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The guide of what to do every day in Honkai: Star Rail. Check out the Daily routines, Weekly, and Monthly Activities.

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Things To Do Every Day

*The in-game date resets at 4:00 AM (UTC+8).

Activity To DoPriority
Daily Training★★★★★
Consumes Trailblaze Power★★★★★
Receive Event Daily Check-In★★★★★
Receive HoYolab Daily Check-In★★★★☆
Nameless Honor: Today's Missions★★★★☆
Pom-Pom's Mission★★★☆☆
Hunt Field Enemies★★☆☆☆
Recover Trailblaze Power with Stellar Jade★★☆☆☆

Daily Training

How To UnlockComplete the Mission "Long Wait for the Blade's Edge" (Around Trailblaze Lv. 13)

Completing Daily Missions is a great way to earn a significant amount of Trailblaze EXP, which can help raise your player level quickly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to complete them as a daily routine.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are marked with a green symbol. The quests are updated daily and provide not only rewards but also Trailblaze EXP for Trailblaze Level, so try to complete them every day as much as possible.


There are certain quests that are linked to each other and get completed in a sequence. As rewards, you may receive Icons or Achievements. So it is advisable to keep going until the end.

Some Daily Missions Cost Trailblaze Power

The missions in the Daily Training are somewhat random, but some of them, such as completing the Cavern of Corrosion and Calyx, will consume Trailblaze Power. Just be careful not to use up all of your Trailblaze Power before you check the Daily Training.

Consume Trailblaze Power

Trailblaze Power can be used to take on challenges for rewards. In addition to obtaining Ascension Items that are often insufficient, you can also receive Trailblaze EXP needed to raise your Trailblaze Level, so don't waste your Trailblaze Power and try to use up them every day.

Trailblaze Power recharges one point every 6 minutes and can be up to 180 points. It takes 18 hours to fully recharge, so it's advisable to use it frequently to avoid overflowing.

Main Uses For Trailblaze Power

ChallengeMain Rewards
Calyx (Golden)TravelerCharacter EXP Materials
Refined AetherLight Cone EXP Materials
Calyx (Crimson)Worldbreaker BladeTrace Upgrading/Light Cone Ascension Materials
Stagnant Shadow
Void Cast IronCharacter Ascension Materials
Cavern of CorrosionMusketeer of Wild WheatCavern Relics
Simulated Universe (World 3~)Space Sealing StationPlanar Ornament
Echo of WarDestroyerAdvanced Trace Materials

Trailblaze Power Can Be Restored With Stellar Jade

You can regain your Trailblaze Power either by waiting over time or by consuming Stellar Jade. However, the amount of Stellar Jade needed for each recovery increases, and since it's a valuable item with multiple uses, it's best to use it only when you need to quickly level up or collect materials.

Receive Event Daily Check-Ins

There are special login bonuses or daily challenges of ongoing events. Check the "Travel Log" in the menu (smartphone) to see which events are currently being held.

Receive HoYolab Daily Check-Ins

Visit the Daily Check-In page on the official website, HoYoLab, you may receive Upgrade Materials and Stellar Jade. For the first three times, you will receive an additional bonus Stellar Jade.

Since it is easy to miss, it is recommended to make it a widget on your screen.

HoYoLab Daily Check-In Page

Nameless Honor: Today's Missions

How To UnlockComplete the Mission "Long Wait for the Blade's Edge" (Around Trailblaze Lv. 13)

The battle pass system, "Nameless Honor", also includes daily missions. By completing these missions, players can earn "The Nameless EXP" points and raise their Honor Level to obtain rewards.


How To UnlockArrives at Jarilo-VI

Send a character to an "Assignment," it will be completed after a certain amount of time and rewarded.

Though It may take some time, you can acquire Upgrade Materials daily with little to no difficulty. Collecting them steadily can save you the trouble of hunting field enemies, so check back every day to secure materials.

Pom-Pom's Mission

▲! marked items are Pom-Pom's missions.

You can talk to Pom-Pom in the Express lounge and get 8,000 Credits as a reward for completing a simple mission, which occurs several times a day and stacks up to some extent, so talk and complete it all at once when you log in.

