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Claire Hardcore S+ Rank Scenario A Guide & Tips Part 2
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Claire Hardcore S+ Rank Scenario A Guide & Tips Part 2

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Getting the S+ Rank in Hardcore may the most challenging task in Resident Evil 2. Check out this guide on how to get S+ Rank on Hardcore Mode Scenario A, and how to unlock the Infinite Minigun for Claire.

Resident Evil 2 - Game Mode

Table of Contents

General Tips

Story Progression and Walkthrough

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Opening ~
Underground Facility
Underground ~
Vs. G 2nd Form
Laboratory ~
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Claire (Scenario A) Underground Facility to Parking Lot

Underground Facility to Parking Lot Walkthrough Chart

0(Optional) You can save for the first time
1Take Elevator to underground facility
2Get Frag Grenade at the lower stairs
3Trigger cutscene after the fallen locker. Additional tips below.
4After the event G to the 1st form match (about 4 to 5 minutes)
5Climb up the ladder after fight with G and follow Sherry
6Pull the lever to make a bridge
7Organize items at the Operator Room
8Climb the ladder and go to the parking lot
9Examine the Parking Lot terminal at the exit of the parking lot and trigger cutscene

Underground Facility to Parking Lot Item Location Chart

1Underground StairsFrag Grenade (below the lower staircase)
4Machine RoomGreen Herb (Map upper left,)
Shard grenade (Map upper left, lower right)
Red Herb (lower left)
Handgun Ammo (Map lower right, lower left, upper left)
4Machinery Room - MiddleGun powder (climb ladder and left room)
Green Herb (ladder climb to the left room)

3. G 1st form battle

G 1st form battle

At this point it will be the first hardcore boss fight. Since HP is significantly more than lower difficulty levels, target its weakpoints. Use Grenades to deal damage as well. Also, it's grab attack can cause instant death, so counter with a knife or grenade.

Claire (Scenario A) Parking Lot to 1st Electronic Equipment

Parking Lot to 1st Electronic Equipment Walkthrough Chart

1After the cutscene, go to the Firing Range and the door towards the kennel
1Recover items in Firing Range
1Go out the door of the parking lot and use the key of the car. Discard the key after unlocking the Police Car trunk
2Head to the Kennel and kill 2 Lickers. Additional tips below.
3Acquire Diamond Key in the Morgue Room
3Since zombies beside the entrance are tougher, use a flashbang to deal with them so you can safely pass
4Because there is a Licker on the ceiling on the way back, ignore it.(defeat it if you go to the Firing Range)
4If you use diamond keys in the Firing Range, Discard it later
4Get JMPHp 3 from trunk of car opened earlier
5Head to the Elevator Control Room
6Pull the lever at the elevator control room and get on the elevator
7Organize items in the Chief's Office
7Leave one hand gun in the Item Box
8Get Relief in collection room
8Get Heart Key from relief
9Open the door of the Chief's Office
10Get off the stairs
11Open the interrogation room
12Get the handgun bullets and return to the chief's office (ignore the enemy)
13Climb the stairs to the East Storage Room
13Defeat the two zombies in the East Storage Room
14Get the Large Gear at the East Storage Room
15Get a box of electronic parts inside the Heart Door Room.
16Organize items in the Chief's Office

Parking Lot to 1st Electronic Equipment Item Location Chart

1+Firing rangeMetal box car key (desk immediately after Firing Range)
Flame Rounds (shelf near the entrance in the Firing Range)
2KennelReinforced gunpowder (white)(basket just in front of the entrance)
3Morgue room (2nd coffin seen from the entrance )Flashbang
(coffin at the left end as seen from the entrance)
6Elevator control roomBlue Herb (entrance front)
stock (entrance and locker in front)
Enhanced explosive (white) (back of desk)
7Chief's RoomGreen Herb (communication passage)
Submachine Gun Ammo (on the desk at the center)
8Collection RoomRelief (On desk)
11Interrogation roomHandgun Ammo (entered left desk)
box (STARS Badge) (back shelf)
13East Storage Room frontFlashlight grenade (locker on the balcony side)
Handgun bullet (warehouse locker)
14East Storage Room Blue Herb (shelves near the entrance)
Large Gear (above the middle box)
Combat knife (heart key room)
Electronic component box (heart key room)

2. Kill Licker at the Kennel

You need to go through the Kennel twice. So you need to take out the Licker in this room.

