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Petrified Islands - Side Quest List & Walkthrough
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Petrified Islands - Side Quest List & Walkthrough

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Check out this walkthrough of all the Side Quests in the Petrified Islands available in Assassin's Creed Odyssey - including tips, rewards, requirements, and more!!!

Petrified Islands Side Quest

Side Quest Walkthrough per Area

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Table of Contents

Writhing Dead

Petrified Islands Side Quest

In Writhing Dead, you will have to fight the mythical monster, Medusa. She's a challenge to beat, but if you rise to the challenge, you'll get a powerful sword and a Medusa Figurehead for your ship.

Shadow of the Serpents - Petrified Islands Quest Walkthrough

Shadow of the Serpents Reward


Shadow of the Serpents - Walkthrough

1Complete the Romancing the Stone Garden Quest
2Complete the Love's Long Shadow Quest
3Complete the A Slithery Plea Quest
4Complete Keys to Happiness? Quest
5Complete the Writhing Dead Quest

Romancing the Stone Garden - Walkthrough

Romancing the Stone Garden Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeRomancing the Stone Garden Side QuestDark Gauntlets

Romancing the Stone Garden Procedure

1Talk to Bryce in Eresos
2Defeat the Mob Leader and the Guards
3Talk to Bryce from her hiding place
4Follow Bryce to the Dread Ruins

2. Kick The Guards Off the Ledge

Romancing the Stone Garden Side Quest

Easily get rid of some of the guards by lining up your Spartan Kick and kicking them off the ledge. If the fall damage doesn't kill them, it will get them off the fight for a bit at least.

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2. Try Not to Hit Civilians

Romancing the Stone Garden Side Quest

Hitting any of the mob around you will turn them hostile and attack you, adding more enemies to the fight. Try to keep your distance from them and maneuver around to keep from hitting them.

Love's Long Shadow - Walkthrough

Love's Long Shadow Quest Reward

XPLovePetrified Blade

Love's Long Shadow - Walkthrough

1Talk to Bryce the Dread Ruins
2Follow Bryce to the Petrified Temple

2. Follow Bryce to Complete the Quest


This quest is pretty straight forward. You just have to follow through forest and up to the Petrified Temple to complete the quest.

A Slithery Plea - Walkthrough

A Slithery Plea Quest Reward


A Slithery Plea - Walkthrough

1Complete the Heavy is a Spear Quest
2Complete the Hard to Artemis Quest
3Complete the Keys to Happiness? Quest

Heavy is a Spear - Walkthrough

Heavy is a Spear Quest Reward

XPHeavy is a Spear Side QuestGorgon SlayerHeavy is a Spear Side QuestThe Immortal Coil

Heavy is a Spear - Walkthrough

1Head to the Mountain Temple of Poseidon in Lesbos
2Talk to the mercenary, Zetes the Retired
3Defeat Zetes the Retired
4Loot his body

3. Use Finisher Moves on Zetes the Retired

Heavy is a Spear Side Quest

Zete is not any different from any mercenary so just take them out with the same strategies as other mercenaries. Use finisher moves to take a huge chunk of his health in a snap.

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Hard to Artemis - Walkthrough

Hard to Artemis Quest Reward


Hard to Artemis - Walkthrough

1Head to the Huntress Village on Chios, but do not got inside
2Explore the the Cave of Potnia Theron, Artemis Cave, Cave of Arktoi nearthe village
3Loot the treasure chests in all 3 chests

2. Sneak or Take Care of the Guards

Hard on Artemis Side Quest

There will be a few guards on patrol near the caves. You can either take care of them or sneak in, just make sure not be seen or the whole Village will be after you.

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2. There's At Least 1 Bear in Each Cave

Hard on Artemis Side Quest

At least 1 Bear will be in each cave. Remember to dodge their attacks before attacking as each swipe of their paw does a lot of damage.

3. Loot the Chests in All the Caves

Hard on Artemis Side Quest

The Gorgon Disk can be found in the last cave's chest. Make sure to loot all the chests in each cave to progress the quest forward.

Keys to Happiness? - Walkthrough

Keys to Happiness? Quest Reward


Keys to Happiness? - Walkthrough

1Return to Bryce in the Petrified Temple in Lesbos

The Quest is Complete After Talking to Bryce

Keys to Happiness? Side Quest

There's nothing much to this quest. Talk to Bryce in the Petrified Temple and this quest along with the A Slithery Plea Quest will be completed.

Writhing Dead - Walkthrough

Writhing Dead Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeWrithing Dead Side QuestPrize of Medusa
Writhing Dead Side QuestHarpe of PerseusWrithing Dead Side QuestMedusa Figurehead-

Writhing Dead - Walkthrough

1Interact with the gate on the left to open the Petrified Temple
2Follow Bryce through the temple
3Defeat the Medusa
4Loot the Medusa's body

2. There are Snakes Around the Temple

Writhing Dead Side Quest

It's dark in the temple and it can be easy to miss the snakes waiting around to strike you. Use your torch to see more clearly. You can also use it as a weapon to set snakes on fire.

3. Fight the Infamous Mythological Monster - Medusa

Writhing Dead Side Quest

After you get to the end of the temple, you will find Medusa waiting for you. She poses a tough challenge to beat as she has minions, a petrifying gaze, a teleport, and even a lightning attack so be prepared for a long battle.

3. Take Out the Minions as Quickly as Possible

Writhing Dead Side Quest

Throughout the battle, Medusa will call out minions to fight you while she bubbles herself up. Kill the minions as soon as possible to break Medusa's bubble and be able to damage her again.

3. Being Petrified Will Slow You Down

Writhing Dead Side Quest

Medusa won't fully turn you into stone, but it will take a hit on your overall speed. Keep dodging while you're petrified to get rid of it and prevent anything from damaging you.

3. Use Bows and Hide Behind the Stone Pillars

Writhing Dead Side Quest

Prevent yourself from being petrified by hiding behind stone pillars. You can also peek behind the pillars with your bow and shoot down Medusa to do damage to her while she's firing her petrifying gaze.

3. Medusa Will Fire 3 Lightning Stikes in a Row

Writhing Dead Side Quest

Medusa will fire Lightning Strikes at your whenever she strikes the floor with her sword. Dodge the three strikes then go back to attacking her with your bow.

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