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Want to know how this remake compares to the 1998 original? Check out this breakdown of the differences between the original Resident Evil 2 and the remake!

Resident Evil Original vs Remake Comparison

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Something New Even for Everyone

Game Enhancements Offer New Experience for Veterans

Resident Evil 2:New Game Play Experience

Although a remake, Resident Evil 2 has a lot to offer to both beginners and veterans to the world of Resident Evil. With enhanced gameplay and story additions, RE2 will provide new experiences even to those who mastered the original release.

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New Element: Ghost Survivors

New Mode Explores Side Characters

Ghost Survivors

The Ghost Survivor game mode is a new addition to the franchise and will be implemented as a free DLC. In this mode, you get to play alternate stories as characters who died in the game!

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New Element: Costumes

Change the Way Leon & Claire Looks


In the RE2 remake, you can change the clothes and even the appearance of Leon and Claire! Although, costumes can only be acquired by buying the DLC pack for now.

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New Element: New Items To Survive

Illuminate Your Environment with a Flashlight

Resident Evil 2 Raccoon Flashlight

With a darker atmosphere, the RE2 protagonists will now have a flashlight to find their way in the dark. Every time a character enters a dark area, they'll pull out their flashlight.

Be Familiarized with the New Knife Mechanics

Resident Evil 2 Combat Knife

The combat knife now deteriorates with us. When the knife is fully deteriorated, the knife will break and you will need to find a new one. They'll also get lodged into enemies when used to attack and can only be retrieved if the Zombie is killed.

Make Use of Defensive Items

When attacked by a zombie while carrying defensive items like a knife, a button prompt will appear for you to easily fend off zombies. This gives you a chance to fight back against a bite from a zombie!

Combined Herbs Can Enhance Defense

In the remake of Resident Evil 2, you can combine Herbs to make an item to enhance your defense for a while. Before you proceed to areas with many zombies, it is recommended to use the new item.

Change On Zombies & Tyrant

Overall Changes to the Enemies

Enemies Randomly Move

Resident Evil 2 | RE2 Comparison: Resident Evil 2 Remake vs 1998 Original

Locations of Zombies & Tyrants were fixed in the previous RE2 so you can predict them easily. In the new version, they loiter around and explore so you'll need to keep your wits with you when moving around areas.

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Limb Focus Fire Available

Players will be able to focus fire on limbs of Zombies and the Tyrant. With enough damage, you can blow off the limb, rendering them useless, but that doesn't really mean the zombie is down.

Changes to the Tyrant

Tyrant Notices You By Sound

Resident Evil 2 | RE2 Comparison: Resident Evil 2 Remake vs 1998 Original

Gun shots and movement will alert the Tyrant to your position. Once he's been alerted, he'll then rush towards the location of the sound, hoping to find a helpless survivor.

Tyrant will Hunt You Down in Both Side A & Side B

In the original Resident Evil 2, the Tyrant will only appear in the Side B of Claire's story. For the remake, he'll be here for all of them whether you play as Claire or as Leon.

Appearance of Tyrant Is Different

Tyrant: Appearance

The Tyrant looks foreboding in their black attire, a stark contrast to their grey skin. The dark ensemble also makes him very hard to find in the dark.

Run Away From Tyrants

Tyrants - Run Away

In this new Resident Evil 2, causing damages to Tyrant will make them unmovable for a while but you cannot beat them. And they will move again after sometime. The best strategy is to run away from the Tyrant.

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Changes to the Zombies

Tougher & More Persistent Zombies

Resident Evil 2 | RE2 Comparison: Resident Evil 2 Remake vs 1998 Original

The zombies has been made tougher and will take more damage to be brought down. Even if the a limb is mutilated, they'll still crawl or scramble around to try to get you.

New Element: Ada's "EMF Scanner"

Hack Consoles and Items with the EMF Scanner

EMF Scanner - Ada

Ada's secret and special tool "EMF Scanner" allows you to hack and reach new areas throughout the game. You'll be using the item a lot in areas where you play as Ada Wong.

Make Sure There Are No Zombies Around

While using EMF Scanner, you are vulnerable from attack. Make sure to beat zombies around and secure your position to safely use the EMF Scanner.

Better Visuals for a More Frightening Horror Experience

Rebuilt Using the RE Engine

Resident Evil 2 Comparison Better Visuals

Using the same engine used in Resident Evil VII, Resident Evil 2 now features a more photo-realistic rendition of the game, its characters, and its environment.

Relive the Terror With Enhanced Graphics

Resident Evil 2 Zombies

Now made more realistic, environments now have a more claustrophobic atmosphere than ever. Characters are now more life like, and the zombies are much more terrifying.

Experience an Improved Storytelling

Resident Evil 2 Voice

Now fully voiced, and with detailed cutscenes, Resident Evil 2 presents a more compelling and engaging story than ever before. The quality of the voice acting has also gone up by a notch!

What Were Retained From The Original

Play as Leon or Claire like its 1998

Resident Evil 2 | RE2 Comparison: Resident Evil 2 Remake vs 1998 Original

Iconic characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield make a return in this remake to relive the Raccoon City nightmare all over again. Leon sports a familiar but younger look from more recent titles, while Claire has been redesigned for the modern gen.

Experience the Raccoon City Nightmare Again

Resident Evil 2 Raccoon City Setting

While all too familiar and nostalgic, Raccoon City, and its familiar locations including the iconic Raccoon City Police Station has been built from the ground up. Fight your way through the zombie infested city and make your way out alive!

Combine Items for Maximum Effect

Resident Evil 2 Item Combine

The all classic mechanic of combining items makes a return. Combine herbs to heal yourself more, or create or enhance bullets with gunpowder to easily take out zombies.

Manage Limited Items Effectively

Resident Evil 2 Item Management

As a survival horror, the game has a great focus on survival with limited resource around. You will still have to make use of limited item slots, however, the game now allows you to pick up items to increase your inventory slot.

Survivor Minigames Make a Return

Resident Evil Survivor Minigame Tofu Hunk 4th

Unlockable bonus modes The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor will make a return in the remake. Put your survival skills to the test as Hunk or as block of Tofu with these challenging modes!

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