Claire (Scenario A) Balcony to Sherry

Balcony to Sherry Walkthrough Chart

1Climb the stairs to the balcony
2Get off the ladder
3Go down the stairs and pull the lever (zombies are allowed to go through)
3Collect the Green Herb × 2
4Pull the lever of the valve to extinguish the fire
5Tyrant appears when going from door to helicopter
6Lure Tyrant on the balcony and head to the main hall
6Get JMP extended magazine from safe in waiting room (key: right 6 left 2 right 11)
7Item management in the main hall (Make sure to carry with you STARS Badge and diamond key)
7Convert STARS Badge to USB dongle
8Go through the library to the linen room
8Open the linen room with the diamond key (discard the key)
8Get portable safe (spare key)
9Get the sub machine gun using USB dongle at the STARS office
10Head to the Safety Deposit Room (it is safer to go from the west office)
10Defeat Licker in the hallway
10Using the spare key in the storage cabinet (203) Get the Hip Pouch
11Open the Operations room with the Heart Key
12Get the tool
13Go to the library via the main hall
13Take the Large Gear from your item box
14Lower the bookshelf using Tool key item in front of the bookshelf
15Move the bookshelf using the tool and the bookshelf on the left once to the right
16Go over the bookshelf through the ladder and go to Clock Tower
17Insert the Large Gear in the place on the right
18Collect the Large Gear and climb the stairs
19Get Small Gear from the floor above and get Large Gear to replace it
20Put the Small Gear in front of the stairs
21Obtain the box of electronic components
22Go through the East Storage Room to the Chief's Office
23Solve the switchboard puzzle in the collection room
24After checking the card key, proceed to Sherry part
1balconyBlue Herb (In front table)
Handgun bullet (bench near the helicopter)
Green Herb (at the end of the staircase)
52F hallRed Herb (as soon as you enter the door)
6Waiting RoomLong magazine (safe)
8Linen roomEnhanced gunpowder (white)
Portable safe (above washing machine)

Claire (Scenario A) Sherry to Sewers

Sherry to Sewers Walkthrough Chart

1Sherry part starts
2Immediately head back and open the stuffed doll
2Get a block from a stuffed doll
3Use blocks at the puzzle
3Solve the puzzle to obtain scissors
4Use scissors on the wall
5Go down the stairs and check the keys at the head office room
6Escape from the Police Chief
6Hide inside the child's room near towel shelf. Then hide under the Desk shadow.
7Get the key and go to the Police Chief's office and trigger the cutscene
8Control returns to Claire
9Organize items in the Chief's Office
10Open exit of parking lot with card key
10While avoiding tyrant, go back to the police station
11Go near a wire mesh with two zombies
11Passing through the door attracting zombies and tyrants after the destruction
12Go down the street and get off the stairs (ignore the zombies under the stairs to dull)
12A zombie dog in the back street knocks over a wire mesh (to reduce damage)
12Zombies in the bus should be ignored
12When your get to the orphanage, pick up items on the second floor
13Get off the ladder from the Police Chief's Office to the sewer
14After joining Sherry, escape from Tyrant to the elevator

Sherry to Sewers Item Location Chart

11Police Station back streetSubmachine Gun Ammo (basketball court)
Green Herb (basketball court)
Frag grenade (in the bus)
12OrphanageSubmachine Gun Ammo (a washroom in the back of the child's room)
First-aid spray (washroom in the back of the child's room)

Claire (Scenario A) Sewers to Acquiring Spark Shot

Sewers to Acquiring Spark Shot Walkthrough Chart

1Item recovery in the office after the cutscene
2Go down from the hall near the office
3Go down the path to the control room
3You can ignore zombies in the control room
3Open key locker (SZF)
4Get out of the monitor room from the shaft on the left of the control room
5You can change the item arrangement handgun to the SLS 60 in the monitor room
6Take the processing pool bridge down and get the tool at the cable car platform
6Get reinforced frame from safe (left 2 right 12 left 8)
7Get off the stairs on the right of the processing pool
7Defeat 2 zombies
8Go down the stairs on the left and open the door with a tool
9Get off the ladder to the lower waterway (OK not to take the key yet)
10Go towards Supplies Storage Room while avoiding G adult form
11Get a queen plug at the Supplies Storage Room
11Take a spark shot after obtaining King Plug
12Collect King / Queen plug and return to monitoring room
12Pass G Adult Through the Side While Hitting With Spark Shot. Additional tips below.
12Ignore the G adult before the ladder
13When you reach the monitor room, install the plug
14Item arrangement at the Monitor Room

Spark Shot to G 2nd Form Item Location Chart

1The officeReinforced bullet for SLS 60 (Beside typewriter)
3Control roomFlame Rounds (entrance right corpse (zombie)
Submachine gun bullet (locker with key)
6Processing pool Strengthening frame (safe)
Blue Herb (zombies in the back of the safe)
Red Herb (cable car platform)
Green Herb (under the stairs)
9Lower waterwayGreen Herb (beside the first corpse descending from the ladder)
10Supplies Storage RoomRed Herb (shelves beside entrance)
Spark shot (room opened with King plug)

12. Pass Through G Adult Form

The G adult appearing on the way back is blocking the way and gets in the way. If you use the spark shot you got in the material store, you will not be able to move while the weapon charges, so let's slip through the side in that state.

