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Hero Mode Story Walkthrough - Rewards & Boss Guide
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Hero Mode Story Walkthrough - Rewards & Boss Guide

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Hero Mode is a solo campaign for Splatoon 3. Read on to learn more about Agent 3's Story Mode and how to unlock stage gimmick with Smallfry including boss strategies in this guide.

Table of Contents
Check Out the Guides of Each Site

Hero Mode Site Walkthrough

The Map Tool for All the Sites

Icon Guide & Meaning
Sunken ScrollSunken ScrollDecorationsDecorationsGold RecordGold Record
How to Use the Map Tool
How to Use the Map Tool
  • Tap the icons on the right to narrow down the information.
  • Tap the tabs in the lower right corner to switch the map.
  • Tap the full button in the upper left corner to enlarge the map.

Guides For Each Stage

Secret Level

Unlock secret level after
After Alterna - How To Unlock Secret Level & Rewards

The Item To the Crater (Camp Cuttle)

The Crater

The Crater (Camp Cuttle) is the tutorial map of Hero Mode. You can return there from Alterna by checking the Zapfish doll at Squid Sisters Camp at Site 1.

Fastest Route to Complete

Notes for Fastest Route

Loop Site 1-8 to collect Power Eggs which is accessable at the beginning and the most efficient way to collect.
*At least 20,700 Power Eggs are needed for the fastest route.
Shoot ink everywhere to earn Upgrade Points.
*Points can be earned even by painting Fuzzy Ooze.
Get every Sardinium which can be obtained without Power Eggs.
Keep the kettle lid open as much as possible.

The fastest route is for those who "only" want Hero Replica equipments. Basically it is not recommended, because it is almost impossible to upgrade the equipments, which means it will be difficult to defeat the bosses.

▼Check the Hero Mode Rewards

Where to farm Power Eggs at Site 1-8

Kettle to farm power eggs

Upgrade Your Shooter Before Challenging the Boss at Site 2

Best route to upgrade

The image shows the best order to upgrade. It'd be best if you can upgrade them before the last boss, but it's difficult to do so in the fastest route, so you should prioritize the Shooters (② and ⑨ in the above image). For now, it's OK if you can upgrade the Shooter at ② before the Site 2 boss.

Hero Gear Upgrade Guide & Order

Fastest Route to Complete

*The ★ marks show where you can destroy the cores of Fuzzy Ooze.
*At least 20,700 Power Eggs are needed.

Route ImageSections/Notes
Site 1
【①:Site 1】
・Need to complete 1-1.
・Obtain Sardiniums on the way.
Site 2 Boss
【②:Up to the Site 2 Boss 】
・Upgrade Shooters before the Boss.
(Need to collect Sardiniums)
【③:From the Site 2 Boss】
・Get the Sardinium with Power Egg×100
(You can skip them.)
【④:Site 3】
・Ultilize the Dash Track.
・Get the Sardinium on the way (The hidden screw is at the end of river edge).
Make sure to open the lid of the kettle before moving to the other Site.
【⑤:Up to the Site 4 Boss】
・It is the fewest Power Eggs route.
・Jump to the ink rail to avoid Fuzzy Ooze and get on the container.
【⑥:Return to Site 3 Then Go to 5】
・Return to the kettle of Site 3, then go to 5.
(Because less Power Eggs are needed from 3)
Site 5
【⑦:Site 5】
・The hidden screw of Sardinium is at the end of river edge.
【⑧:Site 6 Boss】
・Ride rails between lands.

How to Proceed Hero Mode? What to Do in Hero Mode?

How To Proceed In Hero Mode

1Clear each Stage (Kettle) to collect Power Eggs.
2Consume Power Eggs to destroy the core.
3Advance the stage further.
Things To Do While Proceeding
・Use Sardiniums and Upgrade Points to enhance Hero Gears.
・Increase the exploration rate of each Site as much as possible.
・Find hidden items in each Site.
 └Sunken Scrolls and Gold Records etc.
 └Obtain Food Tickets

Hero Mode is a story mode for single player. The basic way to proceed is to complete the Stages called Kettles and increase the accessible area with Power Eggs.

You are free to proceed to anywhere

In Splatoon 2, you had to defeat the boss of an area to get to the next area, but in 3, there is no order to proceed, you can go to the next area without fighting the boss.

