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Best Operator Tier List

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Find out all you need to know about the Best Operator Character Tier List in Arknights. This Tier List has been categorized per class and role!

Table of Contents

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About Tier List Rating

Tier List Rated by Uniqueness & Combat Performance per Class

S TierExtremely capable, second to none.
A TierTop tier for that Class. Great choice for party.
B TierUseful in most combat cases. Upgrade when necessary.
C TierViable, but not ideal.
D TierUse only if you don't have any C Tiers.

Reroll to Get Stronger Operators

Reroll To Get Stronger Operators

At the start of the game, you can reroll the gacha until you get a strong or rare Operator that you prefer. This is one of the viable ways to get the strongest Operators.

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New Operator / Banner Rankings

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A Tier
C Tier
C Tier
- Tier
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Eyjafjalla Banner

S Tier
A Tier
A Tier
A Tier
B Tier
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S-Tier Operator Details

S Rank Characters

SiegeSiegeRarity: ★6 / Cost: 12 / Vanguard
- Excels in DP Recovery
- Also has effective offensive abilities
SilverAshSilverAshRarity: ★6 / Cost: 18 / Guard
- Guard with ranged attack
- Has a skill that can target multiple enemies in an area
- Can increase Defense & can recover HP
SariaSariaRarity: ★6 / Cost: 18 / Defender
- Defender that can heal allies
- Increases attack & defense the longer she remains in the field
- Increases the damage taken by enemies
ExusiaiExusiaiRarity: ★6 / Cost: 12 / Sniper
- High-class all-around operator
- Can hit flying units
- Can attack a large area with high damage
- Can significantly increase ATK
EyjafjallaEyjafjallaRarity: ★6 / Cost: 19 / Caster
- Increases the attack of all Casters
- Can attack a large area
- Can buff oneself and can attack multiple enemies

Vanguard Operator Tier List

DP Recovery

SSiegeSiege (★6)---
ATexasTexas (★5)ZimaZima (★5)--
BScavengerScavenger (★4)CourierCourier (★4)--
CFangFang (★3)VanillaVanilla (★3)YatoYato (★2)-


AVignaVigna (★4)GraniGrani (★5)--
CPlumePlume (★3)---

Guard Operator Tier List

Area Attack Buff

SSilverAshSilverAsh (★6)---
AChCh'en (★6)LapplandLappland (★5)--
CFrostleafFrostleaf (★4)MidnightMidnight (★3)SwireSwire (★5)-
DDobermannDobermann (★4)---

Single Target Attackers

AIndraIndra (★5)SkadiSkadi (★6)--
BFrankaFranka (★5)MatoimaruMatoimaru (★4)MelanthaMelantha (★3)-
CBeehunterBeehunter (★4)---

Arts Damagers

AMousseMousse (★4)---

Area Attackers

ASpecterSpecter (★5)---
CSavageSavage (★5)---
DPopukarPopukar (★3)EstelleEstelle (★4)--

Defender Operator Tier List

Has Healing

SSariaSaria (★6)---
ANearlNearl (★5)---
BGummyGummy (★4)VulcanVulcan (★5)--

Defense Specialists

AHoshigumaHoshiguma (★6)LiskarmLiskarm (★5)--
BCroissantCroissant (★5)CuoraCuora (★4)MatterhornMatterhorn (★4)-
CBeagleBeagle (★3)CardiganCardigan (★3)--
DNoir CorneNoir Corne (★2)---

Specialist Operator Tier List

Specialists are not tiered since they each have unique gamestyles

Fast Redeployment Cooldown

Projekt RedProjekt Red (★5)GravelGravel (★4)--

Can Move Enemy Position

FEaterFEater (★5)CliffheartCliffheart (★5)RopeRope (★4)ShawShaw (★4)


ManticoreManticore (★5)---

Sniper Operator Tier List

Single Target Attackers

SExusiaiExusiai (★6)---
AFirewatchFirewatch (★5)Blue PoisonBlue Poison (★5)--
BPlatinumPlatinum (★5)ProvenceProvence (★5)--
CMeteorMeteor (★4)JessicaJessica (★4)KroosKroos (★3)-
DAdnachielAdnachiel (★3)RangerRanger (★2)--

Area Attackers

AMeteoriteMeteorite (★5)---
BShiraYukiShiraYuki (★4)---
DCatapultCatapult (★3)---

Caster Operator Tier List

Single Target Attackers

SEyjafjallaEyjafjalla (★6)---
BAmiyaAmiya (★5)---
CHazeHaze (★4)StewardSteward (★3)NightmareNightmare (★5)-
DDurinDurin (★2)---

Area Attackers

AIfritIfrit (★6)---
BSkyfireSkyfire (★5)GitanoGitano (★4)--
CGreyyGreyy (★4)---
DLavaLava (★3)12F12F (★3)--

Medic Operator Tier List

Single Target Healing

AShiningShining (★6)SilenceSilence (★5)WarfarinWarfarin (★5)-
BMyrrhMyrrh (★4)GavialGavial (★4)--
CAnselAnsel (★3)HibiscusHibiscus (★3)--

Area Healing

ANightingaleNightingale (★6)PtilopsisPtilopsis (★5)--
BPerfumerPerfumer (★4)---

Support Operator Tier List

Can Slow

AAngelinaAngelina (★6)---
BIstinaIstina (★5)---
CEarthspiritEarthspirit (★4)---

Can Debuff

APramanixPramanix (★5)---
BSoraSora (★5)---


BMayerMayer (★5)---
CDeepcolorDeepcolor (★4)---

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I don't think you should underestimate low star unit especially lava. I have lava & gitano at lvl max E1 and lava do better job than gitano

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