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All Decorations & How to Get

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The guide for Decorations in Splatoon 3. Includes how to get, where to get and how to use the Decorations.

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All Decorations and How to Get

Bought From General Store / Shell-Out Machine

*Listed below are the prices at General Store.

NameSales Price
Sci-Fi ComicSci-Fi Comic1480
Suspicious Garbage CanSuspicious Garbage Can44444
Yellow Squid CushionYellow Squid Cushion9980
Orange Squid CushionOrange Squid Cushion9980
Green Squid CushionGreen Squid Cushion9980
Purple Squid CushionPurple Squid Cushion9980
Pink Squid CushionPink Squid Cushion9980
Blue Squid CushionBlue Squid Cushion9980
Tentacle NightsTentacle Nights15800
Super Squid CollectionSuper Squid Collection9500
Squid Cellie CharmSquid Cellie Charm7980
Ishipit BoxIshipit Box1880
The Squid Ninja StoryThe Squid Ninja Story5500
Orange Squid BumperOrange Squid Bumper2480
Green Squid BumperGreen Squid Bumper2480
Pink Squid BumperPink Squid Bumper2480
Black Squid BumperBlack Squid Bumper2480
Blue Squid BumperBlue Squid Bumper2480
Verdant Squid FriendVerdant Squid Friend7140
Abyssal Squid FriendAbyssal Squid Friend7140
Fiery Squid FriendFiery Squid Friend7140
Pink Squid FriendPink Squid Friend7140
Solar Squid FriendSolar Squid Friend7140
Demonic Squid FriendDemonic Squid Friend7140
Sticky Squid ToySticky Squid Toy5963
Boneless AppétitBoneless Appétit2300
RockinRockin' Music Quarterly6800
Energy DrinkEnergy Drink19999
Oil CanOil Can1800
Big Orange BarricadeBig Orange Barricade1980
Big Green BarricadeBig Green Barricade1980
Big Purple BarricadeBig Purple Barricade1980
Crunchy SnacksCrunchy Snacks2800
Orange Candy-Drop CanOrange Candy-Drop Can6800
Blue Candy-Drop CanBlue Candy-Drop Can6800
Gray Propane TankGray Propane Tank7119
Clam BlitzClam Blitz71104
Rainmaker GoalRainmaker Goal75800
Tower ControlTower Control89600
Wooden BoatWooden Boat29800
Large CrateLarge Crate600
Small CrateSmall Crate300
Cuttlegear CrateCuttlegear Crate20000
Wrapped CrateWrapped Crate10000
Drip SquadDrip Squad8800
Comedy ComicComedy Comic5460
Contain The KrakenContain The Kraken15800
Tentacube In Octo-D!Tentacube In Octo-D!9080
Cord ReelCord Reel6890
Squidgital Game GuideSquidgital Game Guide3300
Crusty SnacksCrusty Snacks2800
Sea Snail Man (Ghost)Sea Snail Man (Ghost)30333
Sea Snail Man (Sky)Sea Snail Man (Sky)33033
Sea Snail Man (Darkness)Sea Snail Man (Darkness)33330
Sea Snail ManSea Snail Man13333
Sea Snail Man (Fire)Sea Snail Man (Fire)33303
Sea Snail Man (Love)Sea Snail Man (Love)33333
Sea Snail ManSea Snail Man13333
Monkey Crab In Silly LandMonkey Crab In Silly Land15800
Salmon Manners HandbookSalmon Manners Handbook2980
Salmonid BalloonSalmonid Balloon7890
Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher6500
Coconut CerealCoconut Cereal5572
Sugary CerealSugary Cereal2980
Chocolate CerealChocolate Cereal3800
Evolved Science JournalEvolved Science Journal4480
Stack of NewspapersStack of Newspapers6397
Ginger AleGinger Ale1300
Ink-Splattered SkateboardInk-Splattered Skateboard19800
Monkey-Crab SkateboardMonkey-Crab Skateboard46490
Shellendorf SkateboardShellendorf Skateboard33800
Skalop SkateboardSkalop Skateboard28000
Mister Munchy SkateboardMister Munchy Skateboard38000
Canned SpecialCanned Special77777
Sports ComicSports Comic1990
Octo Kong CountryOcto Kong Country9800
Super Sea SnailSuper Sea Snail333333
Ultra-Clean DetergentUltra-Clean Detergent1480
Concentrated DetergentConcentrated Detergent1480
Surveyor TripodSurveyor Tripod160900
Octo Cellie CharmOcto Cellie Charm7980
Yellow BarricadeYellow Barricade980
Pink BarricadePink Barricade980
Blue BarricadeBlue Barricade980
Dancing FlowerDancing Flower9999
Cardboard BoxCardboard Box880
Nostalgia Power MagazineNostalgia Power Magazine4800
Old-School RadioOld-School Radio49106
Tunnel & TrackTunnel & Track1800
Mysterious Dried ThingMysterious Dried Thing93800
Sea-Cucumber PhoneSea-Cucumber Phone85850
Large Ink-Proof BoxLarge Ink-Proof Box1000
Small Ink-Proof BoxSmall Ink-Proof Box500
Commander CephaloidCommander Cephaloid5800
Commander CephaloidCommander Cephaloid5800
Inkopolis IllustratedInkopolis Illustrated2200
Large BoxLarge Box800
Small BoxSmall Box400
Ice-Cream BoxIce-Cream Box7800
Tissue BoxTissue Box498
Red BucketRed Bucket698
Blue BucketBlue Bucket698
Folding ChairFolding Chair3980
Traffic ConeTraffic Cone8460
Crispy SnacksCrispy Snacks2800
Plastic UmbrellaPlastic Umbrella1800
Power Egg PackPower Egg Pack19600
Fantasy NovelFantasy Novel3980
Ink & SplatterInk & Splatter9200
Processed CheeseProcessed Cheese9500
Popular NovelPopular Novel1280
Bottle CrateBottle Crate5800
Deep-Fried Shwaffle MugDeep-Fried Shwaffle Mug24800
Monkey-Crab MugMonkey-Crab Mug24800
Octo MugOcto Mug4480
Cherry MugCherry Mug2980
Squidforce MugSquidforce Mug3333
Mister Shrug MugMister Shrug Mug8131
Mister TunaMister Tuna42195
Mister ShrugMister Shrug13180
Missus ShrugMissus Shrug13190
Salted Munchy SnacksSalted Munchy Snacks8989
Cheesy Munchy SnacksCheesy Munchy Snacks8989
Teriyaki Munchy SnacksTeriyaki Munchy Snacks8989
Wasabi Munchy SnacksWasabi Munchy Snacks8989
Volley Volley PanicVolley Volley Panic4500
Cotton-Candy Squid FriendCotton-Candy Squid Friend25000
Love-And-War ComicLove-And-War Comic11000
Fangirl ComicFangirl Comic10800
Romance ComicRomance Comic10500
Sharktooth Comix - SpecialSharktooth Comix - Special1550
Sharktooth ComixSharktooth Comix1290
Sharktooth Comix - DoubleSharktooth Comix - Double1810

