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Tactical Rifle - Weapon List & Stats

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Tactical Rifle - Weapon List & Stats

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Find out about damage, effective range, magazine size, traits and tips of the Tactical Rifle weapons in COD BO4!

Tactical Rifle
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Tactical Rifle List

WeaponDamageFire RateRangeAccuracy
ABR 223ABR 22381279

※Max value is 20

Tactical Rifle Overview

Weapon Traits

Semi-Automatic Firing Mode

Tactical Rifles do not fire continuously. They fire in short bursts, or even fire 1 shot per pull of the trigger.

Decent To High Amount Of Damage

Despite it only firing in bursts, a single burst can be fatal if not deadly to an enemy if all the bullets connect!

Weapon Tips

Aim For The Body

Since Tactical Rifles cannot fire continuously, you would need to make sure that most if not all your bullets will connect with the target. Aim for the body since that will be the area where your bullets have a high chance of hitting!

Use Against Middle To Long Range Enemies

Tactical Rifles can maintain your accuracy because of their firing mode. You can use these weapons to get the jump on far away and unsuspecting enemies!

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