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Classes - Types & Units

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Learn all about the classes in Arknights with this guide. This includes the Unit classes, their uses, strengths, recommendations, weaknesses & counters, and more!!!

Table of Contents

What are Classes?

All Classes & Units List


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What are Classes?

Determines Unit Playstyles

Although all units each have their own skills that makes them unique, they all fall into classes that determines their general play style. Basically, classes determine their in-game roles so it is best to get a diverse team of multiple classes.

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Different Costs per Unit/Class

Classes also differ on their general deployment costs. There are classes that are cheaper to deploy & there are some that are more expensive. Though most units have different deployment costs.

Vanguard Class - Units & Role

Vanguard Class - Units & Role

Best to be Deployed First

Deploy Vanguards early in battle to earn money. They are cheap to deploy and will help you save costs to deploy other classes. Vanguards with high attack and defense are ideal to stop invasions early in the game.

Vanguard Class Units

SiegeSiege (★6)TexasTexas (★5)ZimaZima (★5)
VignaVigna (★4)ScavengerScavenger (★4)CourierCourier (★4)
FangFang (★3)VanillaVanilla (★3)PlumePlume (★3)
YatoYato (★2)--
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Sniper Class - Units & Role

Sniper Class - Units & Role

Long-Range Physical Attackers

Snipers are a long-range physical attack class that can be deployed at low cost. Their strenght lies in being able to attack outside of an enemy's range. Since they can counter flying enemies easily, they're great at the start to middle of a fight.

Sniper Class Unit

ExusiaiExusiai (★6)MeteoriteMeteorite (★5)FirewatchFirewatch (★5)
Blue PoisonBlue Poison (★5)ProvenceProvence (★5)PlatinumPlatinum (★5)
ShiraYukiShiraYuki (★4)MeteorMeteor (★4)JessicaJessica (★4)
KroosKroos (★3)AdnachielAdnachiel (★3)RangersRangers (★2)
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Guard Class - Units & Roles

Guard Class - Units & Roles

High HP & Attack Power Units

Guards are attackers with high health and attack power. They play a vital role in invading and defending since they can easily cut off enemies in short distances.

Guard Class Units

Silver AshSilver Ash (★6)FrankaFranka (★5)SpecterSpecte (★5)
LapplandLappland (★5)SavageSavage (★5)IndraIndra (★5)
DobermannDobermann (★4)FrostleafFrostleaf (★4)MousseMousse (★4)
MatoimaruMatoimaru (★4)EstelleEstelle (★4)MelanthaMelantha (★3)
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Caster Class - Units & Role

Caster Class - Units & Role

Long-Range Magic Users

Casters are able to attack enemies at long-range using magic. They have a high cost to deploy, but this is worth it since their attacks ignores enemy armor!

Caster Class Units

IfritIfrit (★6)EyjafjallaEyjafjalla (★6)AmiyaAmiya (★5)
SkyfireSkyfire (★5)GitanoGitano (★4)HazeHaze (★4)
StewardSteward (★3)LavaLava (★3)12F12F (★3)
DurinDurin (★2)--
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Defender Class - Units & Role

Defender Class - Units & Role

Defensive Tanks

Defenders are capable of stopping enemy invasion due to their high health and defense. They can be employed to stop enemies or protect the defense areas.

Defender Class Units

HoshigumaHoshiguma (★6)SariaSaria (★6)NearlNearl (★5)
CroissantCroissant (★5)LiskarmLiskarm (★5)VulcanVulcan (★5)
GumGum (★4)MatterhornMatterhorn (★4)CuoraCuora (★4)
BeagleBeagle (★3)Noir CorneNoir Corne (★2)-
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Medic Class - Units & Role

Medic Class - Units & Role

The Healers Class

Medics have the ability to restore the health of their allies. Having a healer is required to sustain the health of Guards and Defenders. However, healers do not have attack abilities.

Medic Class Units

ShiningShining (★6)NightingaleNightingale (★6)PtilopsisPtilopsis (★5)
SilenceSilence (★5)WarfarinWarfarin (★5)MyrrhMyrrh (★4)
PerfumerPerfumer (★4)GavialGavial (★4)AnselAnsel (★3)
HibiscusHibiscus (★3)Lancet-2Lancet-2-
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Specialist Class - Units & Role

Specialist Class - Units & Role

Unique Abilities per Character

Units falling under the Specialists class have abilities that do not fall into other classes. They can push enemy back or bring them in. They also have low cost to deploy.

Specialist Class Units

Projekt RedProjekt Red (★5)FEaterFEater (★5)CliffheartCliffheart (★5)
ManticoreManticore (★5)ShawShaw (★4)GravelGravel (★4)
RopeRope (★4)--
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Support Class - Units & Role

Support Class - Units & Role

Provides Buffs to Allies

Supports have the ability to provide buffs that will benefit their allies. Their main role is to block enemies and strengthen allies.

Support Class Units

AngelinaAngelina (★6)PramanixPramanix (★5)IstinaIstina (★5)
SoraSora (★5)MayerMayer (★5)DeepcolorDeepcolor (★4)
EarthspiritEarthspirit (★4)OrchidOrchid (★3)
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