Obtained From Hero Mode

NameWhere to Obtain
Stuffed ZapfishStuffed ZapfishTutorial
Ancient FaceAncient FaceSite 1
Snow MobileSnow MobileSite 1
Blue Metal BarrelBlue Metal BarrelSite 1
Red Metal BarrelRed Metal BarrelSite 1
Small AmpSmall AmpSite 1
3D Printer3D PrinterSite 2
Eye Anatomy ModelEye Anatomy ModelSite 2
Medium AmpMedium AmpSite 2
Ancient PoseAncient PoseSite 2
Kidney Anatomy ModelKidney Anatomy ModelSite 2
ContainerContainerSite 3
Micro ShelterMicro ShelterSite 3
Large AmpLarge AmpSite 3
Power GeneratorPower GeneratorSite 3
Wooden PalletWooden PalletSite 4
Sports CarSports CarSite 4
SubmarineSubmarineSite 4
Dragon Paper LanternDragon Paper LanternSite 4
Wheelie BinWheelie BinSite 4
Sakura Paper LanternSakura Paper LanternSite 5
Parabolic AntennaParabolic AntennaSite 5
Chunk of ConcreteChunk of ConcreteSite 5
Fire HydrantFire HydrantSite 5
ServerServerSite 6
Record PlayerRecord PlayerSite 6
Fish Paper LanternFish Paper LanternSite 6
Torii GateTorii GateSite 6
Japanese UmbrellaJapanese UmbrellaSite 6

Obtained From Grizzco Industries

NameHow to Obtain
FlyfishFlyfishSilver Scales × 80
GoldieGoldieGold Scales × 100
DrizzlerDrizzlerBronze Scales × 320
SmallfrySmallfryGold Scales × 1
SalmonidsSalmonidsGold Scales × 4
StingerStingerSilver Scales × 20
ScrapperScrapperBronze Scales × 80
CohocksCohocksGold Scales × 15
SteelheadSteelheadSilver Scales × 5
Steel EelSteel EelGold Scales × 15
MawsMawsBronze Scales × 160

