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Best Custom Class Per Weapon In Multiplayer - Tips and Guide

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Best Custom Class Per Weapon In Multiplayer - Tips and Guide

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Find out the best multiplayer custom class setup for different weapons in COD BO4. Get loadout tips from attachments and gear to perks and scorestreaks.

Best Custom Class Per Weapon In Multiplayer

Recommended Custom Classes

About Custom Class

Best Custom Class Criteria

The following list of custom classes have been recommended based on the following criteria:


The best custom class setups must allow players to react to different combat situations and eliminate threats accordingly.

High Damage Or Rate Of Fire

It is essential that setups allow players to eliminate enemies in the shortest amount of time possible - be it via high damage shots or a string of rapid fire shots.

Focus On Weapon Strengths

These setups were designed to further highlight the strengths of each particular weapon, allowing them to better perform their role when used in a match.

Recommended Custom Classes

ICR-7 Recommended Custom Class


ICR-7 Setup Loadout

AttachmentsGrip, Quickdraw, Long Barrel
GearStim Shot
PerksLightweight, Dexterity, Team Link
WildcardsPrimary Gunfighter
ScorestreaksAttack Chopper, Care Package, Hellstorm

Tips To Use ICR-7 Setup

This ICR-7 setup focuses on being able to engage enemies accurately while on the move. Take advantage of the improved gun handling from the attachments and perks to take down enemies before they get too close.

MX9 Recommended Custom Class


MX9 Setup Loadout

AttachmentsHybrid Mags, Stock, Rapid Fire
GearStim Shot
PerksLightweight, Gung-Ho, Team Link
WildcardsPrimary Gunfighter
ScorestreaksUAV, Hellstorm, Attack Chopper

Tips To Use MX9 Setup

This MX9 setup focuses on working with your team and being constantly on the move. Hybrid Mags allow you to engage enemies longer while Team Link gives you situational awareness so you can rush to help when they're in a bind.

CORDITE Recommended Custom Class


CORDITE Setup Loadout

AttachmentsBelt Feed, Rapid Fire, FMJ
GearStim Shot
PerksScavenger, Lightweight, Dexterity
WildcardsPrimary Operator Mod
ScorestreaksCare Package, Hellstorm, Attack Chopper

Tips To Use CORDITE Setup

Ideal for aggressive play, this will allow you to clear corridors efficiently and pin down enemies with suppressive fire. Keep an eye out for overheating when firing for an extended period of time and make sure to replenish bullets from fallen enemies.

SAUG 9MM Recommended Custom Class


SAUG 9MM Setup Loadout

PrimarySAUG 9MM
AttachmentsQuickdraw, Fast Mags, Dual Wield
GearStim Shot
PerksScavenger, Lightweight, Ghost
WildcardsPrimary Operator Mod
ScorestreaksCare Package, Hellstorm, Attack Chopper

Tips To Use SAUG 9MM Setup

Ideal for close range aggressive tactics, take advantage of this setup to go for flanking attacks and ambush enemies while making sure to replenish ammo from fallen players.

AUGER DMR Recommended Custom Class


AttachmentsDouble Tap, High Caliber I & II, FMJ
GearAcoustic Sensor
PerksTactical Mask, Team Link, Scavenger
WildcardsPrimary Operator Mod
ScorestreaksAttack Chopper, Hellstorm, UAV

Tips To Use AUGER DMR Setup

This setup maximizes the damage the AUGER DMR deals, allowing you to eliminate enemies within 2 bursts. Take advantage of Team Link to determine where enemies might be so you can assist in eliminating hostiles.

TITAN Recommended Custom Class


AttachmentsFMJ, Stock, Quickdraw
GearAcoustic Sensor
PerksEngineer, Cold Blooded, Ghost
WildcardsPrimary Gunfighter
ScorestreaksAttack Chopper, Hellstorm

Tips To Use TITAN Set Up

This setup maximized damage and gun handling for the TITAN, making it capable of killing even enemies with armor. Take advantage of the perks to take out enemy scorestreaks before they have a chance to attack.

SWORDFISH Recommended Custom Class


AttachmentsHigh Caliber, FMJ, Penta Burst
GearAcoustic Sensor
PerksCold Blooded, Engineer, Team Link
WildcardsPrimary Operator Mod
ScorestreaksAttack Chopper, Hellstorm

Tips To Use SWORDFISH Set Up

Use this setup at midrange and the high damage output will melt down enemies quickly. Awareness of enemy locations from the Engineer and Team Link perks will allow you to assist your team in taking them down quickly.

MOZU Recommended Custom Class


OpticCompact Scope
AttachmentsSkull Splitter, Stock, Speed Reloader, High Caliber
PerksScavenger, Ghost
WildcardsSecondary Operator Mod, Secondary Gunfigher
ScorestreaksCare Package, Hellstorm, Attack Chopper

Tips To Use MOZU Set Up

This setup allows you to deal lethal headshots at any range so always aim for the head, even when on the move. Take the opportunity to pick up ammo when you can as this may also deplete your supply quickly.

OUTLAW Recommended Custom Class


SecondaryRK 7 GARRISON
AttachmentsStablizer, Suppressor, Bolt Cylinder
GearAcoustic Sensor
PerksGhost, Dead Silence, Cold Blooded
WildcardsPrimary Operator Mod
ScorestreaksCare Package, Hellstorm, Attack Chopper

Tips To Use OUTLAW Set Up

This setup focuses on taking out enemies stealthily and minimizing getting discovered. Use the GARRISON while moving between positions and around corners to quickly take down opponents. Focus on using the OUTLAW once you've managed to secure a good sniping postion.

What Is Custom Class

A Custom Class is a unique class where you will be able to optimize your soldier's loadout by choosing which weapons, perks, and more will be equipped by your soldier.

Custom Class Is Unlocked When Reaching Level 5

Once you reach level 5, you will be able to start creating a custom class for yourself. Try to reach level 5 as soon as possible to start creating your own class!

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