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Phokis - Side Quest List & Walkthrough
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Phokis - Side Quest List & Walkthrough

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Check out this walkthrough of all the Side Quests available in Phokis in Assassin's Creed Odyssey - including tips, rewards, requirements, and more!!!

Side Quest Walkthrough per Area

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Table of Contents

The Daughters of Artemis

In this quest, you will be able to the "Artemis's Bow". This bow is powerful enough to accompany you through the entire story arch by upgrading periodically, and is definitely recommended you pick this up early on.

Crewless - Phokis Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPRecruitable Lieutenant

Crewless - Walkthrough

1Talk to Gerlon at the shore near Ionos Hangout
2Follow the marker to the shipwreck
3Go to the wreck either by boat or swimming from the shore
4Retrieve the treasures underwater
5Get the remaining treasures from the camp near the wreckage
6Return to Gerlo

4. Beware of the Sharks Surrounding the Wreck

There will be at least 2 sharks in the water circling the wreckage. You can fight them off or sneak around them to get the treasures.

6. Recruit Gerlon as Part of Your Crew

After you return to Gerlon to give her the bad news, you'll have the option to recruit her to your crew. She's a Rare Lieutenant with an armor boost perk.

The Daughters of Artemis - Phokis Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeArtemis's Bow

The Daughters of Artemis - Walkthrough

1Talk to Daphne at the Temple of Artemis in Phoki
2Head to the marker to find the Kalydonian Boar
3Defeat the Kalydonian Boar and the other common boars
4Head back to Daphne

2. Use Ikaros to Find the Kalydonian Boar

The Kalydonian Boar's lair is right next to a cliff a few meters away from the Temple of Artemis. Call Ikaros to scout out the area and find its exact location!

3. The Kalydonian Boar Will Summon Other Boars

During your fight with the Kalydonian Boar, it will summon 4 common boars at a time to attack you. Deal with the common pigs first so you can focus on the Kalydonian Boar.

3. Use Your Bow to Attack the Boar

Create distance between you and the Kalydonian Boar and use your bow against using melee can be risky. Use your bow but don't forget to dodge when they're charging at you.

Photios's Pre-Tirement - Phokis Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPSapphire Linothorax

Photios's Pre-Tirement - Walkthrough

1Talk to Photios near the Temple of Apollo
2Head to cave where the priests are hiding
3Kill the priests and loot their bodies
4Go to the Desphina Fort to get the Sapphires
5Return to Photios

1. Don't Ask For a Reward from Photios

When Phitios gives you the quest, you will have the option to tell him that your services will be free. Select this option and he will give the Sapphire Linothorax Armor when you complete the quest!

3. Use Oil to Burn Enemies

There are oil jars at the platform on top of where the priests are. Break them open and set the floor on fire with your fire arrows to damage enemies.

4. Sneak Around Desphina Fort

The Fort is heavily guarded with the Sapphires somewhere inside of it. Sneak around the top walkway and take out any of the guards you may come into.

4. Scout out the Fort with Ikaros

Find out how many guards are patrolling and where their positions are with Ikaros. You can also check their levels to make sure you will be powerful enough to assassinate them.

Age is Just a Number - Phokis Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeNymph's Blade

Age is Just a Number - Walkthrough

1Talk to Auxesia near the Temple of Apollo
2Kill and loot a Deer and a Bear
3Return to Auxesia
4(OPTIONAL) Sleep with Auxesia

2. Shoot the Deer with Your Bow

Attacking deers with melee weapons can be a bit frustrating as they're quick on their feet and really jumpy. Just use your bow and you'll be able to kill one in one shot.

Helping the Healer - Phokis Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeHerbalist Gloves

Helping the Healer - Walkthrough

1Talk to Lykaon at the Chora of Delpi
2Head to marker and kill the wolves there
3Collect 5 Mandrake Herbs
4Return to Lykaon
5Deliver the medicine to the villagers
6Talk to Lykaon

2. Multiple Wolves Roam the Area of the Herbs

You'll have to take care of the wolves around the area first before you can harvest the Mandrake Herbs. Move around or they'll gang up on you from all sides.

h4:3. The Herbs are Marked by Sparkles

The Herbs can be hard to find within the area since it is filled with foliage.Look around for the sparkling light on the ground to find them.

Sins of the Past - Phokis Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeTraveler's Pouches

Sins of the Past - Walkthrough

1Follow Lykaon to the house of his grandmother
2investigate the area for clues on her disappearance
3Talk to Lykaon

2. The Clues are Marked by a Magnifying Glass

The clues are just around the Grandmother's house, one is inside and the other is on the ground on the left of the house. The last clue is the man standing on the right of the house.

The Unkindest Cut - Phokis Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

Helm of Prophecy
(Health Engraving)

The Unkindest Cut - Walkthrough

1Head to the Farmhouse
2Rescue the Grandmother
3Assist her outside the Farmhouse then talk to her

2. Take Care of the Guards Around the Farmhouse

There are a few guard around the farmhouse that patrols the area. Take them out to rescue the Grandmother in the middle of the Farmhouse.

3. (OPTIONAL) Romance Lykaon

If you have a good enough relationship with Lykaon, you can end the quest with a sweet scene between you two. Just make sure to select the dialogue option with the heart!

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