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Find out all you need to know to do a fast reroll in Arknights. Learn how to reroll your characters, best Operator to aim for in Tier List and more!!!

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Best Reroll Tier List

S Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
ExusiaiExusiai★6 / Cost: 12 / Sniper
・Available in Newbie gacha
・Highly versatile
・Can attack flying units
・Long attack range
・Can buff damage with skill
SilverAshSilverAsh★6 / Cost: 18 / Guard
・Available in Newbie gacha
・Also have ranged attacks
・Skill allows AoE attack
・ Can buff DEF & self heal
SiegeSiege★6 / Cost: 12 / Vanguard
・Available in Newbie gacha
・Excels in Cost recovery
・Can also serve as attacker
EyjafjallaEyjafjalla★6 / Cost: 19 / Caster
・All attack deals magic damage
・Buffs all Caster damage
・Has AoE Attack
・Can self-buff & multi-target attack

A Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
ChCh'en★6 / Cost: 19 / Guard
・Available in Ch'en Banner
・Normal attack strikes twice
・Learns stun skill
・Learn art attack skill
HoshigumaHoshiguma★6 / Cost: 19 / Defender
・Available in Newbie gacha
・Highly durable tank
・Can block up to 3 targets
・Buffs ATK & DEF with skill
SariaSaria★6 / Cost: 18 / Defender
・Tank that can also heal allies
・ATK and DEF buffed over time
・Buffs magic damage dealt to enemies

B Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
AngelinaAngelina★6 / Cost: 14 / Supporter
・Available in Newbie gacha
・Can debuff enemy SPD, buff unit's ATK & AoE attack
ShiningShining★6 / Cost: 18 / Medic
・Available in Newbie gacha
・ Can heal single target
・Buff team's DEF with skill
・Can cast shield on allies
NightingaleNightingale★6 / Cost: 16 / Medic
・Can heal multiple allies at once
・Can buff magic DEF on self
・Can summon decoy
IfritIfrit★6 / Cost: 31 / Caster
・High damage AoE attacker
・Can attack multiple targets at once
・Can debuff enemy DEF with skill
・Only downside is its high cost

How Do You Reroll in Arknights?

How Do You Reroll In Arknights

Reroll Procedure

  • 1. Begin the game as you normally would, and sign in as guest
  • 2. Play through the two tutorial battles
  • 3. Once you reach the battle after your first single summon, open the settings in the top left corner of your screen to leave
  • 4. Claim only the 3800 gems in your inbox
  • 5. Roll on the 6 star banner
  • 6. Go to your settings, then navigate to account. Choose Bind to Yostar account
  • 7. Enter a Gmail +[number] Account
  • 8. Once the account is binded, logout from the account settings screen
  • 9. When in the home screen, select Account Management, then select Guest

Credits for this rerolling process goes to user Marqo_M in the Arknights Reddit page. To learn more about this process, you can click on the link here.!!!

7. Enter a Gmail Address + Number

It is recommended to add a +[number] when entering your gmail account. For example: instead of entering, you would instead enter,, & so on. This will create another account, but will still send the verification code to your original gmail account.

Check Out the iOS Reroll Error Here!

Cache Clear for Maximum Efficiency

Clear Cache

During the loading sequence after you reboot the game, there is a hard-to-spot "Clear Cache" button on the upper left hand corner of the screen. Tapping this allows you to clear your device of the game's cache, allowing you to start the game fresh without the need to reinstall your application.

[UPDATE Jan 17th] Cache Clearing Issue Found on iOS Devices

There seems to be an issue where the cache cannot be properly deleted upon clean reinstallation of the client for the global build of Arknights, & therefore not allowing players to properly reroll their first cache.

Things to Remember when Rerolling

Required Materials for Rerolling

Required Originium6560
Headhunter Tickets3
Pulls/Draw21 times
Required Time~15 Minutes

Operator Gacha Drop Rate

OperatorDrop Rate
6 Stars2%
5 Stars8%
4 Stars50%
3 Stars40%
Check Out the Gacha Guide & Drop Rate Here

6 Stars Guaranteed in First Exclusive Headhunting Banner

Exclusive Headhunter Gacha

For the first 10-Operator Pull in the Exclusive Headhunting Gacha, it's guaranteed that you will get a 6 star character. Keep rerolling here until you get the 6 star Operator you want.

Use Banners When Aiming For Specific Ops

Shining Gacha

Banners consume 6000 Orundum for 10 Pulls. It can be a bit high, but if you're aiming for specific characters, these banner events are the way to go. Banners can also give you ★6 Ops that are not included in the Startdash Headhunter banner. If you're looking to reroll, take advantage of current Banner events.

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Must-Have Operators

You Can Get 6 Stars With Tutorial Gacha

6 Star Tutorial Gacha

You can get a 6 Stars character in the tutorial Gacha. However, this takes a lot of time. Only do this if you have the patience for it.

Characters Available Tutorial Pools Are Limited

The available characters in the tutorial gacha is limited compared to the other paid gacha pulls. These do not, however, mean that the available Operators are weaker than that available in the regular package.

When to Stop Rerolling

Get More than 1 6-Star Operator

6-Star Operators are some of the strongest Operators in the game. Having at least two of them will allow you to advance through the story much easier.

Check Out the Operator Team Guide Here

6 Star with 5 Star Characters

6 Star & 5 Star Operators

Combing the strength of 6-star and 5-star Operators will also help you advance through the game. Some 5-stars are as powerful as 6-stars so keep an eye out for them.

Check Out All Operators Here

Not Recommended to Reroll Too Much

Arknights puts more focus in training your characters. It's better to start training the ones you have & gathering materials to keep rerolling for better characters.

Check Out the Early Game Guide Here

What Are Rerolls?

Reinstalling the Game To Acquire The Best Operator Drops

Rerolls refer to the method of getting the best drop possible from the in-game lottery or Gachas (often available during the tutorial). This procedure can be easily repeated by uninstalling and reinstalling the game from your device numerous times.

Successful Reroll Allows Solid Foothold in Early Game

By successfully acquiring the rare Operator from your initial gacha roll, you will, more or less be able to start off your initial gameplay with a powerful unit at your disposal, making your later runs much more fast and smooth.

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