Are Open For Friend Parties & Solo Queues


If you want to play Anarchy Battle with a group of friends, you won't be able to choose Series, so choose Open instead. Additionally, if you want to play Anarchy Battles rules without it being too hard, it's recommended to play Open instead since the Rank increase and decrease are moderate.

Different Stages Between Open & Series Battles


Rules and Stages are different for Open and Series Anarchy Battles. If there is a specific Battle Type or Stage you want to play, check the schedule and play Anarchy Battles when they are available.

Anarchy Battle - Rank Point System & Rates

Rank Is Measured Between C- to S+ 50

C-, C, C+B-, B, B+A-, A, A+S-, S, S+0~50

Rank points are earned when winning Anarchy Battles. Rank is based on the amount of Rank points earned and is classified between the lowest C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+, to the highest S, S+0. From S+0, it will increase numerically until it reaches S+50.

Once Rank Is Up, It Will Not Come Down

Even if you lose multiple games in a row, your Rank will never go down. This will allow you to push for improving your Rank without risk.

Promotion Battles Are Held When Increasing Ranks

When you move up from C+ Rank to B- Rank, a solo Promotion Battle will be held before you can get promoted to the next rank! The Promotion Battle can only be done when the player participates in a Series battle and it's considered a success if the player wins three times before losing three times! Rank will not drop even if you lose, so you can try again by paying the Rank Points required to start the Promotion Battle.

Rank Is Shared Between All Battle Types

In previous Splatoon games, Rank is separated between Battle Types, but in Splatoon 3, Rank is shared between all of them.

Rank Resets Every 3 Months

Instead of losing Rank, Rank will be lowered at the end of each season that happens every three months. After the reset, the Rank will be two ranks lower than the highest Rank you have ever reached in the previous season. S+0-9 players will drop to S, and S+10 or higher players will drop to S+0.

X Matches To Be Added In Future Updates

In a Future Update, players with RankS+0 or higher can participate in X-Matches. In X Matches, Players will battle for X-Power instead of Rank Points. Gain a higher ranking by increasing your X-Power. X-Matches are designed to increase X-Power. Since players cannot form groups in this type of match, it's a test of one's own abilities!

Tips To Win Anarchy Battles

Review Weapons & Gear Abilities

It is recommended to use your favorite weapon to have fun, but if your focus is winning, you should use stronger Weapons. It is also important to wear Gear with Gear Abilities that work well with your Weapon. Make sure to also select your Gear Abilities carefully.

Check Your Sensitivity Settings

If your win rate when fighting enemies is low, it will be difficult to win battles. Start by checking if your sensitivity setting works to assist you when aiming. Try out different settings and find out which ones work well for you.

Motion Control & Gyro Guide - How To Change Sensitivity

Review Your Strategy

・ Familiarize yourself with the Battle Type rules
└ Paint the area if playing Splat Zones
└ Ride the tower to the goal in Tower Control
└ Bring the Rainmaker if you're playing Rainmaker
└ Put the clams in the goal during Clam Blitz
・ Fight with four people instead of going solo
└ If one of your teammates dies, retreat and wait for them to respawn
・ During Breakthroughs (Get back in and get it back), save your specials
└ It's better if you combine specials with teammates
・ Once you create an advantage, focus on Defense
└ Don't push forward to get kills, but proceed to paint and prevent enemy takeovers
・ Do not make an unreasonable Super Jump
└ Instead of jumping, you can fill your specials instead.
└ Super Jump is possible for pushing during Tower Control.

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