Defeat Field Enemies

Defeating enemies on the field will gain Materials, Credits, and EXP for the characters you use. Although it takes time, it is a good way to save Trailblaze Power.

Point!For field hunting, it is more efficient to farm with a Lead Attacker and 3 Training Characters.

Things To Do Every Week

*The in-game week resets at 4:00 AM (UTC+8) every Monday morning.

Activity To DoPriority
Simulated Universe Point Rewards★★★★★
Echo of War (3 Times Per Week)★★★★★
Nameless Honor: This Week's Missions★★★★☆
Forgotten Hall・Memory of Chaos (Every 2 Weeks)★★★☆☆
Defeat Simulated Universe Elites★★☆☆☆

Simulated Universe Point Rewards

Collecting a certain amount of points from playing Simulated Universe will receive luxurious rewards each week. The amount of points varies depending on the difficulty level you have unlocked. For example, if you have unlocked difficulty level 1 of World 6, the maximum reward is 7,000 points.

The best reward is "Tracks of Destiny" which is necessary for characters' special Trace enhancements, so be sure not to miss out on getting them until the end of each week.

Point!This mode is similar to the Elysian Realm in Honkai Impact 3rd.
Featured Rewards
Tracks of DestinyTracks of DestinyStellar JadeStellar JadeHerta BondHerta BondStar Rail PassStar Rail Pass

Exchange Herta Bonds For ★5 Light Cones!

If you collect 8 "Herta Bonds", which are the weekly rewards for Simulated Universe and the completion rewards of each world for the first time, you can exchange them for ★5 Light Cones, which can only be obtained at Herta's Store.

And, the items required for Superimposition can be exchanged for 2 Herta Bonds, which means a total of 16 can make one Light Cone fully stacked.

Although the Stats is slightly lower than the ★5 Light Cone from Warps (Gacha), it is sure to help in the game progression with a fully stacked Light Cone.

Echo of War

How To UnlockComplete Main Story Ch.1 Jarilo-VI

The "Echo of War," where you can rematch the enhanced final bosses of the storyline, will reward you up to three times a week in total. Advanced Trace materials, which can only be obtained here, are essential for unlocking a character's Bonus Ability and level limit of skills.

There is a limit to the amount of Upgrade Materials that can be obtained, so don't forget to get them every week.

Featured Rewards
DestroyerDestroyer's Final RoadGuardianGuardian's LamentLucent AfterglowLucent AfterglowRiver Flows in Spring★4Light Cone

Nameless Honor: This Week's Missions

Nameless Honor has weekly missions as well as daily missions. The reward is also Nameless EXP. Try to complete them as much as possible to raise your Honor level and avoid feeling rushed as the deadline approaches.

Forgotten Hall: Memory of Chaos (Every 2 Weeks)

"Forgotten Hall," which is unlocked by Trailblaze Level 21, has a high-difficulty challenge "Memory of Chaos". Progress will be reset every half month and you can be rewarded again, so aim to complete the high-level stage with a high rating in the duration.

Point!It is similar to the "Spiral Abyss" in Genshin Impact.

Defeat Simulated Universe Elites

Defeating Elite enemies in Simulated Universe can obtain Credits and upgrade materials for Relics. Although it takes time, it is a good way to save Trailblaze Power.

Point!Rewards for Elite are limited to 100 times per week.

Things To Do Every Month

*The in-game month resets at 4:00 AM (UTC+8) on the first day of each month.

Activity To DoPriority
Embers Exchange★★★★★
[Subscription]Express Supply Pass★★★☆☆

Embers Exchange

▲ "Tracks of Destiny" is available when your Player Level reaches 40.

On the first day of each month, the Embers Exchange lineup in the store is updated. Warp (Gacha) tickets and "Tracks of Destiny" can be exchanged, so if you have "Undying Embers" from the Gacha, you should exchange them.

[Subscription]Express Supply Pass

The Express Supply Pass is a monthly subscription for Honkai: Star Rail and is the most efficient way to get Stellar Jade. Although you can play without spending money, if you usually charge in-game, you should buy this pass first.

Point!Express Supply Pass is only recommended if you want to pay for it, and you can still enjoy the game without it.

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