Remove Fuzzy Ooze to Proceed

How to Remove Fuzzy Ooze Splotches
Press in the "Right Sitck" to give Smallfry Power Eggs.
Find and aim for the core of Fuzzballs.
Throw Smallfry toward the core with "R button"!

There are gimmicks called Fuzzy Ooze at each site, which you can remove by throwing Smallfry against the cores to expand the accessible area. Some cores require thousands of Power Eggs, so you need to collect them by completing Stages (Kettles) at each Site.

Use Smallfry to unlock gimmicks

Smallfry can be used to solve gimmicks on Sites and Stages, as well as for removing Fuzzy Ooze. You can also use it to break boxes to spread the ink around or defeat enemies, so use it effectively when you're stuck.

Upgrade Hero Gear Frequently

upgrade hero gear
Upgrade MaterialsHow to Get & Uses
・Unlock the Locks
【How to Get】
・Destoy the srews at Sites.
・Destroy Fuzzy Ooze.
・Get 3 by defeating the bosses at Sie 2, 4, and 6.
Upgrade PointsUpgrade Points【Use】
・Enhance equipments.
【How to Get】
・Find items.
・Destroy Fuzzy Ooze's cores.
・Paint inside the Sites and Stages.

The equipments in Hero Mode are upgraded using Sardiniums and Upgrade Points. Enemies become stronger in the latter half of the stages, so be prepared by upgrading your equipments with what you get.

Big difference between upgraded and not-upgraded

Weapon・Increase Fire Rate/Damage
・Extend paint range
・Extend shoot range
Controlable Character・Increase suits recovery
└Varies recovery after being hit
Smallfry・Increase Durability
・Reduce the ink consumption when throwing Smallfry

There is a big difference between with the upgraded Hero Gears and without them when you're trying to complete stages. Since the performance changes greatly by upgrading, you should give the ability you want to improve a priority.

Hero Gear Upgrade Guide & Order

Cannot upgrade any more once you enter the Final Site

You can no longer upgrade your Hero Gear once you enter the Final Site. There are stages where you can only use Smallfry, so make sure you strengthen it before you take on the challenge.

Find Hidden Items At Each Site

the screw
Main Items Obtained
Sunken scrollSunken ScrollGold RecordGold RecordFood TicketsFood Tickets
Card PackCard PackDecorationDecoration

In addition to Sardiniums, you can also obtain various items from the screws at each site. Also, collecting items is essential to achieve 100% Exploration, so don't forget to search for items as you progress through Hero Mode.

Some hidden screws are not visible on the ground

Some screws are hidden in places where you can not find at first glance. But Smallfry always reacts to places with hidden screws, so if it has any reaction, try painting there.

Sunken Scrolls provide us a deeper look into the story

Sunken scroll

The Sunken Scroll contains a deep story of Splatoon. If you want to know more about the world of Splatoon, collect them all.

Sunken Scroll Locations Map & Checker
photos on locker

▲You can paste Sunken Scrolls like photos on your locker.

Hero Mode Rewards


NameHow to Get
Stuffed ZapfishStuffed ZapfishTutorial
Ancient FaceAncient FaceSite 1
Snow MobileSnow MobileSite 1
Blue Metal BarrelBlue Metal BarrelSite 1
Red Metal BarrelRed Metal BarrelSite 1
Small AmpSmall AmpSite 1
3D Printer3D PrinterSite 2
Eye Anatomy ModelEye Anatomy ModelSite 2
Medium AmpMedium AmpSite 2
Ancient PoseAncient PoseSite 2
Kidney Anatomy ModelKidney Anatomy ModelSite 2
ContainerContainerSite 3
Micro ShelterMicro ShelterSite 3
Large AmpLarge AmpSite 3
Power GeneratorPower GeneratorSite 3
Wooden PalletWooden PalletSite 4
Sports CarSports CarSite 4
SubmarineSubmarineSite 4
Dragon Paper LanternDragon Paper LanternSite 4
Wheelie BinWheelie BinSite 4
Sakura Paper LanternSakura Paper LanternSite 5
Parabolic AntennaParabolic AntennaSite 5
Chunk of ConcreteChunk of ConcreteSite 5
Fire HydrantFire HydrantSite 5
ServerServerSite 6
Record PlayerRecord PlayerSite 6
Fish Paper LanternFish Paper LanternSite 6
Torii GateTorii GateSite 6
Japanese UmbrellaJapanese UmbrellaSite 6


