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Kephallonia - Side Quest List & Walkthrough
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Kephallonia - Side Quest List & Walkthrough

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Check out this walkthrough of all the Side Quests available in Kephallonia in Assassin's Creed Odyssey - including tips, rewards, requirements, and more!!!

Side Quest Walkthrough per Area

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Table of Contents

Fight with Talos

Defeating him will not only provide powerful gear early on, but will make sure you do not get harassed by Mercenaries during your time in Kephallonia. Be sure to level up first before challenging him.

Lumbering Along - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Lumbering Along - Walkthrough

1Talk to Drucilla in Sami
2Follow the marker to where the ambushed happened
3Investigate the clues in the area
4Head to the Lumber Shipyard
5Kill the Bandits
6Return to Drucilla

3. Interact with Objects with a Magnifying Glass

The clues in the ambush site are highlighted by a Magnifying glass. Interact with a patch of ground in the middle of the road, the corpse near the stacks of wood, and the cart left at the side of the road.

5. Scout of Enemy Positions with Ikaros

Use Ikaros to check for the number of enemies in the Shipyard and where they are located. This will help you to plan out your route when sneaking or to see if you can take them head on!

In the Footsteps of the Gods - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Lumbering Along - Walkthrough

1Talk to the Priestess in the Temple of Zeus
2Go to the Melissani Cabe, northwestern part of the Coast of Koliadai
3Swim through the grave till you get to other side
4Take down the 2 guards there
5Follow the marker throughout the cave
6Acquire the Spear of Kephalos
7Return to the Priestess

2. Find the Platform with the Torch

It can be a bit hard to find where you should surface as there's no marker in the exploration area. Make the torch your landmark when finding your way through the cave.

4. Use Bushes to Hide from Enemies

There will be a few enemies around the cave. Use the bushes to maneuver around them or to call them near you to assassinate!

Mercenary Work - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Mercenary Work - Walkthrough

1Check the message board at Kephallonia Islands
2Gather 2 Wolf Furs
3Bring the furs to the customer in Kephallonia Islands

A Small Odyssey - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


A Small Odyssey - Walkthrough

1Release Odessa from the her cage in Odysseus's Palace
2Escort Odessa to safety then talk to her
3Follow her through the Palace
4Escort her back to her boat

Release Odessa when You've Dealt with All the Enemies

Make the quest so much easier by starting it when you've killed all of the enemies around the area. This will prevent any sudden stops on your way through the palace!

Shark the Vagrant - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Shark the Vagrant - Walkthrough

1Talk to the Vegetable Vendors in Kephallonia Islands
2Travel to the underwater temple, off the coast of Kephallonia
3(OPTIONAL) Defeat the sharks around the area
4Take the necklace in the middle of the temple
5Return to the vegetable merchants

3. Escape from the Shark by Climbing Pillars

If you find yourself being beaten by the shark, climb up to one of the pillars jutting out of the water to escape from the shark. Once you've all healed up, go back down to fight it.

4. Find the Necklace in the Middle of the Temple

If you want to sneak around and not combat the sharks, you can immediately go to the center of the temple and loot the necklace. Just search for the floating sparkles underwater!

Blood Fever - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Blood Fever - Walkthrough

1Talk to Phoibe in Markos's Vineyard
2Head to the Village of Kausos and then talk to the Priest
3CHOICE A: Save the villagers then fight the priest and his men
CHOICE B: Let the them be killed
4CHOICE A: Talk to the Villagers
CHOICE B:Talk to Phoibe

3. Recommended Choice: Let Them Be Killed

Saving the villagers will have dire consequences to the island. The plague will spread if you let them go so it's better to just leave them to their fate.

A Ship Came Sailing - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeBandit Bracers

A Ship Came Sailing - Walkthrough

1Talk to Davos at the Kelptous Bay
2Free Orneos from his cage at Kleptous Bay
3Escort him through the base
4Talk to Davos

Start the Quest Without Talking to Davos

You can trigger the quest without having to talk to Davos by just unlocking the cage. This will immediately begin the quest to escort Orneos through the Bay to his brother.

Hungry Gods - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Hungry Gods - Walkthrough

1Talk to the Civilian at the entrance of the Drogarati Cave
2Investigate the clues inside the cave
3Explore the area behind the wall
4Kill the bandits in the cave
5Take back the Looted Offerings in the chest
6Return to the Civilian

2. Find the Two Clues in the Cave

Investigate the ground behind the statue then investigate the crack in the wall. This will prompt the next section of the game.

Merciful Gods - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Merciful Gods - Walkthrough

1Go through the cave wall from where you entered at the start of the Hungry Gods quest
2Listen to the woman's prayers
3Head to the woman's home and investigate for clues
4Place the Looted Offerings in the basket

3. Find the Clues at the Side of Her House

Interact with the wooden cart and the basket located at the side of her house to trigger the next objective of the quest. The basket where you have to place the stolen offerings is also at this side.

Fight with Talos - Kephallonia Quest Walkthrough

Quest Reward


Fight with Talos - Walkthrough

1Defeat the mercenary, "Talos the Stone-Fist"

Alternate Between Range & Melee Attacks

Fighting Talos head on can easily get you killed. Use Melee Weapons when you have an opening, then keep your distance and attack him with your bow.

Use Special Abilities to Get an Advantage

Special abilities like the Spartan Kick can help you a lot offensively and defensively against Talos. Don't just hack away, use your abilities to your advantage!

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