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Salmon Run - Boss Fight Guide & Rewards

Splatoon 3 | Salmon Run - Boss Fight Guide & Rewards

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Salmon Run guide for Splatoon 3. Learn about how to defeat the King Salmonid and Boss Salmonids in the each/next wave, and the Salmon Run rewards per rank.

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What is Salmon Run?

Defeat The Salmonids And Get A Reward

Mode to get random Gear and money.
Unlock ConditionsLevel 4 and then go to Grizzco Industries.
Event TimePlayable anytime
Number of Players2 to 4 players

Salmon Run is a game mode in which players cooperate with other players and use designated weapons to eliminate Salmonids that appear one after another until Wave 3 to receive rewards such as Gears and Capsules.

Bonus Meter And Level Increase When Cleared

When cleared, you will receive rewards and your rank will increase.

When you finish playing, Bonus Meter and Catalog Level experience values are accumulated, and if you successfully complete Wave 3, Level points are also added. In the previous work, there was even an Expert Level, but in this work, a new Legendary level is made.

Click Here For Salmon Run's Reward Summary

King Salmonids Have Appear

King Salmonid appear after clearing several times.

The King Salmonids are the newest addition to the game. The salmometer accumulates with each game, and when the gauge is full, the King Salmonids will appear. If you can encounter them, you will get scales that can be exchanged for various items, and at the same time, all the salmometer will be reset.

Click Here To Learn How To Defeat The King Salmonids

Salmon Run Strategy Guide & Tips

1Weapons and stages are changed by time
2Defeat Boss Salmonids and pick up Golden Eggs
3Deliver Golden Eggs required for each wave.
4Waves can lead to special situations.
Use up the specials by WAVE 3.

Weapons And Stages Are Changed By Time

weapons and stages change by time.

In Salmon Run, the available weapons and Stages change approximately every 2 days. Furthermore, all the weapons you use will change with each wave, so it is best to be able to stand around and target the Boss Salmonids that are good at each Weapon.

Defeat Boss Salmonids And Pick Up Golden Eggs

Defeat Boss Salmonids and pick up Golden Eggs

Boss Salmonids will appear at the same time when the "Boss Salmonid Alert!" pops up, make sure to defeat the Boss Salmonids in all possible ways and pick up the golden eggs.

Click Here To See How To Defeat Each Boss Salmonids

Deliver Golden Eggs Required For Each Wave

Deliver Golden Eggs required for each wave.
Golden Eggs Injection MethodPress and hold A button

The number of Golden Eggs required for each wave is indicated in the upper left corner, so be sure to deliver more than the required number of Golden Eggs to the goal. Golden Eggs can also be ejected by holding down the A button, so it is easier to deliver them to the goal from a distance.

Waves Can Lead To Special Situations

Waves can lead to special situations.

While the basic strategy is to collect Golden Eggs by defeating Boss Salmonids, special situations may arise depending on the Wave, and there are ways to pick up Golden Eggs according to those special situations. The image below shows a special situation in which Doro Salmonids appear.

Let's Use Up The Specials By Wave 3

Do not be lenient with specials, and be sure to use them up by Wave 3 to increase the success rate of clearing. If the salmometer is full, the Boss Salmonid will appear in the 4th Wave. Special attacks are always issued once after the wave reset, so accumulating without using them will only be a waste.

How To Defeat Each Boss Salmonids

How To Defeat The New Boss Salmonids

Cover the ring in your own ink before it can dive to leave it flopping out in the open then splat it.
Big Shot
Big Shot
Just jump over the shockwaves from the cannonballs. Launch an egg towards the egg basket.
Slammin' Lid
Dodge the force fields then climb on top of it and take out the pilot.
Fish Stick
Fish Stick
Climb up the pillar and splat them all.

How To Beat Other Boss Salmonids

Toss a bomb into both of its missile launchers to take it down from the inside out.
Take your shot when the Drizzler peeks out from under its umbrella. You can also hit its rockets to knock them back.
Attack the stack of dirty cooking pots to cut it down tosize. When all the pots are done, the Stinger will be too.
The trick is to get behind it, either by distracting it or attacking it until it's stunned.
Shoot the bomb on its head as it expands to pop it early and cook the Steelhead in its own juices.
Steel Eel
Steel Eel
The slimy pilot is sitting in the tail end. Sneak behind to take it out!
Place a bomb on the spot it'll appear so it chews on that instead of you.
Boss Salmonids Guide

How To Defeat King Salmonid

Attacks With Golden Eggs Are Effective

Golden Eggs Injection MethodPress and hold A button

The only way to defeat King Salmonid is to hit it with Golden Eggs and attack it. Since normal Ink attacks will not do any damage, first collect Golden Eggs by defeating the Boss Salmonids around you, then press and hold the A button to eject Golden Eggs at the King Salmonid and hit it.

Steps To Defeat King Salmonid

  • Secure Golden Eggs by defeating the Boss Salmonid in the vicinity.
  • Long press A button to attack the King Salmonid with Golden Eggs.
  • Use special attacks as often as you can.

Specials Can Be Used Up By Wave 3

Do not leave special attacks until the King Salmonid game does not mean anything, and will always reset to a state of one special. Therefore, don't hesitate to use up to the third wave and use the two-time special attack to clear it.

Salmon Run Rewards

Reward 1You can get this month's gear as an optional reward
Reward 2 You can get items from the reward capsules
Reward 3King Salmonid scales can be exchanged for cosmetics and decorations

You Can Get This Month's Gear As An Optional Reward

The Gear you get changes monthly.

You can obtain special gears at Salmon Run, which changes monthly. Because you may acquire the same gear over and over again by accumulating Bonus Meter points, you need carefully choose the Gear of the Month for each month.

You Can Get Gears With A Slot 3

The Gear you get can be Slots3

The Gear you receive may come with up to Slots 3, so it is recommended that you choose the Gear that has a Slots 3 from the options.

Gear Can Be Exchanged Or Exchanged For Pieces

Gear can be exchanged or exchanged for pieces.

When you receive the same gear, you can choose whether to replace it by comparing it to the performance you have on hand. If you keep the gear you have , you'll get discarded ability chunks.

You Can Get Items From The Reward Capsules

Gear and money can be obtained from the reward capsule.

Reward capsules are available up to 1200 pts, and all subsequent capsules will reward a gear every 200 pts. Earn up to 1200pt because the meter resets every month.

CapsuleItems you can get
Yellow capsuleNormal: Random amount of money
Glowing Capsule: 32,000 ~ money
red capsuleNormal: Food Ticket
Shining Capsule:Food tickets with double the effects
Blue capsuleNormal: General Drink Ticket
Shining Capsule: 4 Drink tickets
Green capsuleNormal: Ability chunks
Shining Capsule: 4 Ability Chunks

Reward Capsules Can Be Received From The Counter

Reward capsules can be received from the counter.

Reward capsules can be received by pressing the A button in front of the counter near the entrance. Let's receive it at any time when the capsules are accumulated.

King Salmonid Scales Can Be Exchanged For Cosmetic And Decorations

scales exchangeable for cosmetics and decorations

Scales obtained from defeating the King Salmonid can be exchanged for cosmetics, decors, stickers, and banners at the reward counter. The rewards are different for bronze, silver, and gold, so be sure to collect scales by defeating the King Salmonid.

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