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Messara - Side Quest List & Walkthrough

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Check out this walkthrough of all the Messara Side Quests available Assassin's Creed Odyssey - including tips, rewards, requirements, and more!!!

Side Quest Walkthrough per Area

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Table of Contents

He Waits

This Side Quest will have you confront the Minotaur in an battle. Defeating him will reward you with one of the key item to achieving the Atlantis Ending, along with a powerful legendary weapon.

Civil Unrest - Messara Quest Walkthrough

Civil Unrest Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeBandit Lord Helmet

Civil Unrest - Walkthrough

1Talk to the textile merchant inside a house in Kydonia
2Deal with the situation at the beach by talking to the merchant
3Side with the Merchant
4Defeat the guards
5Head to next marker to a guard's house
6Talk to the harasser and say the family is innocent
7Go to the next marker in the market
8Talk to the guards and say they've done enough
9Defeat the guards
10Return to the textile merchant and read the note by his side
11Kill Captain Diokles and his men

2. 9. Lock On To Your Targets

Be careful where you swing your sword against the guards or you might just hit a civilian and get a mob after you. Use your lock on ability to focus on one enemy during these fights.

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11. Take Out Diokles' Men First

Bring the fight to a one-on-one by taking out Diokles' men first. Move around and attack the ones who have separated from the group to take them out of the fight.

Say That Again - Messara Quest Walkthrough

Say That Again Quest Reward

XPDrachmaeSword of Avaris

Say That Again - Walkthrough

1Talk to the Blacksmith at the Daktyls Depleted Mine
2Gather 5 Obsidian
3Return to the Blacksmith

Search for Obsidian in Ruins, Temples

You can find stashes of Obsidian in abandoned temples and ruins. The nearest one you can go to are the Temple of Britomartis and the Sunken Ruins!

Myths & Minotaurs - Messara Quest Walkthrough

Myths and Minotaurs Quest Reward


Myths and Minotaurs - Walkthrough

1Interact with the chest at Knossos Palace
2Follow Ardos to the Labyrinth entrance

The Quest will be Completed Quickly

After talking to Ardos at the entrance to the Labyrinth, you will enter a cutscene. Once the cutscene is finished, this quest will be completed.

Of Minotaurs and Men - Messara Quest Walkthrough

Of Minotaurs and Men Quest Reward

DrachmaeMyths and Monsters Side QuestPhaistas DiskMyths and Monsters Side QuestTheseus's Gauntlet

Of Minotaurs and Men - Walkthrough

1Complete the Blood in the Water Support Quest
2Complete the Full Circle Support Quest
3Complete the Recollections Support Quest
4Complete Seeking Answers Support Quest

Blood in the Water - Walkthrough

Blood in the Water Reward


Blood in the Water Procedure

1Head to Octopus Bay in Heraklion
2Talk to the citizens about Swordfish
3Talk to the woman in Fisherman's Beachhead
4Complete the Catch and Release Support Quest
5Talk to the Priestess at the Temple of Poseidon
6Complete the Lost Arkalochori Axe Support Quest
7Follow the marker along the coast of Octopus Bay
8Dive down and enter the Hermit's Dive
9Confront Swordfish in his hideout
10Kill Swordfish

2. Talking to the Old Man will Activate a Fight

Blood in the Water Side Quest

Talking to the Old Man who first gives you a bit of information on Swordfish will have someone threatening him. Kill the Thug, but be careful not to hit any civilians as this will make the people hostile.

9. Sharks Patrol the Entrance to Hermit's Dive

Blood in the Water Side Quest

At least 3 sharks will be at the entrance to Hermit's Dive. Don't let yourself be cornered by the three of them and use a weapon with a longer range to deal with them.

11. Dodge when Swordfish Throws a Smoke Bomb

Blood in the Water Side Quest

Swordfish has a special move where he throw a smoke bomb and will appear right next to you when it clears. Dodge and move away as soon as he throws it!

