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Rhodes Island Base & Buildings Guide
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Rhodes Island Base & Buildings Guide

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Check out this Arknights guide to learn more about the base and its buildings! Find out about the uses of each room and facility, infrastructure, & more!!!

Base Rooms & Facilities

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Base Facility Build Priority

Control CenterControl CenterMax Lv.5
Deepens trust with Operators. More areas can be built depending on Control Center level.
Power PlantPower PlantMax Lv.3
Provides power for the rest of the facilities
WorkshopWorkshopMax Lv.5
Creates materials needed for Base Construction
Reception RoomReception RoomMax Lv.3
Maximum number of allies is increased. Place to search for clues.
FactoryFactoryMax Lv.3
Used to bond with characters.
Trading PostTrading PostMax Lv.3
Creates XP items for leveling up and Pure Gold & other materials for the Trade Post
DormitoryDormitoryMax Lv.5
Helps recover Operators' morale.
Training RoomTraining RoomMax Lv.3
Raise Operator's skill to Level 8 and above
OfficeOfficeMax Lv.3
Allows for refreshing tags during Open Recruitment

Control Center Room Uses

Control Center

The Control Center is the foundation of your base. By upgrading the Control Center, you will be able to expand your base by building new rooms.

Check Out the Control Center Here

Provide Benefits to Other Rooms

Operators have individual skills that benefit the whole base. Depending on your Operator, various benefits will be given to other rooms in your base, including slower depletion of morale, & better production efficiency just to name a few!

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Check Production Reports

The Control Center will also allow you to check how efficiently your base is running. You will be able to check these reports by clicking on the base assistant button from the menu. This will help you see which aspects of your base are running well, & others which you will need to manage.

Dormitory Room Uses

Dormitory Room Uses

The Dormitory is where you will send your Operators to rest in order to recover lost morale, which is an important element to keep your base running smoothly! If an Operator has no morale left, they will become distracted, making your base less efficient at completing tasks!

Check Out the Dormitory Here

Increase Morale Regeneration Using Ambience

Decorating the dormitories with furniture & themes will increase the overall ambience of the room. The higher the Ambience, the faster your Operators recover morale! You can purchase decor by paying a visit to the Fashion Store from the room's menu!

Check Ambience In Decoration Mode

You will be able to check the room's overall ambience by going to decoration mode, & clicking on the top right ! icon. This will give you a summary of the room's ambience, allowing you to manage the room's decor, and more!

More Pieces In a Set Gives Ambience Bonus

Having a complete set of furniture will give the Dorm a boost to ambience. This may mean that your Operators will recover morale faster!

Power Plant Room Uses

Power Plant Room Uses

The Power Plant is an important facility as it routes power to other rooms in your base. Having enough Power Plants is key to keeping your base running efficiently and smoothly!

Check Out The Power Plant Here!

Provides Drones For Base Expansion

The Power Plant is also responsible for providing Drones that assist in the base's expansion. These include the creation of new rooms, or upgrading existing rooms!

Check Out How to Get Drones Here

Assign Operators to Increase Production

It is recommended to assign an Operator in this room with a bonus to Power Plants as this will benefit the base's expansion efforts. Faster drone production will allow you to build your base faster!

Factory Room Uses

Factory Room Uses

The Factory allows you to produce a variety of materials that will help in your progression through the game. These include Battle Records, Precious Metals, Chips, & even Originium Materials!

Check Out the Factory Guide Here

List of Items Produced In Factory

Battle RecordsUsed to level up your character
Precious MetalsCan be traded for Lungmen Coins in the Trading Post
ChipsUsed for Elite Promotion of characters
Originium MaterialCan be traded for Orundum in the Trading Post

Make Sure To Collect Your Produce

Keep in mind that the Factory will only be able to produce a maximum of 99 pieces! Once production reaches 99, it will not be able to produce any more materials. Make sure to check your Factory regularly to collect your produce in order to keep the Factory running!

Trading Post Room Uses

Trading Post Room Uses

The Trading Post allows you to trade the materials that you produce in the factory for more precious items. You can trade precious metals for Longmun Dollars & Originium Materials for Orundum!

Check Out the Trading Post Here!

Not Recommended to Get Orundum

It is recommended to prioritize Longmun Dollars instead of Orundum since the costs of trading for Orundum outweigh the benefits. Aside from Originium, it will cost you sanity as well, which will halt operations if you do not have enough!

