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RE2 | Tofu Survivor Mode - How to Unlock & Walkthrough | Resident Evil 2 Remake

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Read this Resident Evil 2 guide to learn everything you need to know about The Tofu Survivor mode, how to unlock it, the mode's overview & more!

Resident Evil 2 Tofu Survivor Mode

Resident Evil 2 - Game Mode

Table of Contents

What is The Tofu Survivor? - Apperance

Play as a Literal Tofu

Resident Evil 2 Tofu Survivor Mode Close Up

The Tofu Survivor is a parody of The 4th Survivor, but this time, you play as a huge chunk of Tofu with S.T.A.R.S. beret (which somehow speaks high-pitched Japanese in Osaka-accent).

Designed For Players Wanting More Challenge

Though a joke mission, the Tofu Survivor mode is one of the hardest missions in the game. You're only given a few combat knives, and a couple of herbs. As with the 4th Survivor, there are no item pick-ups as well. Knowing when to use the counter attack will be the key to completing this mode.

Beat The Challenge for Bragging Rights

The Tofu Survivor gives players another chance to show off their survival skills. Challenge yourself to get the best completion time!

How Do You Unlock The Tofu Survivor Mode?

Complete 4th Survivor Mode to Unlock Tofu Survivor

4th Survivor Hunk

In order for you to unlock the Tofu Survivor mode, you will need to complete the 4th Survivor mode to unlock this mode. The time required to complete the 4th Survivor mode is not an element in unlocking this mode.

Check How To Unlock Tofu Survivor Mode

Complete Side A / B of Main Story to Unlock 4th Survivor

Leon and Claire

In order to unlock the 4th Survivor mode, players are required to finish 1st and 2nd playthrough of the main story (Side A & Side B) with Leon and Claire.

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The Tofu Survivor Gameplay Overview

The Tofu Survivor Game Objective

Resident Evil 2 Tofu Survivor Mode Character

The game plays out exactly like The 4th Survivor only that you control a Tofu with much less items. Your objective is to evacuate from Raccoon City as fast as possible with the sample of the G-Virus intact.

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Survive With a Very Limited Loadout

In this mode, The Tofu will start off with a very bare loadout composed of just combat knives and four herbs. As with 4th Survivor, you will not be able to pick-up any more items during the game.

Item / WeaponDescription
Combat KnifeStandard Military issue knife. Can be used to slash enemies up close, or escape zombie attacks. Qty. 16
Green Herb A standard recovery item. Consume to heal a small amount of health. Qty. 1
Red HerbCannot be used on its own. Combined with Green Herb to restore full health.
Qty. 2
Blue HerbCan be used to cure poison status, but should be combined with other herbs first to enable use. Qty. 1

Start ~ Sewers

The Tofu Survivor - Sewers Walkthrough Chart

1You will start off from the sewers. Go straight and slide down
2Continue straight and run past the zombies in front of you. Remember to conserve your Knives and Health.
3After the 3 Zombies, continue straight and turn right. Let the zombie blocking the path grab you and use your knife to escape.
4Vault up the path and continue on until you reach a ladder.
5At the room on top of the ladder, turn right to a small shaft where you can drop down to. You can safely run past the dogs.
6Upon dropping down, immediately turn left towards the door with the fire extinguisher and ignore the zombies in this room.
7Use the Knife on the female Zombie blocking the bridge. Run past the dogs and the zombie on the bridge.
8Turn right immediately after crossing the bridge and head towards the exit.
9Run down the stairs. A crawling zombie will be at the left at the end of the stairs.
10Continue to the path on the left. Multiple zombies will be here so try to run past the ones that are about to stand.
11After passing the zombies, turn left towards the bridge.
12Turn left past the bridge and go up the stairs, and go down the sewer path.
13There will be two G-Adult monsters here, one is hidden. Stick to the right side wall.
14Continue on the path and vault up towards the stairs. At the end of the stairs, turn right towards the room.
15Inside the room, there will be an elevator leading up to the Underground Facility behind a taped up locker.
16Go up towards the Underground Facility.

2. How to run past zombies and save on knives

Given the limited number of knives, you need to know the right timing of when to use them best. You can safely run past zombies when its back is turned on you or they're just about to stand up.

Tofu Survivor Guide Run Past Zombies

3. Use knives when a zombie is facing you and blocks the path

Tofu Survivor Guide Knife Zombies

If a zombie is directly facing you and blocking your path, let the zombie grab you and use the knife when prompted.

5. How to locate the shaft

Tofu Survivor Guide shaft control room

It's to the right side corner of the room from the entry.

10. Run towards the zombie that's blocking the bridge

Tofu Survivor Guide Knife Zombies

Let this zombie grab you and use the knife when prompted so you can clear your path.

13. Let yourself be grabbed by G Monster on the right

Tofu Survivor Guide Knife G Monster

Run towards the G monster on the right and let it grab you. Use a knife when prompted to make an easy escape.

16. Prepare before going to the underground facility

We recommend combining your herbs before proceeding further. We recommend crafting a Red + Green herb and a Blue + Red Herb. You'll use the Red + Green to heal full health, while the Blue + Red herb should be used much later to increase your defense.

