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Anonymous 3215

[User Name:] nyny#5462
[Comments:] add me~

Anonymous 3214

[User Name:] fknsyd#04415913

Anonymous 3213

[User Name:] uwubomber#6883
[Comments:] e2 bagpipe, e2 m3 silverash, e2 m3 thorns, e2 mudrock, e2 m3 ash, e2 m3 saria, e2 eyja, e2 m3 surtr, e2 m3 ch'en the holungday, e2 m3 W

Anonymous 3212

[User Name:] sai#9544
[Comments:] clue exchange

Anonymous 3211

[User Name:] Meta#0625
[Comments:] Clue Exchange
Veteran player getting back into this game and need friends for clue exchange

Anonymous 3210

[User Name:] MrBloo#5116
[Comments:] clue exchange

Anonymous 3209

[User Name:] Kritus#9921
[Comments:] Looking for clue exchange

Anonymous 3208

[User Name:] R93KN#4335
[Comments:] I Need Ifrit LV60 S2M3 For Annihilation South Prison, and Active player for clue
3 day off unfriend My Support:
Chenalter LV60 S3M3
Horn LV30 S3M2

Anonymous 3207

[User Name:] Rukito#7053
[Comments:] i need goldenglow S2M3 for afk strat, i've seen enough S3

Anonymous 3206

[User Name:] Templar#6617
[Comments:] Looking active friends for clue exchange.

Anonymous 3205


Anonymous 3204

[User Name:] Seiza#0527
[ID:] 14127954
[Comments:] hello new player here, needs friends for clues :).
Thank you please add me i'm alwys online.

Anonymous 3203

[User Name:] vixyn#3645
[Comments:] new player, need friends for clue exchange

Anonymous 3202

[User Name:] Faishal#3832
[Comments:] Need friends for clue exchange

Anonymous 3201

[User Name:] Themeko#9495
[Comments:] I need friends :c

Anonymous 3200

[User Name:] Slyhereos#1331
[ID:] <Use User Name Instead>
Looks like my add friends feature is broken. I've been adding 20+ player that SIGN online TODAY, but none of them seems accepting the request I send :<
Help... I need friends, I loved bocchi(aka. Hitori Goto) but It's to lonely to play this game even with my waifus.
Add me and Share your Waifu my Friends :>

Anonymous 3199

[User Name:] Rorora#1689
[ID:] 00616033
[Comments:] Looking for friends

Anonymous 3198

[User Name:] bonlnwrock#79152413
[Comments:] Clue exchange

Anonymous 3197

[User Name:] Lich#6753
[Comments:] lvl120, maxed out Projekt Red, Thorns, Surtr

Anonymous 3196

[User Name:] Flarenix#4235
[ID:] 74648948
[Comments:] New player!! Need friends for missions.

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