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Episode 2 - Main Quest Walkthrough & Guide
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Episode 2 - Main Quest Walkthrough & Guide

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Main Quest Complete Walkthrough Now Available!

Complete the main quest of Assassin's Creed Odyssey with this guide! Included are walkthrough, guide, tips, and more for Episode 2!!!

Main Quest Walkthrough

Check Out the Main Quest Guide & Tips Here

Chapter 1: The Wolf Hunt

Chapter 1: The Wolf Hunt

In this chapter, you'll learn how to commandeer your own boat, participate in naval battles & conquest battles, and how to tip the balance of power between Sparta & Athens.

Check Out The Basics Of Naval Combat!

1-1: Learning The Ropes

1 Row and sail forward until you reach the marked ship
2 Damage the enemy ship using your bows & arrows & javelins
3 Deplete the enemy ship's health until it sinks

2. Hold & Release To Shoot Arrows

You need to hold your aim & release buttons to shoot arrows. Make sure to aim & volley them so that they'll reach the enemy ship.

3. Boarding Enemy Boats Is Not Necessary

Once an enemy ship's health is depleted, you have the option to kill enemies on-board. This isn't necessary & you can instantly sink the ship by cleaving it in two with your own ship's hull.

1-2: Equal Employment Opportunity Program

1 Sail onward until you reach the small marked pirate island
2 Dock your boat & take down the enemies in the island
3 Locate your targeted lieutenant & knock him down
4 Recruit the lieutenant & hire him as part of your ship's crew
5 Head back to your ship & sail towards Megaris

3. Knock Out Enemies & Recruit Them

From this point, you can start knocking down powerful foes, even mercenaries, & recruit them to work for you on your ship. This will greatly increase your ship's statistics.

1-3: A Journey Into War

1 Keep sailing forward until you reach the Athenian blockade of boats
2 Sail around them & instruct your onboard crew to shoot arrows or throw javelins to damage them
3 After sinking the boats, sail forward to the shore to initiate the cutscene
4 [CHOICE] Pledge or don't pledge fidelity to Stentor & Sparta

2. Take Out the Smaller Ships First

The Athenian Blockade consists of two smaller ships & one large barge. The smaller ships move faster so take them out first before you concentrate your fire on the larger one.

2. Deplete Ship's Health Before Destroying Them

Once a ship's health bar is almost empty, they'll stay still in the waters. You can leave them there and handle the other ships attacking you first.

4. Choice: Choosing Loyalty To Sparta

This decision doesn't affect your future gameplay as Stentor will still grant you his symbol to help in the war efforts. Choose according to your preference.

1-4: The Athenian Leader

1 After talking to Stentor, you can freely explore Megaris
2 Complete the Support Quests around the area to lower the Nation Power
3 After weakening the Nation Power enough, locate the Nation Leader in Megaris
4 Eliminate the Nation Leader to complete the quest

2. Just Steal The Nation Treasure

In Fort Geraneia, you don't need to kill all the enemies. Just sneak around enough and steal the Nation Treasure to vastly lower Nation Power.

2. Find Purple Marked Supplies & Gold Marked Enemies

Burning War Supplies & Killing Base Camp Leaders will decrease Nation Power immensely. You can find both in Forts & enemy bases so try to clear them out.

1-5: The Final Push

1 After defeating the Nation Leader, make your way back to Stentor
2 Follow him and initiate your first Conquest Battle
3 In the Conquest Battle, lower the enemy's bar by eliminating foes, captains, & heroes
4 Completely deplete the enemy's bar to gain victory in the Conquest Battle

3. Eliminate Captains & Heroes To Gain Upper Hand

When fighting hordes of enemies, locate & eliminate the enemy captains & heroes to vastly gain an advantage in the battle. They're marked by a golden crown & border in their level icon.

1-6: The Wolf Of Sparta

1 After achieving victory in the Conquest Battle, head up the cliff to talk to Nikolaos
2 [CHOICE] Kill or spare Nikolaos

2. Choice: Kill or Spare Nikolaos's Life

This is a very important decision in the game. Choosing to spare Nikolaos will give you access to the good ending while killing him will lead you to the bad ending.

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