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Leon Hardcore S+ Rank Scenario A Guide & Tips Part 3

RE2 | Leon Hardcore S+ Rank Scenario A Guide & Tips Part 3 | Resident Evil 2 Remake

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RE2 | Leon Hardcore S+ Rank Scenario A Guide & Tips Part 3 | Resident Evil 2 Remake - GameWith
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Getting the S+ Rank in Hardcore may the most challenging task in Resident Evil 2. Check out this guide on how to get S+ Rank on Hardcore Mode Scenario A, & how to unlock the Inifnite Rocket Launcher for Leon.

Story Progression and Walkthrough

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Underground ~
Vs. G 2nd Form
Laboratory ~

Resident Evil 2 - Game Mode

Table of Contents

General Tips

Leon (Scenario A) Laboratory to Chemical Dispersal Puzzle

Laboratory to Chemical Dispersal Puzzle Walkthrough Chart

1Go down the path and go to the Reception Area
1Arrange items at the reception area
2Go to the cafeteria from the door next to the entrance
3Pass the zombies in the dining room and climb the ladder, ignore the zombies
4Go down the door as you exit the kitchen
4Kill the zombie where you opened the door
5Combine electronic component and bracelet
6Head towards the main shaft
7Open the way to the East area
7Organize items in the lobby
8Go through the conference room and go to the Greenhouse Control Room
8Ignore the Ivy in the path Additional tips below.
9Obtain dispersal cartridge at Greenhouse Control Center
10Enter the encryption code
10Drug Laboratory (2067) Ladder (3123) (※ Numbers reflect answer on dial of mobile phone)
11Solve the drug puzzle in the drug laboratory
11Press the buttons in this order: middle, left, right, middle, left, right, middle, left
12Go to the ladder from the open hatch
13Kill zombies (3 enemies) when you get to the lounge
13Since two Lickers appear as you proceed, you can ignore them for now
14Go up the stairs and go take a signal modulator
14Defeat all zombies in the corridor
15Take the modulator and go to the lounge again
15Kill Licker in the lounge
16The modulator is set to MURF and restore electricity
17Cool down the herbicide in the low temperature laboratory
17Organize items in the server room
18Head towards Greenhouse Control Room
18Disable Ivy in the corridor
19After spraying the chemical agent, combine the electronic part with the wrist tag
19After acquiring the electronic part, Tyrant appears in the lobby
20Open the way to the West area on the main shaft

Laboratory to Chemical Dispersal Puzzle Item Location Chart

2Dining roomFuel (left shelf immediately)
4KitchenGun powder (large) (left of where you descended)
Combat knife (left kitchen)
5Nap RoomElectronic component (hand protruding to the right)
Regulator (left locker)
Shotgun Ammo(left shelf)
7LobbyGun powder (desk in front of item box)
8Conference RoomHigh Grade gunpowder (white) (passage center)
9Greenhouse Control CenterFlashbang (central desk)
11GreenhouseRed Herb (enter down the staircase on the left)
Blue Herb (front door)
11Drug LaboratoryGun Powder (central desk)
15LoungeGun Powder (down the ladder and left at the end)
Shotgun Ammo (on the bench)
Green Herb (on the bench)
High Grade Gunpowder (white) (box in front of the modulator)
Handgun Ammo (locker next to the Regulator)
17Server roomHigh Grade gunpowder (white) (Inserted left shelf)
Shotgun Ammo (item box left)

8. Beware of Ivy's Instant Death Attack

Beware of Ivy

Ivy appearing from here will perform an instant death attack when it grabs you. If you die, you will be returned to the save point, so it will be a waste of time. Always make sure to have a counter such as a knife or kill them with the Flamethrower.

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Laboratory West Area to G 3rd Form

Laboratory West Area to G 3rd Form Walkthrough Chart

1Head towards the West Area
2Restore electricity using OSS signal modulator
2Item arrangement
3Proceed and get the G Virus Sample
3Item management before boss fight. Flamethrower and Shotgun is recommended. Carry Flashbangs as well for when you are grabbed, and Magnum ammo.
3Save for the third time (save after this)
4After the cutscene G 3rd form fight (about 3-4 minutes). Additional tips below.
5Return to the guard room after the fight

Laboratory West Area to G 3rd Form Item Location Chart

2Biological LaboratoryFrag grenade (dead body on the way to the laboratory)
Blue Herb (exit sideways)
3P-4 level laboratory Red Herb (locker)
Enhanced powder (white) (on the desk)
Gun powder (large) (Right type shelf)
4An adult culture vesselFirst Aid Spray (Laboratory side left)
Magnum Bullet (Laboratory side right)
Flashbang (Laboratory side right, Lift side)
Fuel (Lower map left)
Frag grenade (Map lower right)

4. G 3rd Form Fight

Bring Recovery Items

Unlike Claire, Leon's playthrough can not be easily done due to the lack of grenade launcher. It's important to avoid as much damage as possible, and bring recovery items. Emergency Spray is also available in the area where you fight G, so pick it up as well.

