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Episode 4 - Main Quest Walkthrough & Guide
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Episode 4 - Main Quest Walkthrough & Guide

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Main Quest Complete Walkthrough Now Available!

Complete the main quest of Assassin's Creed Odyssey with this guide! Included are walkthroughs, guides, tips, and more for Episode 4!!!

Main Quest Walkthrough

Check Out the Main Quest Guide & Tips Here

An Old Enemy and a New Ally

The Road to the Symposium

Chapter 1: An Old Enemy and a New Ally

In this chapter, you'll sail away to Andros Island to know more about your mysterious spear. You'll also have a fate-changing meeting with Deimos.

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1-1:Memories Awaken

1Meet Herodotos at Thermopylai to initiate the cutscene
2Head to your ship & sail towards Andros island
3Once you dock your ship, locate the stone door & interact with it
4Once inside the cavern, head to the end of to find a stone monument where you will place the spear
5You'll be transported to the modern times - feel free to look around
6 After you're finished, head back to the machine to go back to Ancient Greece
7 Once you're back as the main character, head to the exit of the cavern to initiate the cutscene with Deimos
8 [CHOICE] Act hostile towards Deimos or treat him as a brother
9 After your conversation with Deimos, head back to your ship & talk to Herodotos to end the chapter

2. Speed Past Attacking Ships To Avoid Fights

It's not necessary to combat ships when you sail into open seas. You can speed past them to avoid battle & keep yourself safe.

5. Feel Free To Look Around The Lab

When you're back to the future, you can choose to take a break & look around the laboratory. Search around for Easter eggs & other flavor text, if you want.

7. Unlocking Spear Upgrades

After coming back from the future, you'll unlock upgrades for the Spear of Leonidas. You need fragments found from Cultists to upgrade it.

Check Out The Spear Of Leonidas Here

8. Choice: Attack Deimos Or Treat Him As A Brother

You have the option to attack Deimos or converse with him platonically - this will affect your future gameplay. Attacking him will make him hostile in the future, making it difficult to convince him to turn to good.

Chapter 2: The Road to the Symposium

This chapter will involve a couple of Support Quests that need completion before proceeding through the story. Your stealth skills will be tested particularly in "Ostracized" & "Escape From Athens".

Check Out Stealth Tips & Tricks Guide Here!

2-1: Welcome to Athens

1After speaking with Herodotos, sail across the sea to reach Athens
2After docking, call your horse & meet Herodotos in the Pnyx
3A cutscene with Perikles & Kleon will initiate once you reach the Pnyx
4Talk to Perikles after he finishes his speech
5Perikles will give you three quests to finish before you get invited to his symposium - these can be done in any order

Complete Quests In Any Order

Perikles will give you three quests to accomplish before you can move forward to the next chapter. You can complete them in any order, just be sure to be leveled & geared enough.

2-2A: Ostracized

1Move into the city and meet with Perikles's contact
2When you finish the cutscene, travel to the Logismos Building in the Agora
3Sneak around & steal the votes from the two vote boxes you can find in the vicinity
4After stealing the votes, make your way back to Perikles's contact
5The cutscene will initiate and you'll meet Sokrates

3. Sneak In To Replace The Votes

You don't need to confront the soldiers in the house to replace the votes. Simply sneak in & replace them when guards aren't looking.

2-2B: Escape From Athens

1Go into the city & locate Phidias's workshop
2CHOICE: Attack the guard, bribe, or persuade him
3After dealing with the guard, talk to Phidias inside his workshop to initiate the cutscene
4Exit the workshop (after you deal with the guard, if he comes back) & head to the pier
5Talk to Phidias to initiate your cutscene & board your boat
6 Sail towards Seriphos & dock there to initiate the end of this quest

2. Choice: Bribe Or Convince The Guard

You can either attack, bribe, or persuade the guard outside Phidias's workshop. If you bribe or persuade him, he'll come back later with another man to hunt you down.

4. Sneak Or Run Away To Avoid The Guards

If you bribed or convinced the guard and they come back into the workshop, you can sneak by the side and make for the door. If they don't see you, you can exit scot-free!

6. Avoid Naval Combat By Speeding Away

It's not necessary to get into naval battles when you sail to Sephiros Island. But do keep your eye out for floating wreckages that you can loot!

2-2C: A Venomous Encounter

1Locate Metiochos's house in the city
2Climb up his house & find him in a room surrounded by snakes
3Kill the snakes and set Metiochos free to initiate the cutscene
4After the cutscene, leave the house & use your marker to find the home of Metiochos's attackers
5Kill the snakes & investigate the area - the attackers will arrive to confront you after
6CHOICE: Choose to kill or not to kill the attackers
7After confronting the attackers, head to where the snake dealer is located
8Eliminate him then talk to Metiochos to finish the quest

3. You Cannot Use Ikaros To Tag The Snakes

Be wary of the snakes by your feets, they cannot be marked by Ikaros so it's difficult to spot them.

6. CHOICE: Decision To Eliminate The Attackers

You can choose to eliminate Metiochos's attackers. This won't have any effect on the end result of the game, so feel free to choose on your own.

2-3: Perikles's Symposium

1After talking to Metiochos, go to the house of Perikles
2Initiate the cutscene & talk to the people in the courtyard
3Complete the two support quests to encounter Aspasia
4Once you're finished talking to Aspasia, head upstairs to find Perikles
5Initiate the cutscene with Perikles then head back down the stairs
6Exit the house to end the chapter

3. Encourage Euripides To Drink More Wine

Keep pouring wine for Euripides and he'll eventually give you the information you seek.

3. Give The Oil To Alkiabades

You can find the oil to give to Alkiabades in the same area where you get the wine for Euripides.

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