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Here are all of the specialists in Call of Duty BO4. Included are the roles each specialist is suited for & the special equipment they use.

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All Specialist List

AJAX - Area Clearance


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Engaging Groups Of Enemies & Pushing

Break enemy entrenchments and clear a path for your team through strategic use of the Ballistic Shield and powerful 9-Bang stun grenades.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Ballistic Shield (Weaponry)

Ballistic Shield

Durable transforming defensive shield with a built-in machine pistol.

9-Bang (Equipment)


Tactical grenade that flashes and stuns. Can be cooked to detonate multiple times.

How To Utilize This Specialist

Use The 9-Bang To Blind A Group Of Enemies

It is best to use the 9-Bang when planning on taking a group of enemies. Blinding them will give you enough time to bring them down in their vulnerable state!

Use The Ballistic Shield To Push The Objective

The Ballistic Shield is perfect for when you want to go on the offense, and push the objective. Move forward and soak up damage while your team follows behind you.

Recommended Game Modes

BATTERY - Demolitions


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Deal Massive Damage To Enemies

Use explosive firepower to rain down hell and clear an enemy stronghold quickly using a combination of the War Machine and Cluster Grenades.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

War Machine (Weaponry)

War Machine

High explosive grenade launcher.

Cluster Grenade (Equipment)

Cluster Grenade

Powerful explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and releases sub-munitions upon detonation.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Cluster Grenade To Damage An Area

Use the Cluster Grenade to clear out rooms of camping enemies. Best used far away from you as the Cluster Grenade can damage you as well!

Use The War Machine To Rain Down Firepower

Using the War Machine will help you destroy groups of enemies clumped together as the War Machine deals explosive damage over an area of effect.

Recommended Game Modes

CRASH - Team Support


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Constant Ammo & Health Support

Support your team with instant health buffs and ammo resupplies that accelerate the earning of Scorestreaks. When timed correctly, these actions can turn the tide of a battle.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

TAK-5 (Weaponry)


Heals, boosts max health, and removes Burns for the user and their team.

Assault Pack (Equipment)

Assault Pack

Deploys ammo packs that provide bonus score for taking down enemies.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Assault Pack To Resupply Teammates

For longer battles, provide some support for your team by giving them extra ammo, so they can survive longer in the field!

Use The TAK-5 To Buff Teammates

Give your teammates a buff by boosting their max health, and healing them to increase their survivability. Best used in game modes where no respawns are available.

Recommended Game Modes

FIREBREAK - Area Denial


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Force Enemies Away From An Area

Use tactics of area denial to clear strategic locations with devastating doses of radiation from the Reactor Core or the cleansing flames of the Purifier Flamethrower.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Purifier (Weaponry)


Flamethrower that shoots a stady gout of flame, scorching enemies within close game.

Reactor Core (Equipment)

Reactor Core

Emits a damaging radiation field that Burns enemies, reducing their max health for a time and preventing Healing.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Reactor Core To Radiate An Area

Best used when damaging an area with lots of enemies over time. Holding the equipment button, radiates enemies in an area more, but can deal damage to you as well.

Use The Purifier To Quickly Sweep An Area

Use to clear out an area full of enemies. Touching the flames for a short amount of time is lethal enough to kill enemies.

Recommended Game Mode

NOMAD - Ambush Tactics


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Kill Unsuspecting Enemies

Turn the environment against your foes through the tactical placement of Mesh Mines. Dispatch your trusted K9-Unit companion to hunt down enemies that escape your traps.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

K9-Unit (Weaponry)


Attack dog that can be commanded to either follow you or patrol a designated location.

Mesh Mine (Equipment)

Mesh Mine

Deploys explosive traps that connect to create lethal tripwires.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Mesh Mine To Set Up Traps For Enemies

Best used in fast-paced game modes. Use the Mesh Mine in tight corners to blow up unsuspecting enemies that pass by! Don't set the mine too far apart or they will not trigger an explosion!

Use The K-9 Unit To Hunt Down & Kill Enemies

Unleash your Rabid K9-Unit to hunt down and kill enemies for you! Helps to build your scorestreak if the dog can find a lot of enemies.Watch out as enemies can kill your dog!

