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Explore the vast lands and seas of Ancient Greece in this Assassin's Creed Odyssey's full world map & locations guide!!!

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Full World Map Overview

Journey & Explore Through 7 Vast Regions

Assassin's Creed Odyssey will have 7 magnificent regions - Kephallonia Island, Northern Greece, Attika Peninsula, Forest Islands, Paradise Islands, Arid Islands, & Peloponnese.

Travel On Land Or By Sea

Players can traverse the terrains of Ancient Greece on-foot, on horseback, or through the seas by boat.

Check Out Naval Combat


Kephallonia Island

Kephallonia Island plays host to the start of your character's adventures. It features mountain peaks & sandy beaches and holds remnants of a once flourishing island.

Kephallonia Island Details:

Environment Summer
Economy Timber
Population Low
Check Out Kephallonia Side Quests

Northern Greece

A vast region that has everything you would ever need to find, Northern Greece is dotted with forests, marshes, salt flats, and more.


In the forest region of Phokis, you can find the Sanctuary of Delphi and the Temple of Apollo, where the Oracle of Delphi used to reside.

Check Out Phokis Side Quests

Phokis Details:

Environment Deciduous forest – the vibrant reds and yellows of the trees combines with the sea of sacred olive groves, making the mountainous landscape intoxicating and hard to leave.
Economy The state makes money from those visiting the Oracle as they pass through the city of Khirra.
Population Low numbers of locals, with a large number of visitors.


A forest area where Leonidas & Xerxes stood face-to-face in battle. It is now populated by flora & fauna and the occasional hunter.

Malis Details:

Environment Deciduous forest
Economy Self-sufficient
Population Very Low


Located at the most northern part of Greece, Makedonia plays an integral role in Peloponnesian War, especially Potidaea & Amphipolis.

Makedonia Details:

Environment Deciduous forest – with many marshes, moors, and lakes
Economy The state makes money from those visiting the Oracle as they pass through the city of Khirra.
Population Low


Lokris is famous for its large salt flats & sea shore salt fields. Its booming industry has made it a battlefield for resources.

Check Out Lokris Side Quests

Lokris Details:

Environment Summer Biome – with vast salt flats, sea shore salt fields, and a blood red lake.
Economy Salt
Population Very Low

Attika Peninsula

Attika Peninsula is the home of many Greeks, making it densely populated & heavy in foot-traffic. Many known tourist spots can also be found in this region.


Athens can be found in the middle of Attika. The crucial center for the battle of power between its neighboring regions, it is also the home of many famous spots & landmarks.

Check Out Attika Side Quests

Attika Details:

Environment The Summer Biome – defined by its unmistakable Greek feel. The off-white rocks, sun-drenched pine trees and golden grasses make for a hot, but beautiful biome primed for discovery.
Economy Attika once gained a great deal of its wealth from the silver mine at Lavrio. Now that Athens, its capital city, has set itself as leader of the Delian League, its wealth comes instead from the taxes paid by the mainland and island regions.
Population Very High


The legendary city of Thebes can be found in Boeotia. Once peaceful, many of its cities & villages have been pillaged & ravaged by war.

Boeotia Details:

Environment The Summer Biome – burned by the ongoing unrest in the region.
Economy The Boeotians were mostly self-sufficient but the recent civil unrest has taken its toll on the region's agriculture output, making resources incredibly scarce.
Population Medium


Megaris sits in the middle of the possible tipping point in the war between Sparta & Athens.

Check Out Megaris Side Quests

Megaris Details:

Environment Lush Spring landscapes contrasted heavily against the burnt battlegrounds.
Economy Pottery and pig farming
Population Low

Forest Islands

Filled to the brim with lush forests & trees, the Forest Islands are a wonderful sight to visit & behold.

Petrified Islands

The landscape of the Petrified Islands includes an ancient mythical forest & the home of the famous poet Sappho. It is currently under the jurisdiction of Athens due to its past rebellion.

Check Out Petrified Islands Side Quests

Petrified Islands Details:

Environment The Autumnal Forest biome, including a mystical ancient forest.
Economy Wine
Population Medium

Abantis Islands

The Abantis Islands is caught in the middle of a civil war between Chalcis & Eretria, two cities fighting for control of the region's resources & commercial industry.

Check Out Abantis Islands Side Quests

Abantis Islands Details:

Environment Deciduous forest
Economy Slaves
Population Low

Hephaestos Islands

The Hepahestos Islands have flourished over the years due to its prolific mining industry & marble quarries.

Hephaestos Islands Details:

Environment Deciduous forest
Economy Marble & silver
Population Low

Paradise Islands

Head to the Paradise Islands if you're looking for pristine white beaches. The environment is perfect for relaxing & unwinding.

Silver Islands

The Silver Islands is a gorgeous region with picture-perfect spots at every turn. It also used to be the home of the famous silver fortune of the Delian League.

