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Differences Between Claire Vs. Leon: Who To Play First

RE2 | Differences Between Claire Vs. Leon: Who To Play First | Resident Evil 2 Remake

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RE2 | Differences Between Claire Vs. Leon: Who To Play First | Resident Evil 2 Remake - GameWith
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Find out the differences between Claire & Leon in this Resident Evil 2 (RE2) guide! Know their weapons, advantages, partner characters, who to play first, and more!

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Who Should I Play First?

Play As Leon First To Get Access To More Guns

Features of Leon Side

Leon is a police officer and will have access to a variety of guns - a handgun, shotgun, a Magnum, and eventually a Rocket Launcher. If you like bullets & firepower, choose Leon.

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Play As Claire First For Unconventional Weapons

Difference Between Claire Side

Claire is able to pick up unique weapons in this game such as the Grenade Launcher and the Mini-Gun. Powerful and capable of one-shot killing enemies, choose Claire if you want an unconventional way of killing zombies.

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Complete One Character's Story For True Ending

You need to just complete Side A & Side B of one character in order to get the true ending. So you can choose whichever character you want to play first.

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Difference In Weapons

Leon & Claire Have Different Weapon Models

Resident Evil 2 Difference Between Claire Vs. Leon

Leon and Claire will be able to find and equip different sets of weapons in the Resident Evil 2 remake. They both get handguns but in different models. Leon will have access to typical weapons while Claire gets unconventional ones.

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Both Get Access To Combat Knife

How to Get the Combat Knife - Techniques & Guide

The only shared weapon that Leon and Claire have is the Combat Knife. This is received when you first talk to Marvin. You can also get an infinite number of knives when you shoot all 15 Mr. Raccoon dolls throughout the city.

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Leon's Weapon List

How To Get
Gas Station after event movie
How to Get the Shotgun - Guide & LocationW-870
Safe Deposit (Police Station 1F)
How To Get Magnum - Guide & LocationLightning Hawk
Armory (Police Station 2F)
Chemical FlamethrowerChemical Flamethrower
Material Storage (Sewer)
(High-caliber Handgun)
Guard Room (Police Station B1F) 2nd Run Playthrough Only
Anti-Tank Rocket LauncherAnti-Tank Rocket
(Rocket Launcher)
Super Tyrant Boss Fight after damaging the boss a certain amount.

Claire's Weapon List

How To Get
Gas Station after event movie
(Grenade Launcher)
Safe Deposit (Police Station 1F)
Resident Evil 2 </td><td> RE2 How to Get the SMG - Guide & LocationMQ11
(Sub Machine Gun)
Armory (Police Station 2F)
Parking Garage(Police Station B1F)
Quickdraw ArmyQuickdraw Army
(High-caliber Handgun)
Guard Room (Police Station B1F) 2nd Run Playthrough Only
How to Get the Minigun - Guide & LocationMinigunFinal Boss Fight (Laboratory)
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Different Partner Characters

Play As Different Characters In Leon & Claire's Stories

Resident Evil 2 Leon Story Walkthrough Pt.4: Sewers ~ Disposal Plant

During some point in the story walkthrough, you get to play as different characters, depending on whether you chose to play as Claire or Leon.

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Encounter Same Characters But Interact Differently

Claire and Leon mostly have different characters in their playthrough but even if they do meet the same character, their interactions and reactions will be very different from each other.

Play As Ada With Leon's Story

Resident Evil 2 Leon Story Walkthrough Pt.4: Sewers ~ Disposal Plant

In Leon's story, he encounters and works with the mysterious Ada Wong. In Pt. 4, you will be able to play as Ada and your objective is to get through the Sewers into the Disposal Plant.

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Play As Sherry In Claire's Story

Claire Story Walkthrough Pt.4: Play As Sherry

In Pt. 4 of Claire's story, you get to play as Sherry - the little girl who has mysteriously survived the calamity in Raccoon City. As Sherry, you need to solve puzzles to escape the Chief's grasp.

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Different Story Objectives & Paths

One Story, Different Perspectives & Objectives

Leon and Claire's story is basically the same. The main difference is that the perspectives are changed and their objectives to get to their goal is also unique to them.

Certain Areas Can Only Be Accessed By Claire/Leon

Depending on which part of the story you're in, there are some areas that can only be accessed by Claire or Leon. These areas depend on either one's objective and current item inventory.

Leon Is Assigned To Raccoon City Police Department

Leon Part A / B Walkthrough List

Leon is just a police officer that happens to have been assigned to the Raccoon City Police Department. He arrives in the city just as the outbreak is at its worst. His main objective is to survive in order to stop the virus from spreading.

Claire Goes To Raccoon City To Find Her Brother

Claire Part A / B Walkthrough List

Claire's main mission in Raccoon City is to find her missing brother, Chris Redfield. She encounters Sherry Berkings, aiming to protect & save her while escaping the zombie outbreak.

Separate Final Bosses

Leon & Claire Face Different Final Bosses

At the end of their stories, Claire & Leon will each face final boss that are different from each other. Leon will have to fight against Super Tyrant and Claire combats the mutated latter form of G.

Leon Vs. Super Tyrant

Resident Evil 2 Leon Story Walkthrough Pt.6: Laboratory ~ Game Ending

The Tyrant is a scary man-monster that stalks you throughout the story. Leon faces his Super Tyrant form at the end of the game & must kill him in order to survive.

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Claire Vs. G

Resident Evil 2 Claire Story Walkthrough Pt.6: Laboratory ~ Game Ending

Claire has to face the latter mutated forms of G as her final boss in Resident Evil 2. She must take him down in order for her and Sherry to escape.

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