Recommended Game Modes

PROPHET - Remote Disruption


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Immobilize Enemies

The autonomous Seeker tracks down unsuspecting enemies while you neutralize hostile formations with high-voltage electrical blasts from your Tempest rifle.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Tempest (Weaponry)


A tactical style rifle that shoots electrically charged Shock Rounds.

Seeker Shock Mine (Equipment)

Seeker Shock Mine

A rolling shock mine that seeks enemy players, paralyzing them on contact.

How To Utilize This Specialist

Use The Seeker To Find & Immobilize An Enemy

Deploy this to actively seek out enemies. Opponents who come in contact with the Seeker Mine will be immobilized for a few seconds, more than enough time for you to bring them down.

Use The Tempest To Cripple Enemies

The first shot from the Tempest that connects with an enemy will shock them, forcing them to go prone. A second shot will then eliminate them. Use this to pick off enemies one by one.

Recommended Game Modes

RECON - Intel Operations


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Gain A Tactical Advantage

Intel wins wars. Expose your foes' movements to your team with the powerful intelligence gathering capabilities of your Sensor Darts and Vision Pulse.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Vision Pulse (Weaponry)

Vision Pulse

Pulse the map to reveal all enemies for yourself and teammates.

Sensor Dart (Equipment)

Sensor Dart

Sensor equipment that reveals enemies in its proximity.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Sensor Dart To Reveal Parts Of The Map

Place the Recon Dart in areas where you believe a fight will go down. This will reveal hiding enemies on your team's minimap, allowing you to be ready when they show up!

Use The Vision Pulse To Reveal All Enemies

Use the Vision Pulse to give you and your team an advantage by showing enemy positions on your team's minimap and HUD. This will help your team better start engaging enemies.

Recommended Game Modes

RUIN - Frontal Assault


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Quick Traversal & Crowd Control

Lead the charge with the superior agility and mobility provided by your Grapple Gun. Destroy your enemies head on with the devastating power of the Grav Slam.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Grav Slam (Weaponry)

Grav Slam

Kinetic device that delivers a lethal blast radius around the point of impact.

Grapple Gun (Equipment)

Grapple Gun

Quickly grapple and zip to locations nearby.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Grapple Gun To Traverse The Map

Use the Grapple Gun to quickly traverse around the map, and get out of sticky situations. Try to use the Grapple Gun as much as you can since it recharges quickly.

Use The Grav Slam To Clear Groups Of Enemies

Use the Grav Slam to clear out an area full of enemies. Get close to the group using the Grapple Gun, and then Grav Slam to eliminate tons of enemies.

Recommended Game Modes

SERAPH - Tactical Command


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Deploy Teammates At Convenient Locations

Control the flow of battle using a Tac-Deploy beacon, keeping your squad in the action. Execute the enemy with precision shots from the Annihilator pistol.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Annihilator (Weaopnry)


Massive high-caliber revolver that fires devastating rounds with increased bullet penetration.

Tac-Deploy (Equipment)


Deployable beacon that allows your teammates to redeploy to the surrounding area.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Tac-Deploy To Respawn Teammates Near Objectives

Use the Tac-Deploy to allow your teammates to respawn near key objectives. Use this to cut down on travel time when you need a constant stream of people to help you secure an objective.

Use The Annihilator To Bring Down Tough Enemies

The Annihilator is a very powerful weapon as it can instantly kill other enemies. Best used against armored enemies.

Recommended Game Modes

TORQUE - Path Blocking


When Do You Need This Specialist?

Deny Enemy Routes

Build Barricades to reinforce your squad's position while deploying Razor Wire to funnel the enemies' movements into your team's crossfire.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Barricade (Weaponry)


Deploy reinforced cover for protection while securing objectives. Built-in microwave field slows and damages enemies.

Razor Wire (Equipment)

Razor Wire

Defensive razor wire damages and slow enemies that attempt to cross it.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Razor Wire To Block Paths

Use the Razor Wire to block an enemy's potential route, leading them to chokepoints for you and your team to focus your fire on. Best used on pathways with small openings.