Check Out Silver Islands Side Quests

Silver Islands Details:

Environment Paradise Island – with refreshing lagoons, white sandy beaches and cypre trees, there's nothing more picturesque.
Economy Religion
Population Low

Pirate Island

Pirate Island has lost most of its riches & its population after being ransacked by pirates.

Check Out Pirate Island Side Quests

Pirate Island Details:

Environment Paradise like – lush and balmy, with turquoise waters and palm trees.
Economy Fishing
Population Very Low

Southern Sporades

Hippokrates & Herodotus, two iconic figures in Ancient Greek history, were born in Southern Sporades.

Check Out Southern Sporades Side Quests

Southern Sporades Details:

Environment Paradise Island – dense pine forests meet the white sandy beaches to create a Greece that is truly a sight to behold.
Economy Medicine
Population Low

Naxos Island

Naxos Island's beaches of white sand are perfectly complimented by its booming marble industry.

Check Out Naxos Island Side Quests

Naxos Island Details:

Environment Greek Paradise – The azure blue coastal waters, white sandy beaches, and green Cyprus trees give off a paradise vibe.
Economy Marble
Population Low

Paros Island

Extremely rich in marble resources due to its large quarry, Paros Island hosts many artisans working with the marble material.

Paros Island Details:

Environment Greek Paradise – The azure blue coastal waters, white sandy beaches, and green Cyprus trees give off a paradise vibe.
Economy Marble
Population Low

Arid Islands

The Arid Islands is a hot and dangerous place to be. It has several active volcanoes that may pop at any time.

Volcanic Islands

The Volcanic Islands is exactly what its name suggests. It's a desolate place where nothing has grown due to the highly active volcanoes in its area.

Check Out Volcanic Islands Side Quests

Volcanic Islands Details:

Environment Active and passive volcanoes and sulfur lakes.
Economy None
Population None


For fans of the legendary Minotaur, Pephka has made its trade & coin with its local shrine featuring the mythical creature.

Check Out Pephka Side Quests

Pephka Details:

Environment Arid
Economy Tourism
Population Low


Situated in an dry, arid, & ruined area, Messara is known as the place where Zeus was hidden from his father, Kronos.

Check Out Messara Side Quests

Messara Details:

Environment Arid
Economy Money
Population Medium

Obsidian Islands

Obsidian Islands is mostly known for its resources of volcanic glass - obsidian.

Check Out Obsidian Islands Side Quests

Obsidian Islands Details:

Environment Volcanic
Economy Money
Population Medium


You can find the Temple of Aphrodite in Kythera. It also has a booming murex dye industry, producing the rare & valuable dye through murex shells found in its coasts.

Check Out Kythera Side Quests

Kythera Details:

Environment Arid
Economy Murex
Population Low


Peloponnese takes center stage in the vast political history of Greece. It is known to be the host of the original Olympic Games.


Lowly populated, Arkadia is the agricultural center of the region and is known as the "Breadbasket of the Peloponnese".

Arkadia Details:

Environment The Spring Biome, with a focus on agriculture, open fields, meadows, and bee keeping.
Economy Agriculture, wheat, crops, plants, flowers, and animals.
Population Low


Korinthia is one of the biggest cities in Greece. Home to a Temple of Aphrodite, the city is know for beautiful pottery & its high-class prostitutes called hetairai.

Check Out Korinthia Side Quests

Korinthia Details:

Environment Lush Spring with large open clay pits dotting the landscape.
Economy Clay pits, pottery and hetairai.
Population High


Known to be the birthplace of the Hippokrates Oath, the region of Argolis has a long-standing history.

Check Out Argolis Side Quests

Argolis Details:

Environment Lush Spring – the region has a lot of plants and flowers, which help with the creation of medicine.
Economy The bronze statues of Polykleitos and travelers visiting the Sanctuary of Asklepios drive the economy.
Population Medium


Home to the Spartans & its superior military capacity, Lakonia is a lush, flourishing region surrounded by mountains as perfect natural defenses.

Check Out Lakonia Side Quests

Lakonia Details:

Environment The Spring Biome – This is Greece at its most beautiful, with a perfect collection of lush flowers, plants, and trees all in bloom.
Economy The Spartans are a self-sufficient nation, utilizing the region's lush landscape and flowing rivers. They've risen to become the leaders of the Peloponnesian League.
Population Medium


Look no further for war supplies and weaponry. Messenia's land has been turned into a military factory, producing weapons & machines for war efforts.

Messenia Details:

Environment Deforested and highly-mined Spring Biome.
Economy Weapons and war machines
Population Medium


A shipyard & naval construction base, Achaia has turned to the business of making and producing ships.

Achaia Details:

Environment Summer, with large areas of deforested land to gather the wood needed for ship building.
Economy Ship building
Population Medium


Elis is currently the home of the Olympic Games and is known for Phidias's statue of Zeus in the Temple of Zeus.

Elis Details:

Environment Summer Biome, with large swamplands.
Economy The capital city of Elis bases its wealth on the hosting, support, and training grounds for the Olympics.
Population Low local people with many visitors and athletes from the Games.

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