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Get better by learning about Multiplayer Mode in COD BO4. Get to know leveling up, weapons, specialists, and more.

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Leveling Up First

Leveling Up Can Make You Strong

Leveling up your account can make you a stronger player. It unlocks new items such as weapons, perks, scorestreaks, and more when you reach certain levels.

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Further Tweak Your Playstyle

By unlocking more items to equip to your soldier, you can further improve your gameplay style, or even straight up change the way you play! There are many different options that can let you approach the battle in different ways.

Unlock Weapons By Leveling Up

There are several weapons unlocked by leveling up. They can be used for your Custom Class.

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Leveling Up Weapons For More Attachment Options

Weapon Levels can be raised when you kill enemies using the same weapon in multiplayer game modes. You can unlock more attachments by leveling up weapons. You will then be able to equip them in your Custom Classes.

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Unlock Create A Class At Account Level 5

Once you reach level 5, you will be able to start creating a custom class for yourself. Try to reach level 5 as soon as possible to start creating your own class!

What Is A Custom Class?

A Custom Class is a unique class where you will be able to optimize your soldier's loadout by choosing which weapons, perks, and more will be equipped by your soldier.

Understand The Game Modes

Each Game Mode has a different set of rules and stipulations to win, making them unique in their own way. Enjoy your own strategy after learning features of each game mode.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch - Multiplayer Mode


Kill players on the opposing team to score points for your team. The team that reaches the score limit first, or has more points when time expires, wins the match!

How To Win

For players who want to play it safe, stick to the edges of the map since enemies usually don't go here. Aggressive players tend to go to the center of the map!

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Free For All

Free For All - Multiplayer Mode


No teams, every soldier for themselves! Earn points by eliminating any soldier you see. The first player to reach the score limit, or who has the most points when the timer expires, wins the game!

How To Win

Play smart! Do not blindly rush around the map, but be patient. Check corners, and pathways by aiming down your sights before moving, and check your flanks and backsides regularly!

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Domination - Multiplayer Mode


There are three points on the map that two opposing teams can capture. Taking over, and holding these objectives will earn points for the team. The first team to reach the score limit, or have more points when time expires, wins!

How To Win

Focus on capturing only 2 flag points. This way, you will be able to predict where the enemy will spawn next, and be able to trap them in their spawn point until the end of the match!

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Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed - Multiplayer Mode


Collect dog tags from fallen enemies to earn points for your team, and deny the enemy team points by collecting fallen teammates' dog tags. The team that reaches the score limit first, or has more points when the time limit is reached, wins.

How To Win

Do not immediately get dog tags! An enemy may be watching behind a few objects, and start shooting at you when you sprint forwards! Only collect dog tags if you are completely sure there are no enemies around!

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Search And Destroy

Search And Destroy - Multiplayer Mode


Teams take turns defending, and destroying an objective. Destroying the objective will make attackers win while nothing getting destroyed gives the defenders the win. First team to win 4 rounds will win the match!

How To Win (Attackers)

Immediately set up the bomb and wait for the defenders to try and defuse them. Defusing the bomb will leave them in a vulnerable state, and are an easy target for you!

How To Win (Defenders)

Ambush the enemy by using the center of the map. Attackers will stick to the sides to avoid as much combat as possible before setting up the bomb. Use the center of the map to flank the attackers from behind and eliminate them!

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Hardpoint - Multiplayer Mode


Opposing teams try to capture the hardpoint, an objective that moves around the map! Capturing the hardpoint will reward your team points when captured. The team to reach the score limit first, or has more points when the time expires, wins.

How To Win

Since the hardpoints follow a spawn pattern per map, memorize the pattern to know where it will spawn next. You will be able to capture objectives faster! Also, move with your team to focus fire on enemy targets!

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Heist - Multiplayer Mode


Two teams look for a bag of cash, and bring it to the extraction zone. The team to do this will win the round. You can also win the round by eliminating all enemies since there is no respawn. First team to win 4 rounds wins.

How To Win

Use your cash to buy a good primary weapon in the second round and equipment that reveals enemy positions on the latter rounds. You can get health and ammo around the map anyways. Don't forget to revive teammates!

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Control - Multiplayer Mode


Your team can win by reducing the number of respawns the enemy team has from 30 to 0. The team can also win if they have more respawns than the enemy when the timer runs out.

