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Shotgun - Weapon List & Stats

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Shotgun - Weapon List & Stats

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Find out about damage, effective range, magazine size, traits & tips of the Shotgun weapons in COD BO4

Shotgun Weapon List Eyecatch - MOG 12
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Shotgun List

WeaponDamageFire RateRangeAccuracy
MOG 12MOG 1215335

※Max value is 20

Shotgun Overview

Weapon Traits

High Damage

Shotguns can deal a lot of damage in a single shot because they fire a lot of pellets in front of them. Getting hit with all of the shotgun's pellets is lethal if not deadly!

Short Range

Because of the Shotgun's spread shot, it is not very accurate or effective at mid-long range. However, when it comes to close range, the Shotgun is a trusty weapon to have!

Weapon Tips

Get Up Close And Personal

In order for you to make the most out of the Shotgun, you need to get close to the enemy so that their body catches a lot of the weapon's pellets. This will deal the Shotgun's maximum damage!

Slide To Get Close

Sliding is a great way to get close to opponents since it makes you a harder target while quickly approaching the enemy. Once you are close enough, you can use the Shotgun to shoot them down!

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