Underground Facility

The Tofu Survivor - Underground Facility Walkthrough Chart

1From the elevator, run up the stairs. There will be multiple zombies in the room ahead.
2Run past the zombies and into the stairs to the left side of the room from the elevator.
3After the first flight of stairs, go straight towards the steel walkway where you first encountered Birkin
4There will be a Licker going towards you. Run past it by hugging the wall to the left.
5At the end of the walkway, turn rig ht. Run past the zombie towards the room.
6Continue straight. A zombie will block the exit, which you can safely run past from then head towards the stairs
7In the room at the end of the stairs, run past the zombie beside the door.
8Continue towards the steel walkway with yellow railings and head on towards the room.
9There will be multiple zombies and a dog in this room so watch out. Escape and run past them towards the ladder to the left.
10Climb the ladder towards the Parking Lot, and run towards the green lit door.
11After exiting the parking lot, run past the zombie and head towards the north east exit. Watch out for the Licker.
12Run towards the exit and up the stairs to RPD.

1. How to escape the zombies in this room

Tofu Survivor Guide

Cut through the center of the room and go straight for the stairs. The zombies here are just about to stand so you have enough time to run past them. You may have to use a knife at the zombie near the stairs.

10. Run towards the green lit door but beware of the zombies

Tofu Survivor Guide

The door is located towards the north east at the corner. Hug the right side path to deal with the least number of zombies. Be careful of the two zombies directly blocking the path.

11. Quickly escape from the Licker

Tofu Survivor Guide

Watch out for the Licker hanging from the ceiling. Use the knife when it grabs you.

Racoon Police Department ~ Escape

The Tofu Survivor - RPD Walkthrough Chart

1Head towards the hallway to the right. Watch out for the Tyrant blocking the path and run past it.
2Run towards the Watchman's Room, exit the room and quickly make your way to the East Office.
3Take the right side path in the East Office and use the knife to escape. Exit towards the other end of the room.
4Upon exiting the East Office, turn left and head for the Main Hall.
5Head towards the West Office through the Spade Door.
6Continue through the West Office and disable the zombie blocking the right side path. Exit towards the West Hallway.
7Head towards the stairs at the end of the hall to the right near the Dark Room. Beware of the Licker and just run from it.
8Head up towards the 2F West Hall.
9Head towards the 2F Shower Room and continue towards the exit at the end of the room.
10Continue towards the Hallway and let yourself be grabbed by the Plant type zombie on the right.
11Run towards the Lounge and exit to the Library.
12Exit the library towards the main hall through the Spade Door.
13Run past the 2F Main Hall and into the 2F Waiting Room at the eastern side of the hall.
14Exit the Spade Door towards the 2F East Hallway. Watch out for Zombies trying to break in.
15Continue through the hallway and into the stairs. Run past the Licker by hugging the right side wall.
16Climb up the stairs and watch out for the zombie at the end blocking the path.
17Head towards the exit towards the Balcony. Run past the G monster in the Balcony and head down the ladder.
18Run past the two Lickers and head towards the door to the right from the ladder leading to the 2F East Hallway.
19Continue straight through the hallway and head towards the fire escape.
20Run down the stairs and go through the wire fence door towards the RPD Courtyard.
21Run past the zombies towards the other end of the courtyard through the stairs.
22Turn left at the other end of the stairs and head towards the RPD entrance.
23Exit towards the gate at the right side.

1. Beware of the Tyrant

Tofu Survivor Guide

From this point on, you will now be stalked by the Tyrant so always watch out. It will stagger when it hits you so you can make a quick escape after that. Now is a good time to heal up or use your Red + Blue Herb.

3. Take the right side path in the East Office

Tofu Survivor Guide
Taking this path will narrow your encounter to just one zombie. One will have its back turned on you which you can safely run from, but be careful of the one near the door as it may quickly turn and grab you.

4. Paths are now blocked in the Main Hall

The stairs in the Main Hall are now blocked and you have to circle around quite a bit more.

8. Dealing with the Tyrant and The Zombies at the 2F Hall

Tofu Survivor Guide

If you let the Tyrant closely stalk and follow you at the 1F, he will not appear at the 2nd Floor West Hallway. Also, if you climb slowly enough, one of the zombies may fall over the railing.

11. Two zombies will block the door to the Library

Tofu Survivor Guide

Be careful of the two zombies that will try to break into the door. Wait until they open the door before entering. Then let yourself be grabbed by the one blocking the door and use your knife.

14. Watch out for Zombies trying to break in

Tofu Survivor Guide

Let yourself be grabbed by the zombie at the door and use the knife. Run past the group of zombies onto the next area immediately.

16. Dealing with the Stairs Zombie

Tofu Survivor Guide

Ensure you have enough health at this point as you cannot use your knife to counter zombies blocking stairs.

21. Prepare for a lot of enemies

Tofu Survivor Guide

Several zombies, a G-Monster and couple of plant type zombies in the Courtyard. Save up your items for this part as this can be the most difficult section if you run out of items.

23. Exit towards the RPD Front Gate and beware of the Tyrant

Tofu Survivor Guide

If you linger too much in this area, the Titan will make your escape much more difficult and challenging.

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