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Claire Hardcore S+ Rank Scenario A Guide & Tips Part 1

RE2 | Claire Hardcore S+ Rank Scenario A Guide & Tips Part 1 | Resident Evil 2 Remake

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Getting the S+ Rank in Hardcore may the most challenging task in Resident Evil 2. Check out this guide on how to get S+ Rank on Hardcore Mode for Scenario A, and how to unlock the Infinite Minigun for Claire.

Claire Hardcore S+ Rank Guide

Story Progression and Walkthrough

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-Opening ~
Underground Facility
Underground ~
Vs. G 2nd Form

Resident Evil 2 - Game Mode

General Tips

Walkthrough Chart

Getting S+ Rank Tips

You Can Stop The Timer by Pausing The Game

You Can Stop The Timer by Pausing The Game

S+ Rank must be completed under a strict time limit. You want to take the least number of actions to complete tasks as possible so as not to waste time. Pausing the game (Option Button for PS4, Start for Xbox One) will stop the timer. This gives you time to review solutions for puzzles before doing them.

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Defeat Enemies on Frequently Used Paths

Defeat Enemies on Frequently Used Paths

In Hardcore mode, if you get attacked twice, it's game over. Try to defeat enemies in frequently used pathways carefully and take time to defeat them.

Pick Up All Ammunition Items

Pick Up All Ammunition Items

Since ammo is scarce in Hardcore mode, you must have ammunition or gunpowder at all times. When inventory space is insufficient, prioritize ammunition and discard other items.

Quit and Load Save File When Game Is Over

If you die during the game, it's best to just load a save file instead of continuing. Continuing from where you left off adds time to your total playtime.

Use of Infinite Knife Is Allowed for S+ Rank Clear

Although the use of Infinite Guns is not allowed for getting S+ Rank, you can still get an S+ Rank when using the Infinite Combat Knife. This helps easily kill downed zombies and to conserve bullets.

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Recommended Save Points

  • G 1st Form Before the Fight (Secret Room Under Goddess Statue)
  • G 2nd Form Before the Fight (Sewer Monitor Room After Solving Chess Puzzle)
  • G 3rd Form Before the Fight (Laboratory - West Area After Getting the G Virus Sample)

In order to clear S+, you need to keep the number of saves to maximum of 3 times. The recommended points above are before major boss fights with G and instant death situations.

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Opening to Gas Station

Opening to RPD Walkthrough Chart

1Enter the gas station through the front door
2Go to the aisle next to the sitting person in blue T-shirt
3Proceed straight and watch cutscene
4Run straight towards the key immediately after custscene. You can safely pass through the zombie. Additional tips below.
5When you get the key, look back and wait for the zombies to pass by. Additional tips below.
6Run to the locked door and evade the zombies at the store
7Trigger the cutscene.
8Turn around immediately after cutscene and run

4. Run straight towards the key immediately after custscene.

Just ignore the zombie at this point and run immediately towards the key. Run towards its side to safely pass.

5. When you get the key, look back and wait for the zombie to pass

When you get the key, look back and wait for the zombies to pass by

After obtaining the key, wait for the zombie to pass the shelf. This way, you don't have to shoot and waste any ammo.

Raccoon City Streets to RPD

Raccoon City Streets to RPD Walkthrough Chart

1Run to the police station
2On the way, enter the alley on the left past the police car
3Enter the gate and make your way towards the Police Station at the other side.
4Investigate the switch immediately on the right hand side of the entrance to open the 1F East Hallway
5Go through the shutter immediately beside the switch and go to the Watchman's room at the back
6Trigger the cutscene after opening the shutter in the Watchman's room.
7Pass the zombie busting through the door after the cutscene.
8There will be two zombies on the way to the main hall near the press room.
9Kill one zombie and make a run for the main hall.
10Earn combat knife from Marvin at the Main Hall

Raccoon City Streets to RPD ~ Item Location Chart

4Main HallFirst Aid Spray
Ink Ribbon
6ToiletFirst Aid Spray
9Press RoomHandgun Ammo (Center Corpse)
9Small room on the left side of the press roomHandgun Ammo

Claire (Scenario A) Main Hall to Marvin Call

Main Hall to Marvin Event Walkthrough Chart

1Use the combat knife to go 1F west hallway
2Head to the Operations Room & Use Wooden Board on window (window with zombies near the Operations Room is recommended)
3Kill the two zombies when you go out into the hallway
4Enter the western office and collect the Speed Loader (left lock: NED right lock: MRG)
5Get Hip Pouch at Safe (left 9 right 15 left 7)
6Go to the darkroom and close the window with wooden board
7Climb the stairs & kill the zombies on the way
8Key to collect items on the second floor : CAP
9Open the portable safe (spare key) and get the item in the Safety Deposit Room
10Manage inventory at the Dark Room using the Item Box
11Get spades key on the 3rd floor. Unlock Locker using solution: DCM
12Go through the West Storage Room to the Library
13When you reach the Library, Marvin will contact you via Radio
14[Important] Defeat all enemies in the library
15【Important】 Move the bookshelves to the middle and align with the gap in the floor above. Additional tips below.
16Enter the lounge and obtain Unicorn medal. Solution: fish, scorpion, water bottle.
17Go to the main hall with the key of spades.
18Get the lion medal with puzzle (lion · leaf · bird)
19Trigger cutscene by approaching Marvin
20Attach 2 medals to the center Goddess Statue after the cutscene
21Unlock the Door to the West Office Using the Spade Door
22Organize Items in the Box at the Main Hall