How To Win

Stick with your teammates to capture objectives faster, and focus fire on enemies. Focusing your fire can quickly reduce their respawns to zero. Also equip scorestreaks or equipment that can reveal enemy positions!

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Safeguard - Multiplayer Mode


Teams take turns escorting a Drone to and from different points on the map. Attackers must stay close and escort the Drone while Defenders try to stop the Attackers from completing their objective.

How To Win - Defenders

Use Sniper Rifles & Launchers to defend against Attackers. You will be able to shoot from far away while keeping yourself safe. Since the Drone's path is set per map, you will know where to hole up to pick off enemies!

How To Win - Attackers

Fan out and clear a path for your team and the robot to push forward. Eliminate any Defenders lying in wait since they may be using launchers and snipers to impede your progress!

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Players spawn in as a team of survivors with one player becoming randomly infected. Survivors must fend off infected players as long as they can, while the infected team must kill and infect all remaining survivors to win.

How To Win - Survivors

Keep close with your team and take out infected enemies from a far. Get to high ground or look for cover as infected can only use throwing axe and bowie knives to kill.

How To Win - Infected

Use your throwing axe as much as possible as survivors tend to group up, increasing likelihood of getting a hit. Sneak in through their flanks to get up close. Use the Tracker perk to hunt down stray survivors.

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Understand Weapon Traits

Weapon traits differ mainly by categories. Damage, range, accuracy, and more will differ depending on the weapon type. Below are some traits of the different weapon classes in CoD.

Weapon Category Table

Weapon CategoryTraits
Assault RifleAverage damage. Effective at middle range.
Submachine GunHigh rate of fire. Deadly at close range.
Tactical RifleBurst Fire Mode. Decent to high damage at close-mid range.
Light MachinegunHigh rate of fire, and damage. High recoil.
SniperHigh damage. Effective at long range. Low fire rate. Bullets have travel time.
HandgunDecent amount of damage at close range. Semi-automatic firing mode.
ShotgunHigh damage output. Pellets spread over an area. Most effective at close range.
LauncherHigh damage. Rockets explode around an area. Can damage you.
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Understand Traits of Specialists

You need to choose a specialist before getting into a battle. Each specialist has a special equipment and weapon. Those special weapons are the actual difference between specialists, so get to know more about their special weapons.

Specialist Sample Table

PROPHETEnemy Detector
AJAXArea Clearance
RECONIntel Operations
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The Best Specialist Differs From Game Mode

Each specialist possesses traits that allow them to shine on different game modes. Make sure to know the objectives from each game mode, and choose the best specialist whose traits best fit the situation!

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Use Traits For Your Team

Traits of specialists can be classified as attacking, tanking, defending or supporting. Get to know how you should role in the games based on the traits of specialists.

Game Play Tips

Practice Against Bots In Custom Game Modes

Multiplayer Tips & Guides - How To Get Better

In custom game modes, you can practice your aim and actions. Also, by adding Bots in the game, you can practice against them.

How To Set Up A Bot Match

Practice All Weapons & Attachments

All weapons are available in costume games. Get to know traits of weapons and how their performance change with attachments!

Test and Find Best Custom Classes

All equippables are available in custom games, so it is a nice practice to create the best custom classes.

Check Out Best Custom Class Per Weapon

No XP For Bot matches

Just a little caution. You cannot get any XP by playing custom matches against Bots. Use the mode only for your practice!

Make Sure The Area Is Clear Before Proceeding

Move Foward With Care

It is recommended to always go about exploring the map with extreme care. Running into an enemy while your guard is down could give them enough of a window to bring you down!

Always Predict Enemy Locations

As CoD is a fast-paced game, it is always best to think ahead of the competition. Try to predict enemy movement and locations by familiarizing yourself with the map to get an advantage.

Move Forward With Your Allies

When you are new to this game, it is hard to predict enemy positions. So, follow your allies and support them. It is always good to have backup with you.

Know And Memorize The Map

Knowing the map like the back of your hand will give you a lot of advantages when facing enemies. You will be able to exploit unknown routes, single out lone enemies, and more!

Ambush Enemies With Advantageous Positions

By knowing the map, you will be able to get to different locations using more than one route. You will be able to get to an unsuspecting enemy by passing through places that cut their line of sight!

Deploy Traps At Choke Points

By having extensive knowledge of the map, you will be able to set traps like Torque's Barricade at choke points. Allowing you to remotely damage them, or maybe even get kills!

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