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Catch and Release - Walkthrough

Catch and Release Reward

XPDrachmaeCatch and Release Side QuestSwordfish Spear

Catch and Release Procedure

1With your ship, follow the marker to the Anaphi Shipwreck
2Save the fishermen from the bandits
3Talk to the fisherman
4Sail back to Heraklion
5Return to the wife

5. Keep an Eye Out for Pirate Ships

Catch and Release Side Quest

As you're sailing back, Pirate Ships may decide to ambush you! Fight them off as much as you could, but if they prove to be too tough, escape them instead of risking your death.

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Lost Arkalochori Axe - Walkthrough

Lost Arkalochori Axe Reward


Lost Arkalochori Axe Procedure

1Head to the Arkalochori Cave east of Heraklion
2Retrieve the Arkalochori Axe inside the cave
3Return to the Priestess

2. Stealth Kill the Bandits in the Cave

Lost Arkalochori Axe Side Quest

There will be a few bandits inside the cave so be wary when coming in. You can easily dispatch them by staying hidden and stealth killing them since they are positioned a bit far from each other.

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Full Circle - Walkthrough

Full Circle Reward

XPDrachmaeFull Circle Side QuestTheseus's Greaves

Full Circle Procedure

1Make your way to Ardos's House near Phaistos Village
2Talk to the man there
3Go to Phaistos Theater
4Free Ardos's Caretaker
5Escort the Caretaker to safety
6Talk to the Caretaker

Recollection - Walkthrough

Recollection Reward

XPDrachmaeRecollection Side QuestGilded Staff

Recollection Procedure

1Talk to the Collector in Gorlyn
2Head to Daidalos' Fort, southwest of Gorlyn
3Enter Daidalos' Armory in a small cave in the Fort
4Take Theseus's Armor

3. Scout Out the Fort with Ikaros

Recollection Side Quest

Check for enemy positions and numbers with Ikaros and create a route for you to take in infiltrating the Fort. You can also check for enemy supplies that you can loot while on the way.

3. Stealth Kill Enemies to Clear Your Route

Recollection Side Quest

Charging in and alerting of the enemies of your presence will talk a lot of time. Opt for sneaking inside the fort and stealth killing any enemies that you come across with.

Seeking Answers - Walkthrough

Seeking Answers Reward


Seeking Answers Procedure

1Return to Ardos at Knossos Palace

This Quest Will End Quickly

Seeking Answers Side Quest

The quest will be completed once you finish the cutscene with Ardos. It will also complete the Myths and Monsters Quest.

He Waits - Walkthrough

He Waits Reward

XPSeeking Answers Side QuestPrize of the Minotaur
Seeking Answers Side QuestMinotaur's LabrysSeeking Answers Side QuestMinotaur Figurehead

He Waits Procedure

1Go to the Labyrinth's Entrance and interact with the pillar
2Dive down the entrance and interact with the glowing wall
3Traverse through the maze by following Thadeus's String
4Find Ardos' father's corpse and loot it
5Move forward through the maze by moving across platforms and scaling the walls
6Move forward until you see the entrance to the Minotaur's lair
7Go Inside to trigger the cutscene
8Defeat the Minotaur and loot its body

3. Follow the Thread in the First Part of the Labyrinth

Seeking Answers Side Quest

The thread glows faintly so you can see it against the walls and the floor. It will take you directly to Ardos' Father's body.

5. Jump Across Platforms, Scale Walls to Move Forward

Seeking Answers Side Quest

After you find the corpse, you will be on your own as the thread ends there. You will have to jump across platforms and scale walls to go forward in the Labyrinth and to the Minotaur's Lair.

8. Defeat the Minotaur to Complete the Quest

Seeking Answers Side Quest

The Minotaur will be waiting for you at the end of the Labyrinth and it will provide a tough fight. He has a good amount of health so you'll have to work to between attacking him and dodging his attacks.

