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All Attachment List - Types and Effects

CoD: BO4 | All Attachment List - Types and Effects | Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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CoD: BO4 | All Attachment List - Types and Effects | Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - GameWith
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Here is the complete list of Attachments in COD BO4. Check out the Effect of attachments, attachment types, and more.

All Attachment List - Types and Effects

Table of Contents

What Are Attachments?

Optional Enhancements & Modifications For Weapons

An attachment is an optional enhancement and modification for a weapon. When you get them, they will be automatically be attached to your weapons. When you already have the same type attachment on your weapon, the new item will be stocked in your inventory.

5 Types of Attachments Available For Weapons

There are 5 Types of Attachments available in COD BO4. These can be attached to most weapons although some weapons do not have applicable slots for attachments.

SightEnhances zoom and targeting
BarrelSuppress gun sound or enhance damage
MagazinesReduce Reload Time. Enlarge Mag. Size
BodiesStabilize aiming
StockImproved aiming/movement speed

Attachment List


NameEffectStats Change
ReflexReflexPrecision red dot sight with 1.35x magnification.Range -2 / Accuracy +1
ReconReconMagnification Optic. Press the right stick to switch between 2.0x, and 4.0x zoom levels.Range +2 / Accuracy +1
HolographicHolographicWide view with 1.75x magnification, and a fine point circular reticle.Accuracy +1
Dual ZoomDual ZoomMagnification Optic. Press the right stick while aiming down the sight to switch between 1.5x and 3.0x zoom levels.Range +1 / Accuracy +1
Threat DetectorThreat DetectorBiometric targeting confirmation and periphery enemy detection.Accuracy +2
NVIRNVIRIdentify enemies by detecting their increased heat signatures against the environment.Accuracy +2
ELOELOClear open sights with a lens projected dot.Accuracy +1
Compact ScopeCompact ScopeMagnification Optic. Press the right stick while aiming down the sight to switch between 1.5x and 4.0x zoom levels.Range +2 / Accuracy +1
Fast LockFast LockRockets lock on to targets faster.Fire Rate +1 / Accuracy +2
Iron SightsIron SightsCustomized Iron Sights.Range -2 , Accuracy +2


NameEffectStats Change
SuppressorSuppressorReduced muzzle flash and no mini-map signature while firing.Range -2
Long Barrel (I / II)Long Barrel (I / II)Increased damage falloff ranges. / Increased muzzle velocity. Bullets hit their target faster.Range +2 / Range +1 , Accuracy +1
Barrel ChokeBarrel ChokeIncreased damage dealt by pellets and decreased pellet spread.Damage +1 / Accuracy +1


NameEffectStats Change
Fast Mags (I / II)Fast Mags (I / II)Reload faster. / Reload faster. Every second magazine auto loads.None / None
High Caliber (I / II)High Caliber (I / II)Increased damage to headshots. / Increased damage to the upper chest.Damage +1 / Damage +2
FMJ (I / II)FMJ (I / II)Penetrates and destroys armor. Improved bullet penetration through walls and objects. / Increased damage to vehicles and equipment. Maximized bullet penetration through walls and objects.Damage +1 / Damage +2
Extended Mags (I / II)Extended Mags (I / II)Increased ammo capacity. / Maximized ammo capacity.Rounds/Mag + (Amount depends per weapon type)
Hybrid MagsHybrid MagsReload faster and increased ammo capacity.Rounds/Mag + (Amount depends per weapon type)
Rapid FireRapid FireIncreased rate of fire.Fire Rate +1
Sight LoaderSight LoaderReload faster and may reload while aiming.Accuracy +1
Speed LoaderSpeed LoaderQuickly reload all rounds at once.None
Max LoadMax LoadAdd two pellets to each shotgun shell.Damage +1 / Accuracy +1
Rocket CacheRocket CacheCarry two additional rockets.Mags +2
Fast LoaderFast LoaderReload rockets faster.None
High ExplosiveHigh ExplosiveIncreased rocket damage and explosion radius,Damage +3


NameEffectStats Change
Laser Sight (I / II)Laser Sight (I / II)Improved hip-fire accuracy. / Maximized hip fire accuracy and no hipfire penalty while moving.Accuracy +1 / Accuracy +2
Grip (I / II)Grip (I / II)Reduced recoil while aiming down the sight. / Minimized recoil when aiming before firing. Reduces flinch when aiming down the sight.Accuracy +1 / Accuracy +2
Steady GripSteady GripReduced recoil during hip-fire.Accuracy +2
Stabilizer (I / II)Stabilizer (I / II)Reduced weapon sway when aiming. / Hold breath longer.Accuracy +2 / None


NameEffectStats Change
Quickdraw (I / II)Quickdraw (I / II)Improved aiming speed. / Maximized aiming speed and increased peripheral vision while looking down sights. Multizoom optics do not gain peripheral vision bonus.Accuracy +1 / Accuracy +2
Stock (I / II)Stock (I / II)Improved movement speed while aiming. / Maximized movement speed while aiming. Maintain aim when jumping, landing, and moving while prone.Accuracy +1 / Accuracy +2

Operator Mod

What Is An Operator Mod?

Operator Mods are weapon specific attachments that add a significant change to how the weapon is used. These can only be equipped when you have the "Operator Mod" Wildcard in your loadout.

NameEffectStats Change
BayonetBayonetA lethal melee attack with a short lunge range.Damage +4
Echo FireEcho FireFiring blowback system shoots each other bullet at an increased fire rate.Fire Rate +1 / Accuracy +2
Quad ShotQuad ShotConverts weapon to fire a 4 round burst. Also increases damage falloff ranges.Fire Rate +2 / Fire Rate +2
Wild FireWild FireExtremely increased fire rate. The hail of bullets increases weapon recoil, and slows movement speed while firing.Fire Rate +3 / Accuracy -2
Belt FeedBelt FeedAdds an extreme amount of ammo that is continuously fed to the weapon. Weapon may overheat from prolonged firing.Rounds/Mag +540
Dual WieldDual WieldWield a weapon in each hand. ADS is no longer available.None
Double TapDouble TapConverts this weapon to a 2-round burst.Fire Rate +2 / Accuracy +1
RepeaterRepeaterAdvanced auto-burst mechanism allows each successive burst to fire with a shorter delay as the trigger is held down.Fire Rate +1 / Accuracy +2
Penta BurstPenta BurstRefitted burst mechanism adds one bullet to each burst. Also provides additional ammo.Fire Rate +3 / Rounds/Mag +4
OppressorOppressorSuppress enemies near your bullet stream.None
Cross BarCross BarADS is replaced with a focused hipfire that has reduced bullet spread and improved movement speeds.Accuracy +3
Fat BarrelFat BarrelFires massive shells that hit their targets easier.Accuracy +3
Bolt CylinderBolt CylinderEach Bolt Action now fires a three shot burst. Hold the trigger for auto-bursts.Damage -1 / Fire Rate +4
StrelokStrelokPrecision accuracy while entering ADS.Accuracy +3
Stiletto KnifeStiletto KnifeLethal melee attack.Damage +4
Skull SplitterSkull SplitterHeadshots are always lethal.Damage +4
Dragon BreathDragon BreathIncendiary ammunition inflicts damage over time.Damage +3
Strobe LightStrobe LightADS is replaced with a bright flashing light that causes blind spots in enemy vision.None

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