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All Operator Characters List
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All Operator Characters List

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Find all Operator Characters in Arknights in this database list. List includes all available unit's rarity, class, and ratings!!!

Operator Lists By Classes

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All Operator Characters List

Hoshiguma iconHoshiguma★6Defender199A Tier
Exusiai iconExusiai★6Sniper12maxS Tier
Ifrit iconIfrit★6Caster31maxS Tier
SilverAsh iconSilverAsh★6Guard18maxS Tier
Saria iconSaria★6Defender18maxS Tier
Siege iconSiege★6Vanguard129A Tier
Shining iconShining★6Medic189A Tier
Eyjafjalla iconEyjafjalla★6Caster19maxS Tier
Nightingale iconNightingale★6Medic169A Tier
Angelina iconAngelina★6Supporter14maxS Tier
Skadi iconSkadi★6Guard179A Tier
ChCh'en★6Guard199A Tier
Magallan iconMagallan★6Supporter109A Tier
Hellagur iconHellagur★6Guard229A Tier
Schwarz iconSchwarz★6Sniper169A Tier
W iconW★6Sniper9A Tier
Weedy iconWeedy★6Specialist18maxS Tier
Ceobe iconCeobe★6Caster199A Tier
Thorns iconThorns★6Guard18maxS Tier
Bagpipe iconBagpipe★6Vanguard11maxS Tier
Nian iconNian★6Defender9A Tier
Aak iconAak★6Specialist9A Tier
Blaze iconBlaze★6GuardmaxS Tier
Phantom iconPhantom★6Specialist9A Tier
Waai Fu iconWaai Fu★6Specialist9A Tier
Rosa iconRosa★6Sniper9A Tier
Mostima iconMostima★6Caster9A Tier
Suzuran iconSuzuran★6Supporter9A Tier
Amiya iconAmiya★5Caster188B Tier
Nearl iconNearl★5Defender179A Tier
Projekt Red iconProjekt Red★5Specialist75- Tier
Croissant iconCroissant★5Defender188B Tier
Texas iconTexas★5Vanguard119A Tier
Ptilopsis iconPtilopsis★5Medic15maxS Tier
Silence iconSilence★5Medic179A Tier
Franka iconFranka★5Guard168B Tier
Liskarm iconLiskarm★5Defender189A Tier
Meteorite iconMeteorite★5Sniper249A Tier
Firewatch iconFirewatch★5Sniper199A Tier
FEater iconFEater★5Specialist185- Tier
Pramanix iconPramanix★5Supporter109A Tier
Cliffheart iconCliffheart★5Specialist115- Tier
Zima iconZima★5Vanguard119A Tier
Istina iconIstina★5Supporter138B Tier
Sora iconSora★5Supporter58B Tier
Specter iconSpecter★5Guard199A Tier
Blue Poison iconBlue Poison★5Sniper119A Tier
Provence iconProvence★5Sniper158B Tier
Platinum iconPlatinum★5Sniper118B Tier
Skyfire iconSkyfire★5Caster308B Tier
Mayer iconMayer★5Supporter98B Tier
Manticore iconManticore★5Specialist185- Tier
Lappland iconLappland★5Guard17maxS Tier
Warfarin iconWarfarin★5Medic179A Tier
Vulcan iconVulcan★5Defender319A Tier
Savage iconSavage★5Guard187C Tier
Indra iconIndra★5Guard89A Tier
Grani iconGrani★5Vanguard129A Tier
Nightmare iconNightmare★5Caster187C Tier
Swire iconSwire★5Guard147C Tier
Astesia iconAstesia★5Guard198B Tier
Glaucus iconGlaucus★5Supporter139A Tier
Ceylon iconCeylon★5Medic208B Tier
Elysium iconElysium★5Vanguard19maxS Tier
Leizi iconLeizi★5Caster298B Tier
Andreana iconAndreana★5SniperTBC8B Tier
Chiave iconChiave★5Vanguard8B Tier
Reed iconReed★5Vanguard9A Tier
Bibeak iconBibeak★5Guard8B Tier
