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Equilibrium Level Guide - How To Increase & Trials
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Equilibrium Level Guide - How To Increase & Trials

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The Equilibrium Level (World Rank) guide for Honkai: Star Rail. Learn how to raise the level, Trial of Equilibrium, weakness, bosses, battle tips, and Unlockable Features.

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How To Increase Equilibrium Level

Raise Trailblaze Level & Complete Trial of the Equilibrium

Completing the Trial of the Equilibrium raises the Equilibrium Level. This trial appears when the Trailblaze Level (Player Level) increases. It consists of a series of battles with several enemies in a row, just like a regular battle. If the trial is challenging, consider using a team that considers the enemy's Weakness Type.

Trial (Quest) Appears When The Required Level Is Reached

Trial of Equilibrium is triggered by reaching Trailblaze Level. No specific actions are needed, complete Calyx and quests to raise the level.

Trial of the Equilibrium To Be Unlocked By Trailblaze Level
Trial of the Equilibrium - Part OneReach Trailblaze Level 20
Area: Jarilo-VI - Robot Settlement
Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Two
Reach Trailblaze Level 30
Area: Jarilo-VI - Corridor of Fading Echoes
Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Three
Reach Trailblaze Level 40
Area: Jarilo-VI - The Great Mine
Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Four
Reach Trailblaze Level 50
Area: Xianzhou Luofu - Cloudford
Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Five
Reach Trailblaze Level 60
Area: Jarilo-VI - Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Six
Reach Trailblaze Level 65
Area: Xianzhou Luofu - Cloudford

How To Increase Trailblaze Level

If You Cannot Find The Trial Of the Equilibrium

If you cannot find the Trial of Equilibrium at the designated Trailblaze Level, check the Missions List or check it while receiving the level bonus from Pom-Pom in the Express Lounge.

The Difficulty Increases As The Equilibrium Level Increases

Equilibrium Levelの詳細

As the Equilibrium Level increases, enemies become more powerful and drop rewards increase. Additionally, you can unlock the feature to craft high-level materials. Let's raise the level as much as possible.

Equilibrium Level Cannot Be Decreased (Level Down)

Once the difficulty level is raised, you cannot lower it to make the enemy weaker. However, the game will not become impossible to complete, so you should increase the Equilibrium Level to use Trailblaze Power (Stamina) efficiently.

Details Of Trial Of the Equilibrium

Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Three

RequirementReach Trailblaze Level 40
LocationJarilo-VI - The Great Mine
Recommended Lv.Character Lv. 50
Recommended Types
RewardsStar Rail PassStar Rail Pass×3
TravelerTraveler's Guide×12
Refined AetherRefined Aether×10

Frigid Prowler

Boss WeaknessFireLightningQuantum
RES: Ice
Enemies' WeaknessPhysicalFireQuantum

Frigid Prowler summons and absorbs weaker enemies to increase ATK and lock on a single target. Defeat weaker enemies quickly using Weakness Break to prevent absorption and decrease Frigid Prowler's DEF.

Voidranger: Trampler

Boss WeaknessPhysicalWindImaginary

"Voidranger: Trampler" is a dangerous enemy with a Quantum Entanglement that causes a debuff delaying actions. To stop the attack in one turn after it targets your team, use Weakness Break. Shield by March 7th is also effective if you miss the time.

Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Four

RequirementReach Trailblaze Level 50
LocationXianzhou Luofu - Cloudford
Recommended Lv.Character Lv. 60
Recommended TypesFireLightningQuantum
RewardsStar Rail PassStar Rail Pass×3
TravelerTraveler's Guide×16
Refined AetherRefined Aether×14


Boss WeaknessFireIceImaginary
RES: Wind
Enemies' WeaknessFireLightning

Stormbringer inflicts Wind Shear with each attack, locking on all targets suffering it and gaining its ATK. Since removing all Wind Shear is difficult due to its frequent infliction, aim to block with Weakness Break or remove buffs.

Aurumaton Gatekeeper

Boss WeaknessLightningWindQuantum
RES: Imaginary
Enemy (Summon) WeaknessPhysicalLightningImaginary
Enemies' WeaknessPhysicalWind

Aurumaton Gatekeeper increases Sanction Rate when allies use Skills or Ultimates. When Sanction Rate reaches its cap, it summons enemies and unleashes strong attacks. During this period, its Toughness cannot be reduced.