Claire (Scenario A) Spark Shot to G 2nd Form

Spark Shot to G 2nd Form Walkthrough Chart

1Go down the stairs in the processing pool and pull the right lever to the sewers
1The G adult coming out from the side can be ignored
2Open the door and get on the work lift lift
3Defeat the zombies in the work room
4Get the Rook plug
5Take the plug and turn back the way to the monitor room (you can go on, but there are many zombies)
6Solve the plug puzzle in the monitor room
7Item arrangement (because it is a boss fight, submachine guns and grenades are recommended)
8Save (second time)
9Solve the power puzzle in the main power room (Answer: On, On, Off, On)
10When exiting the room, G appears. Additional tips below.
11Evade G attack from the ceiling
11Break through the shutter and Go past the side of G
12Move the crane and destroy G using the crane
13After defeating G, Open the door of the garbage disposal and rescue Sherry
14Head to the cable car to the laboratory

Spark Shot to G 2nd Form Item Location Chart

1SewersFrag grenade (in the direction opposite to the lever)
Blue Herb (front door)
9Main power supply roomBlue Herb (next to garbage dumpster)
Green Herb (before garbage dumpster)
Red Herb (beside main power supply)
12Water Processing FacilityHandgun Ammo (crane side)
Flashbang (crane side)
Combat knife (crane side)

10. G second form (G2) Fight

Area Near The Switch Puzzle is Safe

Main Power Supply Area is Safe

G2's attack from the ceiling does not hit when standing next to switch panel. Wait until the attack ceases so you will not suffer unnecessary damage.

Wait Next To The Shutter

Wait Next To The Shutter

Once G2 roars, move to the side of the shutter when it begins to break the shutter. You can slip through the side as it breaks the shutter.

Aim at The Eyes With a Submachine Gun

The G2 is easy to damage because it fights in a narrow place. Since using recovery items can degrade your rank, we recommend fighting with guns that can easily damage, such as sub machine guns, to clear the game faster.

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Getting S+ Rank Tips

You Can Stop The Timer by Pausing The Game

You Can Stop The Timer by Pausing The Game

S+ Rank must be completed under a strict time limit. You want to take the least number of actions to complete tasks as possible so as not to waste time. Pausing the game (Option Button for PS4, Start for Xbox One) will stop the timer. This gives you time to review solutions for puzzles before doing them.

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Defeat Enemies on Frequently Used Paths

Defeat Enemies on Frequently Used Paths

In Hardcore mode, if you get attacked twice, it's game over. Try to defeat enemies in frequently used pathways carefully and take time to defeat them.

Pick Up All Ammunition Items

Pick Up All Ammunition Items

Since ammo is scarce in Hardcore mode, you must have ammunition or gunpowder at all times. When inventory space is insufficient, prioritize ammunition and discard other items.

Quit and Load Save File When Game Is Over

If you die during the game, it's best to just load a save file instead of continuing. Continuing from where you left off adds time to your total playtime.

Use of Infinite Knife Is Allowed for S+ Rank Clear

Although the use of Infinite Guns is not allowed for getting S+ Rank, you can still get an S+ Rank when using the Infinite Combat Knife. This helps easily kill downed zombies and to conserve bullets.

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Recommended Save Points

  • G 1st Form Before the Fight (Secret Room Under Goddess Statue)
  • G 2nd Form Before the Fight (Sewer Monitor Room After Solving Chess Puzzle)
  • G 3rd Form Before the Fight (Laboratory - West Area After Getting the G Virus Sample)

In order to clear S+, you need to keep the number of saves to maximum of 3 times. The recommended points above are before major boss fights with G and instant death situations.

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Anonymous 2

as mentioned healing doesn't hurt your S+ only 3+ saves, using inf. guns (not knife) and p***ing the time limit

Anonymous 1

I used every first aid spray and many herbs on my s+ run. This did not change my rank.

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