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Blackout Battle Royale Tips & Guides - How To Get Better

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Blackout Battle Royale Tips & Guides - How To Get Better

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Learn how to play the Blackout Battle Royale Mode here! From preparation, to early-game & eventually end-game, here are some tips to help you get better in Blackout.

Blackout Battle Royale Tips & Guides - How To Get Better

Table of Contents

Tips To Prepare For Blackout Mode

Play With Friends In Duo Or Squad Mode

Since communication is a crucial factor in this game mode, it is better to play in a team with your friends rather than strangers!

Put Markers On The Map

Blackout Mode Preparation

Before diving into the map, make sure to put a marker to let your teammates know where you will be landing. This will let your teammates know how to support you.

Related Controls - PS4

Show MapPush "TouchPad"
Move CursorRight Stick
Set MarkerR1 Button when the cursor is on map

Early Part Of The Blackout Game

Tips for Landing

Why Do You Need To Land Faster?

If you land faster, you can collect weapons and items before your rivals. In the early phase, you will most likely be able to eliminate a lot of opposition if you got to the weapon first.

How To Land?

How to land

Jump 2.5 squares away from the destination and aim directly at the ground. When your height reaches 60m, aim parallel to the ground so when the parachute opens, you have enough momentum to reach the location you want to land in!

Check For Enemies While Descending

How To Land Tips

Sometimes, other players may have chosen the same location you want to land in. If you want to avoid combat as much as possible, try to change your landing location ASAP!

Get Mid-Long Range Weaopns

Get Mid-Long Range Weapons: Koshka

Since the Blackout map is huge, you will need to fight in Mid-Long range battles most of the time. It is recommended to get Mid-Long range weapons to help you survive in Blackout.

Best Weapons To Get

Ray GunThis Pistol can cause massive damage and can be dropped from item boxes found in Zombie Area
KoshkaKoshka's damage is high and you can aim enemies from far away with scope attachments.
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How To Get The Ray Gun?

How To Get The Ray Gun

You will first need to know locations of Zombie areas around the map. Be reminded that there might be lots of skilled players competing for the rare weapons and items. For details, check the provided link below.

Check Out How To Get Ray Gun Here!

Get Gear/Items

Items assist you survive in the game. Know their functions and optimize your loadout according to your needs. You can bring 5 items by default. It is expandable to 10 items if you equip the backpack.

Get Health Items

Since you'll be in combat many times in one game, it's best to stock up on as much health items as you can. You can stack up to 10 First Aids, 3+ Med Kits, and 1 Trauma Kit per slot in your inventory.

Armor Reduces Damage

Armor Reduces Damage

Armors helps you reduce damage from enemies. There are 3 levels of armors and Heavy armor (Lv. 3) is the best one to get.

Middle Part of Blackout Game

Do Not Always Fight

In the middle of the game, you may find lots of enemies around the map. However, think if it is worth starting combat. The ultimate goal of this mode is to be a survivor and in most cases, it would be best to avoid combat.

How To Disengage From Attacking Enemies

When you are under fire, if you cannot get into a vehicle for a quick getaway, you can slide to avoid getting hit! Jumping will also make your movements unpredictable, so try to mix them up!

Continuous Sliding Actions Will Not Let You Slide For A While

Continuous sliding actions sound like a very good way to avoid enemy attacks. But, Sliding for 5-6 times or more will stop the slide animation. This might be a mechanic that prevents you from exploiting the sliding mechanic.

How To Spot Enemies

Auditory Cues

Audio is a helpful mechanic in the game for spotting enemies. It is best when you play Blackout Mode with Headphones on to better hear any auditory cues that the game is giving you!

Confirm With Your Eyes

Confirm With Your Eyes

You can use the sniper lenses to scout and spot enemies within the game. Spotting enemies will then help you further strategize what next steps you need to make in the game.

Late Part of Blackout Game

Throw Sniper Rifle When Safe Zone Is Small

It would be better to swap your Sniper Rifle to a weapon that is effective in Mid to Close Range combat if the Safe Area is small.

Recon Car To Search For Enemies

Using the recon car, will let you remotely find enemies. You do not need to move to look around! However, always remember to hide since you are immobilized when using the recon car!

How To Unlock Multiplayer & Zombie Skins

Level Up Your Echelon In Blackout

Level Up Echelon Unlock Skins

Some character skins will unlock at certain levels. You just need to keep playing Blackout mode to receive these cosmetic skins.

Complete Character Missions In Blackout Mode

Character Mission Unlock Skins

In a Blackout round, looting Supply Drops, Supply Crates, & eliminated players can reward you with a character mission - an objective you need to complete to unlock a certain skin.

Objectives Change Per Character

Objectives depend on the character mission you receive. Objectives can mean using certain weapons or consumables, avoiding damage from the ring, or getting a certain place in the match.

Complete The Objective Within The Round

Once you receive the character mission, you'll need complete the objective within the round. If you get eliminated without completing the objective, you'll have to find the challenge again in another round.

Skins Are Purely Aesthetic

Skins in Blackout Mode are purely for cosmetic reasons & solely change the appearance of your character. They do not give any advantage in combat or battle.

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