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Megaris - Side Quest List & Walkthrough
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Megaris - Side Quest List & Walkthrough

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Check out this walkthrough of all the Side Quests available in Megaris in Assassin's Creed Odyssey - including tips, rewards, requirements, & more!!!

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Table of Contents

The True Story

In this Side Quest, you will be able to earn a unique Rare bow and an additional crew for your ship upon completion.

Portion Control - Megaris Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeRandom Common Gear

Portion Control - Walkthrough

1From the Spartan camp on the beach, follow the main road until you come across Spartan soldier Dolios
2Talk to him to initiate the investigation of the stolen goods crime scene
3Search the area for 3 Investigation points
4 Report to Dolios your findings
5Head towards the forest until you happen upon a small cave
6Go inside the small cave to initiate the cutscene with the Megarians
7CHOICE: Kill or not to kill the Megarians
8 Once you've finished with the villagers, head back to Dolios to end the quest

3. Investigation Is Marked By Magnification Glass

Check the immediate area for Magnification Glass markers - these are the areas you need to interact with to fill up your Investigation bar.

6. Choice: Eliminate The Megarians Or Not

You can choose to eliminate the villagers without hearing their story or you can listen to them. The choice is yours.

The Missing Map - Megaris Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


The Missing Map - Walkthrough

1Talk to the Spartan Hoplite in the Megaris Spartan camp by the beach
2Head to the marker to find the location of the spy - he is guarded by 2 soldiers
3Eliminate the soldiers & free the spy
4CHOICE: Free, bribe, or kill the spy
5 After dealing with the spy, return to the Spartan Hoplite & give back the tablet to end the quest

3. Use Rush Assassination to Instantly Kill Enemies

Since there are only two enemies guarding the spy, it's best to creep up on them & use the Rush Assassination skill to chain attack and take them both down at once.

4. Choice: Deal With The Spy As You See Fit

You have several options on how to deal with the spy - kill him, set him free, or make a deal with him. You can choose according to your preference.

A Family Ordeal - Megaris Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeRandom Common Gear

A Family Ordeal - Walkthrough

1Go to the outskirts of Port Nisaia to find Odessa
2Speak to her to initiate the quest
3(OPTIONAL): Flirt with Odessa
4Head out into the Valley of King Lelex & search for three bundles of medicinal herbs
5Go into the city to find the merchant that has the medicinal concoction for Odessa's father
6CHOICE: Pay, threaten, lie, or steal from merchant
7 After getting the medicine, go back to Odessa's farm & kill the ambushing bandits
8Talk to her about the ambush to end the quest

3. (OPTIONAL) Flirt With Odessa

If you want to romance Odessa in the next quest, you can flirt with her to build up your relationship. Just choose the options with the heart symbol.

6. Choice: Decide How To Get The Medicine

You'll be presented with options on how to get the medicine from the Megaris merchant. You can pay him, threaten him, or lie about paying next time. You can also steal it from the chest behind him.

The True Story - Megaris Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPOdessa's Bow

The True Story - Walkthrough

1After finishing "A Family Ordeal" side quest, talk to Odessa once again
2(OPTIONAL): Keep flirting with Odessa
3After getting more information from Odessa, head into Megaris & find the Leader House
4Search the 2nd floor of the house for 4 Investigation Points
5After you've found all the clues, head back to Odessa & speak to her to end the quest
6(OPTIONAL): Sleep with Odessa
7(OPTIONAL): Recruit Odessa into The Adrestia

3. Keep Flirting With Odessa

If you want to sleep with Odessa at the end of this quest, keep flirting with her & choosing the conversation options with the heart symbols next to it.

4. Investigation Points Are Found In Separate Rooms

The Investigation Points can be found on the 2nd floor of the area - across each other in two separate rooms.

6. (OPTIONAL): Sleep With Odessa

After all your flirting with Odessa, you'll finally have the option to go to bed with her. Choose this if you want to.

7. (OPTIONAL): Recruit Odessa As A Lieutenant

You can also choose to recruit Odessa once you've completed her sequence of quests successfully. She's an Epic-level lieutenant with fire-boosting abilities.

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