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8. Prioritize Dodging the Minotaur's Attacks

Seeking Answers Side Quest

Prioritize your survival before attacking the Minotaur. When he charges, make sure to dodge and this will give you an opening to counter his attacks with your own.

8. Best to Use Bow and Arrows Against the Minotaur

Seeking Answers Side Quest

The Minotaur moves very quickly and has a grab attack if you're in Melee distance. It's best to use bows against him, dodging and circling around while also shooting him down.

Fang For You Buck - Walkthrough

Fang For You Buck Reward

XPDrachmaeFang For You Buck Side QuestAres's Bow of Slaughter

Fang For You Buck Procedure

1Talk to the Street Vendor in Gortyn
2Collect 1 Lioness Fang, 1 Shark Fang, and 1 Lynx Fang
3Return to the Vendor and sell him the fangs

Complete the Quest Immediately If You Have the Fangs

Fang For You Buck Side Quest

If you already have the fangs with you when you talk to the vendor, you can immediately sell him the fangs and get Ares's Bow of Slaughter!

Flowers for the Dead - Walkthrough

Flowers for the Dead Reward


Flowers for the Dead Procedure

1Talk to the Old Man near Knossos Palace
2Head to Mount Ida in Zeus'sPlayground
3Go up to the very top and collect the red flower
4Deliver the flower to the Old Man
5Talk to the woman

Find the Flower at the Very Top of Mount Ida

Flowers for the Dead Side Quest

The flowers can be found at the very top of Mount Ida, right next to the fast travel point. Interact with it to pick it up!

Gortyn Out of Hand - Walkthrough

Gortyn Out of Hand Reward

XPDrachmaeGortyn Out of Hand Side QuestTheseus's Helmet

Gortyn Out of Hand Procedure

1Talk to the man in front of the Gortyn Code
2Find and assassinate the visiting herald
3Kill the Leader of Messara
4Return to the quest giver

2. 3. Assassinate From a Distance

Gortyn Out of Hand Side Quest

Don't bother getting into a fight with the Herald and the Leader's guards. Go up to a vantage point and just kill them with your bow and arrow!

Revenge Served Cold - Walkthrough

Revenge Served Cold Reward


Revenge Served Cold Procedure

1Talk to the woman at the Temple of Athena Poluouchos
2Kill 10 followers of Ares in the caves and camps in Zeus's Playground
3Return to the woman

2. Identify the Followers of Ares by their White Masks

Revenge Served Cold Side Quest

The Followers of Ares looks somehow similar to cultist guards because of their white masks. You can find them also wearing black scarves or cloaks!

2. Search for the Followers in Camps/Caves in Zeus's Playground

Revenge Served Cold Side Quest

You can find the followers around Zeus's Playground. You can complete the quest by going to just the Lost Minoan Shrine and the Gerontospilios cave.

Bare It All - Walkthrough

Bare It All Reward

XPDrachmaeBare It All Side QuestTheseus's Belt

Bare It All Procedure

1Talk to the tied up man in near the river in Zeus's Playground
2Defend the man from the wolves
3Go to the Cave of Rhea a few meters away from the man's location
4Kill all the Followers of Ares inside
5Loot the amulet from the last Follower you killed

4. Kill All the Follower to Get the Amulet

Bare It All Side Quest

You will find the amulet on the body of the last follower you've killed. The amulet will not be looted unless all the Followers are dead.

It's Complicated - Walkthrough

It's Complicated Reward

XPDrachmaeItDagger of Messara

It's Complicated Procedure

1Interact with the body you find near the river in Zeus's Playground
2Head to the Shepherd's Hut and defeat the guards
3Talk to the man there
4Follow the marker to Kydonia
5Defeat the guards outside the house
6Interact with the dead body inside the house

2. 5. Use an Attack That Can Hit Multiple Enemies


There will be three guards in each house that you have to kill. Take them out faster by using charged attacks that can hit multiple enemies at once!

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