Reception Room Uses

Reception Room

Reception Rooms will allow you to earn Friend Credits by completing certain actions. These Friend Credits can be used to purchase different items at the shop. You can also use these credits to purchase Operators!

Check Out the Reception Room Here!

How to Get Friend Credits

  • Finding Clues
  • Receiving Clues
  • Sending Clues
  • Hosting a Party
  • Attending a Party a friend is hosting

Host a Party After Finding 7 Clues

Keep in mind that you will only be able to hold investigation parties once you find 7 clues. You can speed up the search for clues by assigning an Operator that gives that benefit to this room!

Add Friends Based On Room Level

You will be able to add friends based on the level of the Reception Room. If you want to add lots of friends, consider upgrading this room ASAP!

Workshop Room Uses


The Workshop is used to create items that will be useful for your base, and upgrading materials into their rarer forms!

Check Out the Workshop Here!

What Can You Do In the Workshop

  • Create Materials For Base Upgrades
  • Upgrade Materials into Rarer Forms
  • Convert Skill Summaries into Better Versions
  • Exchange Chips For Better Version
  • Breakdown Unwanted Furniture

Upgrades Are Permanent

Keep in mind that upgrades are permanent. You will not be able to restore a piece of Furniture, you will not be able to revert Skill Summaries to their more basic forms, etc. Think hard before using the Workshop for conversions!

Choosing Operators For the Workshop

When assigning characters to the Workshop, make sure to choose an Operator with a skill that corresponds to the material you are making. This increases the Byproduct Rate in the workshop, which means that you will get more bonus items when creating materials!

Office Room Uses

The Office or Human Resources will allow you to recruit more Operators, further increasing the number of Operators you have. You can do this by using Tags. Each Operator will have different Tags assigned to them. Once the Office finds an Operator with a Tag you are looking for, you can then hire them.

Check Out the Office Guide Here

Upgrade Facility To Recruit Operators Faster

By upgrading the Office, you will unlock more slots. You can assign new tags to these slots to further increase your Operator acquisition rate!

Check Out How To Get Operators Here!

Assign Operators to Refresh Tags

Assign an Operator in the Office to allow you to earn refreshes. These refreshes will allow you to reset the tags once you've hired the Operator you're looking for!

Training Room Uses

The Training Room is used mainly to further train an Elite 2 Operator's skills & upgrade them into Mastery. The level of Mastery is dependent on the Training Room's level.

Check Out the Training Room Guide Here

Mastery Stage Dictated By Room Level

Keep in mind that the level of the room will dictate how much training your Operator can do. If you want to fully master a skill, consider fully upgrading this room!

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What is the Base?

Player Hub With Various Facilities

Player Hub With Various Facilities

Your Base is a hub which features multiple rooms where you can assign your Operators. These rooms will each have different uses, and will provide you with several bonuses that can help you upgrade Operators, expand the base, and more!

Assign Operators To Different Rooms

Assign Operators to Different Rooms

You will be able to assign Operators to man the different rooms of the base. These Operators will allow for faster production of materials, better energy management, faster morale regeneration, and more!

Assign Operators With Bonuses For Certain Rooms

Keep in mind that Operators will also give out bonuses when assigned to a specific room. Remember to check whether an Operator will give benefits to the room before assigning them there!

Assign Assistants to Gain Trust

You can assign more than one Operator for certain rooms. However, they will not contribute to the room's production. Instead, Operators assigned in a room will gain Trust daily.

List of Rooms & Priorities

Control Center[Max Lvl: 5]
Priority: ★★★★★
Increases trust between Operators, allows for base expansion
Power Plant[Max Lvl: 3]
Priority: ★★★★★
Supplies power to the other rooms in the base
Workshop[Max Lvl: 3]
Priority: ★★★★・
Allows you to create materials for base expansion
Office[Max Lvl: 3]
Priority: ★★★・・
Helps you recruit more Operators
Trading Post[Max Lvl: 3]
Priority: ★★・・・
Allows you to exchange items you have for in-game currency
Factory[Max Lvl: 3]
Priority: ★★・・・
Lets you make materials such as Battle Records and Precious Metals
Dormitory[Max Lvl: 3]
Priority: ★★・・・
Gives your Operators a chance to recover morale
Training RoomTBD

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