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Free For All Mode - Multiplayer Tips & Specialist To Use

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Free For All Mode - Multiplayer Tips & Specialist To Use

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Learn how to play the game mode: Free For All! Everything you need to know about the Free For All Game Mode, including tips, recommended specialists, & more!
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Free For All Mode - Overview

Game Mode Description

It's every soldier for themselves! Try to get as many points as possible by eliminating opponents! The player who reaches the score limit, or who has the most number of points when the time limit is reached, wins!

Recommended Specialist



Reason For Recommendation

NOMAD's Mesh Mine can trap enemies and kill them without any combat. Also, K9-Unit "the Dog" can kill enemies without your interactions. These helps you earning kills a lot!



Reason For Recommendation

PROPHET's Seeker Shock Mine can help you seek for closest enemies. Enemies found and touched by the mine will be paralyzed for a while so it will be the best timing to charge in. But, there might be other enemies around your target, so be careful.

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Recommended Weapon

Titan (Light Machine Gun)


Reason For Recommendation

Titan's stats is great in Damage and Mag. size compared to other LMGs though movement using Titan is slower than other light weapons. They will let you combat long without reloading ammo.

Equip Extended Magazine & FMJ Attachhment

Titan can equip Extended Magazine and FMJ. Extended Magazine can increase your ammo size, and FMJ can enhance penetration to armors and walls. These equipments help you not to reload many times.

GKS (Submachine Gun)


Reason For Recommendation

GKS is great in Firerate and Accuracy with decent damage compared to other sub machine guns. These stats help you kill enemies in close-to-mid range combat stably.

Equip Long Barrel I & II Attachhment

Long Barrels helps increasing damage fall off ranges and muzzle velocity. In short, they are advantages when shooting.

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Recommended Gear



Reason For Recommendation

Since combat is frequent in Multiplayer Modes, you need protection to sustain yourself during matches. Armor will help you win the 1vs1 battle and recommended both for beginners and veterans.

Acoustic Sensor

Acoustic Sensor

Reason For Recommendation

The Acoustic Sensor will give you information on enemy locations around the map. Very helpful in game modes with no respawns since you can find enemies and eliminate them first! Recommended for experienced players who can win 1v1 combat.

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Recommended Perk

Cold Blooded

Reason For Recommendation

You will have less chances to die with this perk. With Cold blooded your resistance gets higher to enemy ability like equipment and Scorestreaks. Also, you will not be targeted by enemy score streaks.


Reason For Recommendation

Enemy has less chances to detect you with this perk. You will not be detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs or control streaks.

Dead Silence

Reason For Recommendation

As you can move quietly, enemies cannot hear your move easily, meaning that the perk helps you hide from enemies sound sensor.

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Free For All - Gameplay Tips

Use Perks & Gears To Know Enemy Location

In this game mode, enemy could come from any directions and detection is the key to win. To detect enemies, it would be nice to equip perks and gears to take advantages in detecting enemies.

Check Mini Maps

When enemy make noises like shooting, they will be displayed on minimap displayed at top left as a red dot. Use the information of enemy location and get prepared for the combat incoming.

Reload Minimum

Enemy can come anytime and you might be attacked while reloading. So, even after winning 1vs1, be careful about enemies approaching from nowhere. Do reload when you are sure you enemies are not getting closer.

Do not Locate Yourself At Center Of Maps

Since locating yourself at the center of maps is a risk where you can be attacked from any direction, try to limit the risk by locating yourself at the corner of maps.

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