Aim For The Eyes in The Knee When Fight Starts

Aim For The Eyes in The Knee When Fight Starts

When the battle begins, aim for the small eyes attached to the knees with sub machine gun. It will be a great opportunity because it is hard to target while you are on the move.

Shoot With Magnum When Chest Opens

Attack the eyeballs on the chest with a Magnum when it opens. You can deal great damage by shooting into the eyeballs in the chest which is a weak point. Aim well before firing to avoid wasting bullets.

Keep Aiming at the Chest in the Second Half of the Fight

When damage is given to G3 more than a certain amount, the behavior pattern changes, and the eyeballs of weak points are always exposed. While keeping the distance, you can defeat it by shooting eyeballs.

Damage It With the Flamethrower

When G exposes all its eyeballs in the 2nd half of the fight, use the Flamethrower to damage them all at the same time. Make sure to save some fuel for the final boss.

Leon (Scenario A) Laboratory Escape to Ending

Laboratory Escape to Ending Walkthrough Chart

1Head towards the main shaft
2Activate the elevator in the center of the main shaft
3Get off the elevator and proceed down the path
4Organize your items in the Item Box. Additional tips below.
5When you are ready, go down with a lift
5Ignore Ivy in the road and run to the door
6Tyrant emerges as he gets off the ladder and heads for the door.
6Move back a little and lure Tyrant, and circle around the walkway. This leaves the door behind Tyrant open.
7Go down the path from the door
8Organize your items. Note that this is the last item box so make sure to carry frag grenades, and all leftover recovery items. Keep 2 open slots for the spark plug and Rocket Launcher.
8Get the Joint Plug.
8Use the Joint Plug on the Elevator
9Fight with the Super Tyrant begins after the cutscene. Additional tips below.
9Fight until the Rocket Launcher spawns
10Kill zombies blocking the door using the Rocket Launcher
11Game is cleared after exiting the door

Laboratory Escape to Ending Item Location Chart

8ElevatorRed Herb (box side)
Handgun Ammo (side box)

4. Manage Your Inventory Before the Fight

In the last item box, items can not be replaced until the end. Take only necessary items such as Frag Grenade for Super Tyrant. Bring also recovery items with you.

Save 2 Item Slots for Rocket Launcher and Spark Plug

There is a need to put a joint plug to advance the story. Since the joint plug uses 2 slots, prepare items that you can throw away so that you can free those slots.

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9. Super Tyrant Fight

Deal High Damage With Frag Grenade

Deal High Damage With Frag Grenade

The fragment grenade is powerful also for the Super Tyrant. It is recommended because it is easy to use when the Tyrant stops after a rush attack.

Dealing With Tyrant's Instant Death Attack

If you have leftover flashbangs, you can instantly stop Tyrant's instant death. This also makes Tyrant vulnerable for a short while so shoot at the heart.

Use the Flamethrower to Beat the Tyrant

The Flamethrower can also deal a good amount of damage to Super Tyrant. Use the rocks to distance yourself from the Tyrant while using the Flamethrower.

Getting S+ Rank Tips

You Can Stop The Timer by Pausing The Game

You Can Stop The Timer by Pausing The Game

S+ Rank must be completed under a strict time limit. You want to take the least number of actions to complete tasks as possible so as not to waste time. Pausing the game (Option Button for PS4, Start for Xbox One) will stop the timer. This gives you time to review solutions for puzzles before doing them.

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Defeat Enemies on Frequently Used Paths

Defeat Enemies on Frequently Used Paths

In Hardcore mode, if you get attacked twice, it's game over. Try to defeat enemies in frequently used pathways carefully and take time to defeat them.

Pick Up All Ammunition Items

Pick Up All Ammunition Items

Since ammo is scarce in Hardcore mode, you must have ammunition or gunpowder at all times. When inventory space is insufficient, prioritize ammunition and discard other items.

Quit and Load Save File When Game Is Over

If you die during the game, it's best to just load a save file instead of continuing. Continuing from where you left off adds time to your total playtime.

Use of Infinite Knife Is Allowed for S+ Rank Clear

Although the use of Infinite Guns is not allowed for getting S+ Rank, you can still get an S+ Rank when using the Infinite Combat Knife. This helps easily kill downed zombies and to conserve bullets.

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Recommended Save Points

  • G 1st Form Before the Fight (Secret Room Under Goddess Statue)
  • G 2nd Form Before the Fight (Sewer Monitor Room After Solving Chess Puzzle)
  • G 3rd Form Before the Fight (Laboratory - West Area After Getting the G Virus Sample)

In order to clear S+, you need to keep the number of saves to maximum of 3 times. The recommended points above are before major boss fights with G and instant death situations.

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