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Kythera Island - Side Quest List & Walkthrough
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Kythera Island - Side Quest List & Walkthrough

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Check out this walkthrough of all the Side Quests available in Kythera Island in Assassin's Creed Odyssey - including tips, rewards, requirements, & more!!!

Side Quest Walkthrough per Area

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Table of Contents

Stairway to Olympos

In this quest, you will face against the Cyclops, one of four mythical being you need to defeat in order to achieve the Atlantis Ending. Defeating the Cyclops will also yield a powerful legendary Heavy Bladed weapon.

Takes Drachmae to Make Drachmae - Kytehra Island Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Takes Drachmae to Make Drachmae - Walkthrough

1Talk to the Street Vendor near Aprodite's Watch
2Follow your marker to Diakofti Island
3Search the treasure
4Defeat the men who will ambush you
5Return to the Street Vendor

4. Move Around so You Won't Get Overpowered

Three enemies will show up after you search for the treasure. Move around the open space and create distance between each enemy so you won't get ganged up on.

A God Among Men - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaePenitent's Blade

A God Among Men - Walkthrough

1Talk to the Civilian being harassed near Aprodite's Watch
2Rescue Empedokles in the Murex Fort
3Lead him to safety then talk to him
4Return to the Civilian

2. Use Ikaros to Scout Out the Area

Check out what's the best route to take when infiltrating the Murex Fort with Ikaros. Check for enemies and their location, as well as where Empedokles will be.

Left to Dye - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Left to Dye - Walkthrough

1Accept the quest from Empedokles
2Use Ikaros to Search for the Greek Brute along the road between Kythera Town and Murex Dyeing Facility
3Defeat him and his guard

Run Up to the Greek Brute and Assassinate Him

No need to get into a fair fight. You can just walk over to the Greek Brute and assassinate him, leaving you to deal with his guard which is a fairly easy fight.

Stairway to Olympos - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon
(Boss & Elite Damage Engraving)
Prize of the Cyclops Quest Item

Stairway to Olympos - Walkthrough

1Travel to the Cave of the Forgotten Isle, south of Phokis
2Dive down into the cave and into the water
3Go underwater and move forward to emerge to the other side of the wall
4Talk to Empedokles and open the gate
5Defeat Bronter - The Thunderer

A Boss Fight Awaits at the End of the Mission

After opening the gate, you will enter into a boss fight with the cyclops, Bronter! His attacks include charging into you, a long distance shockwave, and bringing down rocks at you.

Check Out How to Get The Atlantis Ending

Best to Use Your Bow Against Bronter

Bronter is pretty slow and it takes him a while to catch up to you. Use your bow to chip off his health little by little and just dodge any of of his long distance attacks.

I, Diona - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeKythera Greaves

I, Diona - Walkthrough

1Talk to Diona in the Shrine of Fates
3Escort Diona to the Statue of Aprodite at the center of the town
2Defeat the bandits at the entrance of the Kythera Town
4Talk to Diona near the statue

Be Careful or You Might Hit the Town Guards

2. When attacking, make sure that your attacks will only hit the bandits. Hitting any of the guard who join the fight will cause them to attack you, increasing the number of your enemies.

Place in the Kosmos - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

1You can complete the support quests in any order
2Finish The Handmaiden's Story support quest
3Finish the Pick Your Poison support quest
4Finish the All Bonds Will Break support quest
5Finish Atoll Order support quest
6Finish In A Rush

The Handmaiden's Story - Walkthrough

The Handmaiden's Story - Rewards

XPDrachmaePriestess Gloves

The Handmaiden's Story Procedure

1Talk to the high priestess in the Temple of Aphrodite
2Follow the marker to the Olive Farm
3Defeat the 3 cultist guards there
4Loot the handmaiden's body
5Go back to the High Priestess

Beware of the 2 Dual-Wielding Enemies

Both of them are agile and can easily stun lock you if you're not careful. Create distance between you and them and dodge whenever you see them charging their attacks.

Pick Your Poison - Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Pick Your Poison Procedure

1Go to the Mycenaean Ruins
2Find the poison inside the base and steal it
3Return to Diona

Scout Out Enemy Number & Position with Ikaros

Use Ikaros to learn about the number of enemies and their positions in the Mycanaean Ruins. You can also see any items of interest in the ruins with Ikaros.

Opt for Stealth Kills to Make Quest Easier

Save yourself from the headache of taking on close to a dozen enemies by moving around stealthily and taking out enemies quietly. Use bushes and other covers to remain hidden.

All Bonds Will Break - Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeKythera Bow

All Bonds Will Break Procedure

1Talk to the Gaulkos in Skandeia Harbor
2Free the 3 prisoners in the Customs Warehouse in Skandeia Bay
3Return to Gaulkos

Kill All The Enemies Before Releasing the Prisoners

The prisoners can be killed by the guards if you release them. Take out all the enemies in the camp first before releasing any of them to ensure their survival.

Make Use of the Environment to Hide

Break enemy line of sight by going behind tents, walls, and other obstacles around the camp. Sticking to the bushes can get you discovered especially if the guards are already on alert.

Atoll Order - Walkthrough

Atoll Order Procedure

1Head to the Chytra Atoll, south of Skandeia Bay
2Kill the Captain

Keep Your Distance as the Captain has Guards

Don't let yourself be ganged up on by moving across the terrain and shooting them down with Bows. Once one of them is close enough, go melee but quickly switch back if the other catch up.

In A Rush - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

1Return to Dione

By the Fates - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeCultist Clue

By The Fates - Walkthrough

1Follow your marker to the Villa and talk to the Handmaiden waiting for you there
2Defeat the mercenaries sent to ambush you
3Talk to the Handmaiden who is hiding
4Head to the Temple of Aprodite
5CHOICE A: Choose the one on the left (High Priestess)
CHOICE B: Choose the one on the right (Dione)
6CHOICE A: Find and kill the real Dione
CHOICE B: Kill Dione
7CHOICE B: Talk to the High Priestess

Purple Pain - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeAll Damage Engraving

Purple Pain - Walkthrough

1Talk to the civilian fighting with another person at the Murex Dyeing Facility
2Follow the marker to the warehouse
3Search for clues in the warehouse
4Head back to the civilian
5CHOICE A: Blame the Kythera Leader
CHOICE B: Blame the man
6CHOICE A: Kill the Kythera's Leader

3. Search End to End of the Warehouse

The 3 clues are in the middle of it, at the left end behind some fabrics, and at the right end behind another pile of fabric. Look for the magnifying glass to investigate them.

Bring Down Leader's Power First

Make it easier to take down the Leader by doing actions that will bring down his power. Go to forts, burn down war supplies, and kill elite soldiers to lower his power!

Idiot Hunt - Kythera Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeDeath Mark Bow

Idiot Hunt - Walkthrough

1Talk to the woman in Skandeia Harbor
2Head to the Hunter's Cave Northwest of Skandeia Bay
3Go inside the cave and find the wounded civilian
4Carry him back to Skandeia Bay
5Drop him off then talk to the woman

2. Roll to Get Rid of Lynx at Your Back

Lynx has an attack where they will attach to your back and damage you. Get them off by doing a full roll or they'll keep taking a chunk of your health!

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