Sesa iconSesa★5Sniper8B Tier
Snowsant iconSnowsant★5Specialist9A Tier
Hung iconHung★5Defender8B Tier
Broca iconBroca★5Guard8B Tier
Greythroat iconGreythroat★5Sniper8B Tier
Executor iconExecutor★5Sniper8B Tier
Ayerscarpe iconAyerscarpe★5Guard9A Tier
Flamebringer iconFlamebringer★5Guard8B Tier
Sideroca iconSideroca★5Guard8B Tier
Asbestos iconAsbestos★5Defender9A Tier
Bison iconBison★5Defender8B Tier
Absinthe iconAbsinthe★5Caster8B Tier
Leonhardt iconLeonhardt★5Caster9A Tier
Beeswax iconBeeswax★5Caster8B Tier
Folinic iconFolinic★5Medic8B Tier
Breeze iconBreeze★5Medic8B Tier
Tsukinogi iconTsukinogi★5Supporter8B Tier
Shamare iconShamare★5Supporter9A Tier
Dobermann iconDobermann★4Guard136D Tier
Shaw iconShaw★4Specialist175- Tier
Vigna iconVigna★4Vanguard99A Tier
Scavenger iconScavenger★4Vanguard108B Tier
Frostleaf iconFrostleaf★4Guard167C Tier
Myrrh iconMyrrh★4Medic168B Tier
Gummy iconGummy★4Defender168B Tier
Matterhorn iconMatterhorn★4Defender178B Tier
Shirayuki iconShirayuki★4Sniper238B Tier
Gitano iconGitano★4Caster298B Tier
Haze iconHaze★4Caster177C Tier
Cuora iconCuora★4Defender178B Tier
Deepcolor iconDeepcolor★4Supporter87C Tier
Perfumer iconPerfumer★4Medic148B Tier
Earthspirit iconEarthspirit★4Supporter127C Tier
Gravel iconGravel★4Specialist65- Tier
Rope iconRope★4Specialist105- Tier
Meteor iconMeteor★4Sniper107C Tier
Mousse iconMousse★4Guard188B Tier
Jessica iconJessica★4Sniper107C Tier
Matoimaru iconMatoimaru★4Guard158B Tier
Estelle iconEstelle★4Guard187C Tier
Gavial iconGavial★4Medic168B Tier
Courier iconCourier★4Vanguard108B Tier
Beehunter iconBeehunter★4Guard77C Tier
Greyy iconGreyy★4Caster297C Tier
Myrtle iconMyrtle★4Vanguard8maxS Tier
Sussuro iconSussuro★4Medic168B Tier
Jaye iconJaye★4Specialist58B Tier
Utage iconUtage★4Guard9A Tier
Podenco iconPodenco★4Supporter8B Tier
Ambriel iconAmbriel★4Sniper7C Tier
Cutter iconCutter★4Guard7C Tier
Dur-nar iconDur-nar★4Defender8B Tier
Ethan iconEthan★4Specialist9A Tier
Vermeil iconVermeil★4Sniper7C Tier
May iconMay★4Sniper7C Tier
Click iconClick★4Caster7C Tier
Cardigan iconCardigan★3Defender167C Tier
Steward iconSteward★3Caster167C Tier
Ansel iconAnsel★3Medic157C Tier
Melantha iconMelantha★3Guard138B Tier
Beagle iconBeagle★3Defender167C Tier
Kroos iconKroos★3Sniper97C Tier
Lava iconLava★3Caster276D Tier
Hibiscus iconHibiscus★3Medic157C Tier
Fang iconFang★3Vanguard97C Tier
Vanilla iconVanilla★3Vanguard97C Tier
Orchid iconOrchid★3Supporter105- Tier
Plume iconPlume★3Vanguard87C Tier
Adnachiel iconAdnachiel★3Sniper96D Tier
Catapult iconCatapult★3Sniper216D Tier
Midnight iconMidnight★3Guard147C Tier
Spot iconSpot★3Defender156D Tier
Popukar iconPopukar★3Guard176D Tier
12F icon12F★2Caster246D Tier
Rangers iconRangers★2Sniper76D Tier
Durin iconDurin★2Caster126D Tier
Yato iconYato★2Vanguard77C Tier
Noir Corne iconNoir Corne★2Defender146D Tier
Castle-3 iconCastle-3★1Guard5- Tier
Lancet-2 iconLancet-2★1Medic35- Tier
THRM-EX iconTHRM-EX★1Specialist35- Tier

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