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All upcoming characters for Honkai: Star Rail. See upcoming characters and schedules for each character.

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*Warning: This article contains some spoilers.

Schedule For Upcoming Characters

Ver 1.3 Scheduled Characters

*This is a prediction from the order they were announced. Actual release order may vary.

飲月Imbibitor Lunae符玄Fu XuanLynx

Ver.1.4 Scheduled Characters

*This is a prediction from the order they were announced. Actual release order may vary.


Ver 1.3 Scheduled Characters

Imbibitor Lunae

Voice ActorTo Be Announced

Imbibitor Lunae is a 5 Star Destruction character that was suddenly announced on July 4. Some information about him was revealed in the Trailblaze Mission in Xianzhou Luofu. He will likely play a significant role in the future storyline.

High Elder of Xianzhou Luofu

Imbibitor Lunae is the High Elder of Xianzhou Luofu, bearer of the Azure Dragon's legacy. It has been told in Bailu's story that the High Elder is connected to the Long of "The Permanence" and is a prominent Vidyadhara.

We can also assume from the name Azure Dragon that he may be connected to Xianzhou Cangcheng, one of the Xianzhou that was destroyed.

Is Jingliu Also Involved?

Mr. Xiyan, Starskiff Haven's storyteller, said that the Vidyadhara high elder roiled the ancient seas like thunder, and submerged the Scalegorge Waterscape delve.

In Yanqing's Companion Mission, there is a statement that "Since the Sedition of Imbibitor Lunae, the title of Sword Champion among the Luofu Cloud Knights has remained vacant for centuries." This may be related to Jingliu, the mara-stricken swordmaster of the Luofu.

▼Who Is Imbibitor Lunae?
(*Spoiler Alert)

Fu Xuan

Voice ActorSarah Wiedenheft

Fu Xuan appears in Chapter 2: Xianzhou Luofu. She can predict the future with her third eye and the Matrix of Prescience. She was announced as a Quantum/Preservation character before the game was released and now her other stats including her rarity has been announced, which suggests that she will be released soon.

The Head Of The Divination Commission Who Calculates Xianzhou's Route

Fu Xuan is the head of the Divination Commission, which predicts the near future using the Matrix of Prescience. By doing so she calculates Xianzhou's route and also prevents crime.

Strives To Become The Next General Of The Cloud Knights

Fu Xuan is so confident that she firmly believes that everything she does is the "best solution", presumably because she has the power of her third eye and the Matrix of Prescience.

That is why she often disagrees with the current general, Jing Yuan, and although they do work together, she has once requested Jing Yuan to step down and make herself the next general.

Hostility to Kafka and the Stellaron Hunters

Fu Xuan had a bad experience chasing Kafka and the Stellaron Hunters in the main story. It resulted from her believing in her own prediction of the future and being deceived by them. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming story.


Voice ActorRisa Mei

Lynx is one of Belobog's best extreme environments explorers and the youngest sibling of the Landau family. She has been mentioned multiple times in the game, including Gepard's messages, but finally, she will be released as a 4 Star Abundance/Quantum character.

Much Awaited 4 Star Abundance/Quantum Character!

Lynx is a much-awaited 4-star Abundance/Quantum character since Natasha. She is relatively easy to get and has enough potential to make difficult challenges such as "Forgotten Hall" much smoother.

She is also the first Quantum character of the Abundance Path. She can be paired with Seele, Silver Wolf, and also Fu Xuan who is a Quantum/Preservance character to create a Quantum team that can apply a Quantum-type weakness to your enemy.

Quantum Type Characters
(Single Target)
(Multiple Target)
銀狼Silver Wolf
(Apply Weakness)
符玄Fu Xuan

Belobog's Best Extreme Environments Explorers

Lynx is one of Belobog's best extreme environments explorers. There isn't much known about her since she doesn't appear in the main story, but according to her description, she seems to be introverted.

As you can tell from her words, "Um, aren't all socialization unnecessary?", she appears to be happy being by herself.

The Youngest Sibling Of The Landau Family

▲ She has been mentioned before as seen in this message from Gepard

Lynx is the youngest sibling of "The" Landau family. We've seen her being mentioned in some messages in the game but details have never been revealed.

It seems she rarely goes home to Belobog, but we are looking forward to seeing her events in that area.

Landau Family Characters

Ver.1.4 Scheduled Characters


Voice ActorAmaLee

Jingliu is the former sword master of Luofu, who was also the master of Jing Yuan. Jing Yuan had to fight against her after she was Mara-Struck. Her whereabouts have been unknown since her defeat in that battle. You can watch the YouTube official video for more details.

Click To Watch Official Short Video (YouTube)

Appears In Yanqing's Companion Mission "Frosty Blade's Trial"

▲ They fought together, but her skills and Path are unknown.

She appears in Yanqing's Companion Mission "Frosty Blade's Trial, " released in Ver 1.1. There we see Jingliu, who was thought to be Mara-Struck, chasing Blade. She also mentions Xianzhou Cangcheng, one of the destroyed ships, so it will likely be the same person.

Topaz & Numby

Voice ActorSam Slade

Topaz, Senior Manager of the Strategic Investment Department in the Interastral Peace Corporation, and leader of the Special Debts Picket Team.

The Interastral Peace Corporation is an enormous consortium that adheres to Qlipoth, the "Preservation" Aeon, and the "Credit" they create is also the currency used in interstellar trade.

The Warp Trotter beside her is "Numby"


Her partner, the Warp Trotter "Numby," is also capable of acutely perceiving where "riches" are located. It can even perform jobs involving security, debt collection, and actuarial sciences.

The Character on the Light Cone "Trend of the Universal Market"

Trend of the Universal Market

Although Topaz doesn't appear in the game's storyline, she's on the illustration of the 4-Star Light Cone "Trend of the Universal Market". In the flavor text, Topaz is seen calculating the value of the planet's assets and negotiating to recover the debt.

"Trend of the Universal Market" is Preservation's Light Cone, but Topaz is a Hunt character, so while it is her Signature Light Cone, equipping it is practically impossible.


Voice ActorMorgan Lauré

Guinaifen is a street performer from another planet living in Xianzhou Luofu. She is a short-lived species known as "Outworlders." Relying on her adoration of Xianzhou culture, Guinaifen quickly learned skills - these being smashing large stones upon the chest, and catching projectiles with her bare hands, et cetera.

Her name was given by her best friend, Sushang


▲You can find Sushang in Guinaifen's introduction image.

With her real name being Guinevere, Guinaifen is the Xianzhou name given to her by her good friend Sushang.

The episode of how they met can be found in Sushang's Story


▲Chapter 2 and 3 of Sushang's story is about how she met Guinaifen

Sushang's story details how she met Guinaifen and they became best friends, offering insight into why Guinaifen resides in Xianzhou. Please read on if interested.

The character on the Light Cone "Subscribe for More!"


Although Guinaifen doesn't appear in the game's storyline, she can be seen in Sushang's story and in the illustration of the 4-Star Light Cone "Subscribe for More!" In the flavor text, Guinaifen involves Sushang in a street performance.

"Subscribe for More!" is a Hunt's Light Cone. Guinaifen, a Nihility character, cannot equip it, but it is equipable for her best friend Sushang, a Hunt character.

Signature Light Cone
Subscribe for More!Subscribe for More!

Sushang is on the lower side of the "Subscribe for More!"


Sushang is on the illustration of the 4-Star Light Cone "Subscribe for More!" as well as the Guinaifen introduction image. These also provide insight into the relationship between the two.

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