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Domination Mode - Multiplayer Tips & Guides

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Domination Mode - Multiplayer Tips & Guides

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Learn how to play the game mode: DOMINATION! Everything you need to know about the DOMINATION Game Mode, including tips, recommended specialists, and more.

Domination Mode - Multiplayer Tips & Guides
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DOMINATION Mode - Overview

Game Mode Description

3 points are scattered around the map. Capture or take control of these points to score points for your team. The first team to reach the score limit, or the team with more points when time expires, wins.

Take Control Of Objectives Faster

More players trying to take control of an objective will capture the point faster! Try to coordinate with your team to capture more objectives.

Capture More Objectives For More Points

Having control of majority of the objectives will reward your team with more points! Try to capture as many objectives as you can!

Recommended Specialist



Reason For Recommendation

TORQUE can deploy Razor Wire in the areas for capture and distract enemies. You can also deploy the Razor Wire at paths enemies often pass to limit area for enemies. Install the Razor Wire at narrow paths.



Reason For Recommendation

RECON's Sensor Dart can check if there are any ambushes awaiting in the area you want to capture. Since your allies can benefit from the Sensor Dart, Recon helps team very well.

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Recommended Weapon

ICR-7 (Assault Rifle)


Reason For Recommendation

When the map has wider areas, ICR-7 is recommended. ICR-7 works great as it has high accuracy and fire rate among assault rifles.



Reason For Recommendation

When map is comparatively narrow, GKS is recommended. GKS has high fire rate and a big mag size, so it can let you combat against enemies in succession. Also, thanks to its high accuracy among SMGS, you can even aim at enemies in mid-range.

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Recommended Gear



Reason For Recommendation

Since combat is frequent in Multiplayer Modes, you need protection to sustain yourself during matches. Armor will help you win the 1vs1 battle and recommended both for beginners and veterans.

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Recommended Perk

Cold Blooded

Reason For Recommendation

You will have less chances to die with this perk. With Cold blooded your resistance gets higher to enemy ability like equipment and Scorestreaks. Also, you will not be targeted by enemy score streaks.


Reason For Recommendation

As you are undetectable by enemy UAV, Ghost perk can protect you from enemy Scorestreaks.

Dead Silence

Reason For Recommendation

With Dead Silence, you will hardly be found by enemy sensors, so it helps you ambush near domination area or taking enemies back.

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DOMINATION - Gameplay Tips

Go With Your Allies When Capturing Areas

Since enemies ambush you when you try to capture areas, you cannot just cease them alone. Cooperate with your allies and overwhelm ambushes.

Move Little & Ambush After Capturing Areas

When capturing an area, you do not need to stay in to keep it captured. So, move a bit away from the area and ambush. Don't make noise so you won't be detected by sensors of enemies.

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