Obtained From Catalog

NameHow to Obtain
Yellow Squid BumperYellow Squid BumperCatalog (Autumn 2022) Lv10
Octo-Brain Closed CharmOcto-Brain Closed CharmCatalog (Autumn 2022) Lv27
Ultra SquidUltra SquidCatalog (Autumn 2022) Lv45
Chum BobbleheadChum BobbleheadCatalog (Autumn 2022) Lv62
Monkey-Crab CushionMonkey-Crab CushionCatalog (Autumn 2022) Lv74
Octo-Brain CharmOcto-Brain CharmCatalog (Autumn 2022) Lv92

Obtained From Tableturf Battles

NameHow to Obtain
Tri-Stringer Card ShieldTri-Stringer Card ShieldTableturf Battle Rank reaches 28.
Trizooka Card ShieldTrizooka Card ShieldTableturf Battle Rank reaches 37.
Smallfry Card ShieldSmallfry Card ShieldTableturf Battle Rank reaches 43.

Obtained From Anarchy Battles

NameHow to Obtain
Tri-Stringer Card ShieldTri-Stringer Card ShieldTableturf Battle Rank reaches 28.
Trizooka Card ShieldTrizooka Card ShieldTableturf Battle Rank reaches 37.
Smallfry Card ShieldSmallfry Card ShieldTableturf Battle Rank reaches 43.

Ways to Get Decorations

▼Way 1Bought from General Store
▼Way 2Collect from Hero Mode
▼Way 3Get with Shel-drone
▼Way 4Catalog Reward
▼Way 5Exchange with Scales in Grizzco Industries
▼Way 6Tableturf Battle Rank Reward
▼Way 7Anarchy Battle Rank Reward

Bought from General Store

General Store

Once you reach rank 4, you can buy decorations at General Store. The selection changes every day, and it varies from player to player, so be sure to check back often.

Get to General Store from the map by pressing X button

How to get to General Store

Press X button in the lobby or square to show the map. Place the cursor on where you want to go and press A button to get to there instantly, you can use this way when you're not sure about the location.

Obtained From the Exploration in Hero Mode

Obtained From the Exploration in Hero Mode

You can obtain decorations on the map "Alterna", where you can go in Hero Mode. You can get items by shooting the screws, which include a couple of decorations.

Hero Mode Story Walkthrough - Rewards & Boss Guide

Pick up the decorations you find at the lobby terminal

lobby terminal

You can't use the decorations you find in Hero Mode until you pick them up from the Lobby Terminal.

▼Check Out the Locations on the Map in Hero Mode!

Obtained by Searching For Items With Shel-drone

Request to search for items

In Hero Mode, you can use 999 Power Eggs to request the Shel-drone to search for items once per day. Items can be picked up at the terminal in the lobby the day after you used it.

Obtained From the Catalog Level Reward


After you reach rank 4, you can obtain the Level Reward of Catalog which you can get at the General Store. You can also get various items from the Catalog other than Decorations.

Catalog - Levels, Rewards, & How To Unlock

Exchange With Scales in Grizzco Industries


You can exchange for decorations with Scales in Grizzco Industries. Scales can be obtained by defeating King Salmonid that appears in Salmon Run shift.

Salmon Run - Boss Fight Guide & Rewards

Obtained From the Tableturf Battle Rank Reward

A game that dominates base by filling the squares.

You can get rewards by raising your rank in Tableturf Battle (card game). The rewards include Decorations, play Tableturf to collect them.

Obtained From the Anarchy Battle Rank Reward

join open or series division

You can get Decorations when you reach rank B, A, S, or S+ for the first time in Anarchy Battle. Receive your Decorations from the lobby terminal after reaching these levels.

Anarchy Battles (Ranked Battles) Guide

Obtained From the Shell-Out Machine

location of Shell-Out Machine

There is a chance to get Decorations from the Shell-Out Machine in the lobby. You'll need money to use the Shell-Out Machine, so try it after you've earned enough money.

Shell-Out Machine Rewards & Prize List

Where To Get Decorations in Hero Mode

※Tap the icons to mark the obtained ones.

How to Use Decorations

To Decorate Your Locker


Decorations can be used to customize your locker in the lobby. Lockers are unlocked at Rank 4, and can be decorated with other items such as Weapons, Gears, and Stickers.

Locker Room - Location & How To Unlock

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