NameHow to Get
Sunken Scroll 01Sunken Scroll 01Site 1
Sunken Scroll 02Sunken Scroll 02Site 1
Sunken Scroll 03Sunken Scroll 03Site 1
Sunken Scroll 04Sunken Scroll 04Site 1
Sunken Scroll 05Sunken Scroll 05Site 2
Sunken Scroll 06Sunken Scroll 06Site 2
Sunken Scroll 07Sunken Scroll 07Site 2
Sunken Scroll 08Sunken Scroll 08Site 3
Sunken Scroll 09Sunken Scroll 09Site 3
Sunken Scroll 10Sunken Scroll 10Site 3
Sunken Scroll 11Sunken Scroll 11Site 3
Sunken Scroll 12Sunken Scroll 12Site 4
Sunken Scroll 13Sunken Scroll 13Site 4
Sunken Scroll 14Sunken Scroll 14Site 4
Sunken Scroll 15Sunken Scroll 15Site 4
Sunken Scroll 16Sunken Scroll 16Site 5
Sunken Scroll 17Sunken Scroll 17Site 5
Sunken Scroll 18Sunken Scroll 18Site 5
Sunken Scroll 19Sunken Scroll 19Site 5
Sunken Scroll 20Sunken Scroll 20Site 5
Sunken Scroll 21Sunken Scroll 21Site 6
Sunken Scroll 22Sunken Scroll 22Site 6
Sunken Scroll 23Sunken Scroll 23Site 6
Sunken Scroll 24Sunken Scroll 24Site 6
Map of Alterna 1Map of Alterna 1Site 1 [Surveyed!] Reward
Map of Alterna 2Map of Alterna 2Site 2 [Surveyed!] Reward
Map of Alterna 3Map of Alterna 3Site 3 [Surveyed!] Reward
Map of Alterna 4Map of Alterna 4Site 4 [Surveyed!] Reward
Map of Alterna 5Map of Alterna 5Site 5 [Surveyed!] Reward
Map of Alterna 6Map of Alterna 6Site 6 [Surveyed!] Reward
Memories of AlternaMemories of AlternaDefeat the Last Boss

Post-Game Contents & Rewards

Get a Hero Shot Replica
A Secret Kettle appears after completing all the stages.
Get stickers through [Surveryed!]
Use the reward drone to search items.
Able to challenge the final site.
See the Things To Do After Completing

You Will Get a Hero Shot Replica!

Hero Shot Replica

You will receive a Hero Shot Replica and stickers after completing the Hero Mode to the end. The performance is the same as Splattershot.

The weapons and gears you can obtain

Hero Mindset ReplicaHero Mindset ReplicaHero Suit ReplicaHero Suit ReplicaHero Boot ReplicasHero Boot Replicas
Hero Shot ReplicaHero Shot Replica

A Secret Kettle Appears After Completing All the Stages

 Secret Kettle Appears After Completing All the Stages

After completing all the stages (65 stages) in each site and defeating the last boss, a secret kettle will appears. No need to complete the stages with all the weapons, completing each stage once is enough.

How To Unlock Secret Level & Rewards

Obtain the gears after the completion


You can obtain the gear "Teddy Band", the title [Alternan] [World Champ] and the badge as you completed the secret kettle. The gear and the title can only be picked up at the lobby terminal.

Get sticker through [Surveyed]

Get stickers by the [Surveyed] of each site.

Mark all the sites with [Surveyed] and talk to Agent 2 at the Squid Sisters Camp, you can get the stickers featuring the sites. There are 6 stickers for each of the 6 sites.

What does [Surveyed] mean?

Surveyed mark

Painting the field (even with bomb) or passing through the spots in the Site will remove the mosaics on the map. Once all mosaics are removed and all items are found, the site will be marked with a [Surveyed] on the left side of the map.

Search For Items with Shel-drone

Search For Items with Shel-drone

The Shel-drone can be requested with 999 Power Eggs once per day to search items. The item will be received at the lobby terminal the day after you use it. At this moment, we have confirmed that Food Tickets (Experience 1.5 times) are also available.

Challenge the Final Site Again

Challenge the Final Site Again

If you talk to the wooden bear at Site 1 after the completion, an option to challenge the final site will appear. There is no special reward for the challenge, but you can use it when you want to.

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