If you deal sufficient DMG, you can break through. Otherwise, use Basic ATK to reduce Toughness except in "Sanction Mode" gradually.

Point!During "Sanction Mode," there is no penalty for using "Skill" or "Ultimate." Although "Toughness" cannot be reduced, it is recommended to reduce HP by stacking attacks all at once.

Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Five

RequirementReach Trailblaze Level 60
LocationJarilo-VI - Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
Recommended Lv.Character Lv. 70
Recommended TypesPhysicalWindQuantum
RewardsStar Rail PassStar Rail Pass×3
TravelerTraveler's Guide×20
Refined AetherRefined Aether×18

Silvermane Lieutenant

Boss WeaknessPhysicalIceQuantum
Enemy 1's WeaknessPhysicalIceImaginary
Enemy 2's WeaknessWindQuantum

Silvermane Lieutenant summons Guards and performs counterattacks. Attacking him while his shield is up results in a painful counterattack, so eliminate his allies first.

Also, if you have a highly durable Shielder, you can deploy a Shield and attack it.

Decaying Shadow

Boss WeaknessFireLightningWind
Enemies' WeaknessPhysicalLightningQuantum

When facing Decaying Shadow, beware of its bounce attacks which can stack up to 9 times, and its small chance of Imprisonment. Attacking can reduce Gauge Recollection which affects the number of bounces, so focus on attacking once the charge begins.

Decaying Shadow has a small chance of inflicting Imprisonment on every attack. It is highly dangerous, so teaming up with two or more debuff removers is advised.

Trial of the Equilibrium - Part Six

RequirementReach Trailblaze Level 65
LocationXianzhou Luofu - Cloudford
Recommended Lv.Character Lv. 80
Recommended TypesIceQuantum
RewardsStar Rail PassStar Rail Pass×3
TravelerTraveler's Guide×24
Refined AetherRefined Aether×22

Blaze Out of Space

Boss WeaknessPhysicalIceQuantum
Enemies' WeaknessFireIceQuantum

Blaze Out of Space increases its DMG with stacked buffs and has a unique DoT called "Burn." The DMG buff is permanent, and you should periodically reset it with Weakness Break.

The attacks and reviving of enemies are hard to deal with. It is recommended to team up with a character with buff removal skills.

Buff Removers

Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter

Boss WeaknessIceWindImaginary
Enemies' WeaknessFireIceQuantum

Shape Shifter possesses "Draining Hit" and can summon soldiers. All soldiers, including the summoned ones, have "Rebirth," a buff that restores their HP when Shape Shifter hits a target.

"Draining Hit" and "Rejuvenate" can be removed with buff removal skills. It would help to team up with a character that can remove buffs.

Features Unlocked By Equilibrium Level

*The higher difficulty of each feature is unlocked by the increase of Equilibrium Level.

Simulated Universe

The Simulated Universe is a quest with weekly reset rewards, including Planar Ornaments earned by completing stages. Completing a stage for the first time earns you Stellar Jade and a ticket that can be exchanged for a 5-Star Light Cone and the 4-Star Character "Herta."


Calyxes are flower-like, found in various locations, and come in (Golden) and (Crimson) variations. The (Golden) is where you can collect EXP and Credit (Money), and the (Crimson) is where you can collect Trace Upgrade Materials for each Path, both of which are essential for character enhancement.

▶︎ Calyx Guide

Stagnant Shadow

Stagnant Shadow looks like a sealed enemy, and by unlocking and defeating it, you can collect Character Ascension Materials. If you have Trailblaze Power, you can farm it limitlessly for items.

Cavern of Corrosion

Cavern of Corrosion looks like a door, and you can earn various Relics upon completion. Each location drops different Relics, so visit the one you need.

Relic's rarity and drop rate vary depending on Cavern of Corrosion's difficulty level, so it is recommended that you start farming Relics after raising Character Level, unlocking Trace, and unlocking difficulty level 3, which drops 5-Star Relics.

Echo of War

Echo of War allows you to rematch bosses and receive rewards up to three times a week. Each boss offers different Trace Upgrade Materials, so complete the Echo of War for the material you need.


Synthesize is a system that creates consumables with excellent effects. Other materials, such as Trace and Light Cones upgrade materials, can be synthesized and converted. There is a limit to the rarity of upgrade materials that can be synthesized and exchanged, and these will be unlocked as the Equilibrium Level increases.

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