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How To Get The S & S+ Rank - Requirements & Rewards
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How To Get The S & S+ Rank - Requirements & Rewards

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Check out how to get the S Rank and S+ Rank in Resident Evil 2! Find out the requirements & conditions you need to get the S and S+ Rank, gameplay tips and tricks, & more!

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Condition to Get the Rank S & S+

Rank Mainly Based on Clear Time

In Resident Evil 2, your rank will be mainly determined by how fast you clear the game in a single playthrough. Take note that the clear time to achieve the S & S+ Rank changes depending on the difficulty you are playing.

Game Difficulty & Clear Time Chart

ModeS & S+AB
Leon A
Leon B
Claire A
Claire B
Leon A
Leon B
Claire A
Claire B

S Rank Clear Conditions

  • Clear within 3 hours and 30 minutes (For Scenario A Standard)
  • Clear within 3 hours (For Scenario B Standard)
  • Clear within 2 hours and 30 minutes (For Scenario A Hardcore)
  • Clear within 2 hours (For Scenario B Hardcore)

To clear the game with S Rank, you only need to clear the game at the required time. You are free to use First Aid sprays, save as many times as you want, and use infinite weapons.

S+ Rank Clear Conditions

On top of the required time needed for S Rank, below are conditions you must follow to get S+ Rank.

  • Number of Saves at 3 or Less
  • Use of Infinite Combat Knife is allowed.
  • Non-use of Infinite Weapons e.g. Samurai Edge, LE 5, etc.

Why Aim for S+ Rank?

The S+ Rank is the highest clear rank you can get when finishing Resident Evil 2. S+ Rank also unlocks infinite ammo versions of the Rocket Launcher and the Minigun, the most powerful weapons in the game.

Other Factors That May Affect S+ Rank Clear

In past games, use of First Aid sprays is considered when clearing for S+ Rank. This is currently being verified but best to minimize use of First Aid to heal.

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Hardcore Mode S & S+ Walkthrough

Hardcore Mode S+ Rank Walkthrough Chart

Play Tips to Get Rank S and S+

[IMPORTANT] Return To The Title Menu Upon Dying

It is recommended that you begin again from the title menu if ever you die. Since the time it takes to restart from a previous checkpoint will count towards your clear time, it would be much better to reload a previous save instead.

Claire Scenario A Recommended for S Rank Hunting

How To Get The S Rank

It is recommended to choose the Claire A Scenario since her arsenal is much more effective at fighting tougher enemies such as the Licker and Ivy. Scenario A also provides more time, and spawns tougher enemies much later on compared to Scenario B.

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How to Counter Tougher Enemies

EnemyHow To Beat
LickerUse the Grenade Launcher with Incendiary Ammo to kill Lickers with a maximum of 2 shots
IvyUse the Grenade Launcher with Incendiary Ammo. Best to combine the Grenade Launcher with Custom Parts to shoot at Ivies from a distance
G-AdultPurposely get caught, and use a combat knife or grenade to release yourself from their grasp. You can also use the Spark Shot to engage them
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Remember the Licker's Positions

How To Get The S Rank

As the difficulty becomes harder, it will be more and more taxing to fight Lickers when they appear. It is recommended that you memorize their spawn points and respond accordingly to get past them quickly.

Licker Spawn Area and Recommended Action

Spawn PointRecommended Action
West Side Corridor, Police Station (1F)- Will only pass when going to the Library, or Operations Room
- Use a Flash Grenade to distract
West Side Corridor, Police Station (2F)- Since it is only one Licker, kill it
Art Room, Police Station (2F) [Side B only]- Get out of the room as soon as you solve the puzzle
West Storage Room, Police Station (3F)- Silently pass by it
Kennel, Police Station (1B)- Since this is a required area, try to avoid passing by too many times
Lounge, Laboratory (2B)- Use the Grenade Launcher with Incendiary Rounds (Claire)
- Use the Shotgun or Flamethrower to kill them (Leon)
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Important To Learn Which Enemies To Engage & Avoid

How To Get The S Rank

It is important to know when to fight, and when to run. If it is a required battle, then by all means, fight. However, if you can easily avoid it by running past it, or by using a knife or grenade, it would be better to save some time and avoid combat.

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Use the Infinite Combat Knife on Downed Zombies

Infinite Combat Knife

Since ammo will be scarce in Hardcore mode, it's recommended to use the Infinite Combat Knife to finish off downed zombies instead of shooting them. Just be sure not to equip this to counter grabs as it's harder to retrieve.

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Cutscenes Do Not Count Toward Play Time

Sit back, and relax. There is no need to skip the cutscenes as they do not count toward your clear time!

S & S+ Rank Reward List

Check Your Rewards From The Record

You will be able to check the rewards you earn by achieving the S Rank under the Records section in your pause menu. It can also be accessed via the main menu.

S Rank Rewards List Table

RecordCondition / Reward
S-Rank Player[Condition]
Clear S Rank over Standard
Infinite Ammo Weapon: Samurai Edge (Original Model)
[Model] Samurai Edge (Original Model)
Leon "S" Kennedy[Condition]
Clear the Leon Story with an S Rank
Leon Character Model: Casual
Sizzling Scarlet Hero[Condition]
Complete Claire's Story with an S Rank
Hardcore S-Rank Player[Condition]
Clear Hardcore Mode with an S Rank
Infinite Ammo Weapon: LE 5
[Model] LE 5
Rookie No More[Condition]
Clear Leon's Hardcore Mode with an S Rank
Leon Character Model: Classic Police
The Redfield Way[Condition]
Clear Claire's Hardcore Mode with an S Rank

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Zack 1

First Aid Sprays do not affect S+ ranking.

I just did a test run with Leon A.

Using Infinite Weapon and FAS resulted in S

Using just FAS resulted in S+

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