Use The Barricade To Push Enemies Away

Use to hold down your position in a sticky situation. Push back enemies with the Barricade's microwave field, and fire back at opponents from a distance! The Barricade can only take a certain amount of damage before getting destroyed.

Recommended Game Modes

ZERO - Hacking and Disruption

Call of Duty BO4 Zero Specialist

When Do You Need This Specialist?

Disrupt Enemy Equipment and Scorestreaks

Zero has the unique ability of taking control of enemy equipment and scorestreaks. If timed well, you can turn the tide of battle to your favor!

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

Ice Pick (Weaponry)


Powerful hacking device that disables enemies and steals or destroys their equipment.



An EMP grenade that disrupts enemy equipment and HUDs.

Utilizing This Specialist

Use the Disruptor to Disable HUD and Equipment

Throw the Disruptor to instantly destroy certain enemy equipment like mesh mine and razor wire, or temporarily disable Specialist Weaponry like Torque's Barricade. The EMP also disrupts your opponents' HUD, hiding your team from radar.

Use the Ice Pick to Take Control of Scorestreaks

If you find your team overwhelmed with enemy scorestreaks and by enemy equipment, Zero can use her Ice Pick ability to take control of them. Use this to turn your enemies' scorestreaks and equipment against themselves!

Recommended Game Modes

OUTRIDER - Sniper Scout

OUTRIDER - Sniper Scout

When Do You Need This Specialist?

Scouting And Controlling Areas

Outrider excels at scouting a wide area with her HAWK, and allows her to see enemy positions with precision. Her Specialist Weapon can also take out multiple enemies quickly as explosive arrows can cause damage to a small area upon when it explodes.

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

SPARROW (Weaponry)

Fires highly lethal arrows that explode shortly after impact, damaging nearby enemies.


Pilotable drone scout that tags enemies and keeps watch over objectives and backdoors

Utilizing This Specialist

Use The Hawk To Keep Watch On Strategic Areas

Outrider performs very well on objective based modes as she can look over objective points with her Hawk, giving her valuable enemy position information. Take note however that this info is only provided to you, so make sure to relay enemy position via voice comms.

Take Out Or Force Groups Of Enemies To Scatter

Her Sparrow ability is very valuable as well in objective points where enemies tend to gather around. Use this ability to quickly take them out, or force them to move out of the area.

Not Very Useful In Team Deathmatch

One downside with Outrider is that you need to position manually her Hawk drone in order to gain enemy position info, and this is not particularly useful in Team Deathmatch or other modes where enemy spawns rotate a lot.

Recommended Game Modes

REAPER - Heavy Assault

REAPER - Heavy Assault

When Do You Need This Specialist?

Gain The Element of Surprise

Reaper's skills give it an advantage by allowing it to jam enemy radars, and give its team a tactical advantage by allowing them to surprise enemies and attack with high-powered machinery!

Specialist Weapon & Equipment

SCYTHE (Weaponry)

Heavy-damage machine gun that rips through equipment, scorestreaks, and enemy players.

Radar Shroud

Scrambles a portion of the mini-map within its effective radius. Will be able to deter enemies from gathering precious information.

Utilizing This Specialist

Jam Enemy Radars When Doing Objectives

The Radar Shroud is best used when making a play for the objective during matches. This will disorient enemy teams and give you some useful covers to complete plays for objective. You might also get the drop on them when they aimlessly walk into your team.

Turn The Tide Of Battle

Use the Scythe to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies and turn the tide of battle. It is best used in key moments of the match such as the final moments, but also shines when used to rack up your skills!

Recommended Game Modes

What Is A Specialist?

CoD:BO4 - Specialists Overview

In Multiplayer mode, you need to choose a specialist before getting into a battle. Each specialist has a special equipment and weaponry that can be used as time passes in the battle.

Specialist Weapons & Equipment Differ

Specialist weapons & equipment are the actual difference between specialists, so get to know more about their special weapons to use them in correct situations.

Special Equipment & Special Weaponry

Specialist Weapons take more time to charge up than Equipment. On an average, you can only use the Weapon 2-3 times per game. It is more important to choose a Specialist with Equipment more suited to the situation.

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