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SubMachine Gun (SMG) - Weapon List & Stats

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SubMachine Gun (SMG) - Weapon List & Stats

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Find out about damage, effective range, magazine size, traits & tips of the Submachine gun weapons in COD BO4!

Sub Machinegun (SMG) - Weapon List
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Submachine gun List

WeaponDamageFire RateRangeAccuracy

※Max value is 20

Submachine Gun (SMG) Overview

Weapon Traits

Effective At Close Range

Submachine Guns are most effective when used at close range. They start to lose their effectiveness when there is some distance between you and the target. Use the SMG for close range battles!

High Fire Rate & Low Damage

SMGs are known for their fast fire-rate. However, their bullets deal relatively low damage each.

Weapon Tips

Get Up Close & Personal

In order for you to get the maximum potential out of the SMG, it is recommended you get up close and personal with the enemy before using the SMG. This makes sure that they will absorb most of the bullets you are firing at a fast rate!

Be Unpredictable With Your Movements

Close range battles can also prove to be a big danger to you. It is recommended to mix up your movements when close to the enemy. Jump, crouch, go prone, or strafe, make it hard for the enemy to hit you!

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