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Fighting Mercenaries - Tips & Guide

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Are mercenaries after you in Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Check out this guide to know all about the mercenaries in the game, how to find them, and how you can beat them!!!

What are Mercenaries?
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What are Mercenaries?

Warriors-for-Hire After Your Bounty


Get enough bounty on your head in Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Mercenaries will start hunting you down. These bounty hunters are tougher than usual enemies and will pose a challenge to fight!

Committing Crimes Increases Your Bounty

Committing Crimes Increases Your Bounty

Stealing, killing civilians, and doing anything against certain factions will net you a bounty on your head. An easy way to get a higher bounty is attacking a faction fort with a nation leader in it.

Mercenaries are Relentless If You Have a Bounty


Mercenaries will continue to hunt you down as long as you have a bounty on your head. You can try to escape them, but it will not stop them being hostile once they see you again.

Meet Non-Hostile Mercenaries while Travelling


If you have no bounty and you're out exploring the world, you will most likely meet mercenaries who are also doing the same. They won't give you any trouble as long as you don't have a bounty.

What Do You Get from Beating Mercenaries?

Killing or recruiting mercenaries will give you a hefty amount of XP, powerful gear, and even hidden engravings! It will also help you go up the mercenary rankings list.

Get Powerful Weapons and Armor


Mercenaries carry some really good gear with them that can be tough to fight against, but good to have once you beat them. Some will even give you unique weapons!

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Unlock Unique Engravings

You can learn unique and powerful engravings from beating certain mercenaries in the game. You can check which engravings are tied to mercenaries from the engravings section of the inventory.

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Get Higher on the Mercenary List


Take out the competition to see yourself rise up the mercenary ranks. Every time you defeat a mercenaries of a higher rank, you will increase your mercenary rank!

Increase Your Rank for Financial Benefits

The Higher your rank, the more financial benefits you can get! See the table below for the benefits you get when you go up the mercenary list.

Get "Abraxas" Phobos Skin When You Reach The Top

Abraxas Phobos Skin

When you become the number 1 mercenary in Greece, you'll receive a Phobos skin named "Abraxas". You need to defeat the final mercernary in the Arena in Pephka.

Mercenary Rank Benefits Table

Tier 9The jounrey begins. Earn economic benefits for moving to higher tiers by eliminating Mercenaries of a higher rank
Tier 8Blacksmiths reduce their prices by 20%
Tier 7War Contracts and Bounties provide 20% more rewards
Tier 6Blacksmiths reduce their engraving prices by 20%
Tier 5Fearful Sponsors remove their Bounties for 20% less
Tier 4Ship upgrade cost reduced by 20%
Tier 3Blacksmiths reduce the price on their upgrading services by 20%
Tier 2A talented misthios will have 10% better luck at finding great items in the world
Tier 1Only the strongest can hold this ultimate position among fierce mercenaries

How to Stop Mercenaries from Hunting You?

Kill Mercenaries


The most straight forward way of dealing with mercenaries is to simply just kill them. Killing them however will not take away the bounty and mercenaries will still come after you.

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Recruit Them as Lieutenants for Your Ship


You will have the option to recruit mercenaries to become part of your crew by using a non-lethal move on them for the last hit. You can use stun arrows or even the Spartan Kick to do this.

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Pay Off the Bounty


From your Map, you can simply pay off the bounty. However, mercenaries you're already in combat with will not stop attacking you even if you already paid off your bounty.

Kill the Sponsor

Kill the Sponsor

A sponsor is basically the person that put up the bounty against you. Killing them will remove the bounty and will have mercenaries turning non-hostile again.

Tips to Beat Mercenaries

Find Out Their Traits & Weaknesses


Check for the traits and weaknesses of mercenaries before fighting them, like weak-hearted or with an animal companion. You can check the weaknesses of known mercenaries in the Mercenaries Tab.

Use Ikaros to Scout Out Mercenaries

Ikaros will mark any mercenaries he finds in the area. This will also unlock the traits of the mercenary in Mercenary Tab.

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Start Off the Fight with an Assassination


Get the combat advantage by taking off a chunk of a mercenary in one attack by using an assassination move on them. Use Ikaros to find their position and sneak accordingly.

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Fight in Open Spaces


Don't limit your movement by fighting in a close space against a mercenary. The mercenary will continue to follow you so go outside where you can move around better.

Use Bow & Arrows for Long-Distance Attacks


Keep your distance, but continue to provide aggro by using your bow and arrow. Dodge and move around if ever they start to get close.

Be Wary of Multiple Mercenaries After You

It's possible that multiple mercenaries will come after you all at the same time. This will raise the fights difficulty so check whether you're up to the fight or just escape and fight another day.

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Peef 1

You can also hide somewhere until the bounty time period expires. I found moving to viewpoints the best tactic.

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