Main Hall to Marvin Event Item Location Chart

1Reception RoomGreen Herb (near the entrance)
Handgun Ammo (on the chair)
2Operations RoomHandgun Bullet (right after entering)
4Corridor in front of the West OfficeHandgun Ammo (behind the Operations room)
Wooden Board(in front of the dark room)
5West OfficeHandgun bullet (locker)
Gun powder (on the desk)
Hip Pouch(safe)
Speed ​​loader (Leon's desk)
6Dark roomGun Powder (locker)
Red Herb (back room)
82F WestHandgun Ammo (corpse before the stairway)
Red Herb (before the shower room)
Flame Rounds(locker)
Flame Rounds(locker with a key)
Portable safe (on the shelf beside the locker)
9Safety Deposit RoomGun powder (102)
Handgun Ammo (109)
Flame Round (208)
113F WestHandgun Ammo (on the box in front of the stairs)
Submachine Gun Ammo (locker with key)
Spade Key
12West Storage RoomGun powder (on the box next to the entrance)
Timber (entrance right front)
Handgun Ammo (shelf in front of C4)
Hip Pouch (on the desk in front of C4)
13LibraryCombat knife (corpse on the left under the stairs)
Red book (desk in front of the door of the spade)
16LoungeUnicorn medal (pedestal)
Gun Powder(entrance right desk)
17Main HallBullet of hand gun (above the chair on the left out of the library)
Lion medal (pedestal)

15. Move the Bookshelves To The Middle

You will visit the library again in the middle of the story. Since Tyrant will be stalking you at that time, it's better to move the shelves before hand and kill zombies in this room to make it easier.

Claire (Scenario A) East 2F to Underground Facility

East 2F to Underground Facility Walkthrough Chart

1Open the door of the spade in the waiting room (Discard the key of the spade at this point)
2Get the Weapons Locker Key and Scepter (red jewel) in the art room
3Take the Fire Exit to the First Floor
4Use the Cutting Tool to open east side office
5Keep windows closed with wood
6Get Electronic Part and Round Handle at the east side office
7Keep West Office windows closed with wooden frame
8Open the main hall with Electronic Part
9Manage inventory at the Item Box
10Make sure you have a Weapons Locker Key / Cutting Tool / And Round handle and head towards the operations room
11Cut the chain of Operations Room and get electronic device
12Leave the key and go to the Weapons Locker
13Get grenade launcher with a Weapons Locker Key. Additional tips below.
14Manage items in the Item Box
15Use the handle on the 2nd floor to the STARS office
16Kill Licker with a grenade
17Get batteries at STARS office
18Go down the path and head towards west storage room from the library
19Attach detonator to C4
20Kill the zombie hanging on the ceiling. Additional tips below.
21After installing the detonator, the shelf will not collapse if you escape to the library
22Get Maiden Medals at the Maiden Statue. Solution: (female · bow · snake)
23Attach the medal at the Goddess Statue in Main Hall
24Go to Secret Room under the Goddess Statue and proceed further.

East Side 2F to Underground Facility Item Location Chart

1Waiting RoomGreen Herb (on the desk)
Long magazine(safe)Note: You do not have to take this yet as it is unneeded yet.
2Second FloorWooden Board (near the art room)
3Near Fire ExitGreen Herb
4Art room Weapons Locker Key (on the front desk)
Scepter (Use Red Book on Left Arm)
5Fire ExitCutting Tool (front of first floor door)
Handgun Ammo (above drum)
Wood (under stairs)
6East OfficeElectronic parts (desk in the main hall side)
Handle ( desk in the small room)
Enhanced gunpowder (white) (shelf in the small room)
Flashbang (entrant left desk)
Handgun Ammo (entered left corpse)
Gun powder The desk on the right)
8Strategy RoomFuse (desk top)
Green Herb(entrance left)
Flashbang(enter left)
11Shower room (after handle)Gun powder (back locker in the back)
13STARS officeBattery (desk in small room)
Red Herb (immediately after entering)
Flashbang (front left box)
Flame Rounds (front left desk)
tempered gunpowder (white) (left desk)
First Aid Spray (emergency back on the left)
18In front of the underground facilityFlame Rounds (left shelf)

13. You Must Get The Grenade Launcher

You Must Get The Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher is effective especially Licker and G, so if you forget it and miss it, you will waste a lot of time.

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20. Ceiling Zombie

This corpse starts to move as a zombie after the C4 bomb. It will be blocking the escape route to the library, so you should knock it down in advance.

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