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Chapter 2: Xianzhou Luofu Walkthrough Part 1
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Chapter 2: Xianzhou Luofu Walkthrough Part 1

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The first part of the guide for Main Story Chapter 2: Xianzhou Luofu, Windswept Wanderlust, in Honkai: Star Rail. See the Trailblaze Mission walkthrough, quests and battle tips.

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Main Story Walkthrough Guides

An Invitation Without Proffer

RequirementTrailblaze Lv.29
Suggested Character LevelLv.50
"An Invitation Without Proffer" Walkthrough
  1. Sit on the sofa.
  2. Talk to Himeko.
  3. Follow the marker and watch the cutscene.
  4. Go to Dan Heng.
  5. Go back to the Express lounge.
  6. Go to Welt and you will arrive at Xianzhou Luofu.

Go To Welt And Arrive At Xianzhou Luofu

Talk to everyone on the Express and go to Welt, then you will arrive at Xianzhou Luofu. You can always go back to Jarilo-VI and Herta, so don't worry.

Amidst the Mara-Struck

"Amidst the Mara-Struck" Walkthrough
  1. Follow the marker and unlock the Cavern of Corrosion.
  2. Keep following the marker while defeating enemies.
  3. Help Tingyun by winning the battle.
  4. Follow the marker and unlock the Space Anchor.
  5. Activate the Control Device and choose "Move to the right" to get to the other side.
  6. Activate the Control Device and choose "Move to the right" to proceed.
  7. Unlock the Cavern of Corrosion.
  8. Follow the marker and enter battle with enemy of unknown origins.
  9. Go to Central Starskiff Haven on the starskiff.

Help Tingyun

This battle will be against 3 weaker enemies. They can restore some of their HP when they are defeated but it will only happen once and it's easy to deal damage to them. You shouldn't have a problem if you have AoE characters like Asta and Herta.

Enemy Weakness炎 氷 量子

Activate The Control Device

You can activate the control device to move the containers in the direction you want. You will see this often at Luofu and will need it to create a path.

Battle With Enemies Of Unknown Origins

The weaknesses of the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus are Ice, Wind and Imaginary. The weaker enemies will be easy to defeat with Herta. You will want to have characters that target single enemies with Ice, Wind or Imaginary.

Boss's Weakness氷 風 虚数
Other Enemies' Weakness炎 氷 量子

Devising Stratagems

"Devising Stratagems" Walkthrough
  1. Follow the marker and talk to Tingyun.
  2. Talk to Welt.
  3. Go outside and talk to Tingyun.
  4. Go to the Petrichor Inn.
  5. Talk with Welt and March 7th.

Scattered Memories of Hooded Past

"Scattered Memories of Hooded Past" Walkthrough
  1. Arrive at Luofu.
  2. Meet up with Sushang and Luocha. Enter battle.

Play As Dan Heng

You will be playing as Dan Heng alone here. But this will be a Trial and he is Level 48, so you don't need to worry about your actual level.

Battle With Disciples of Sanctus Medicus

Start battle with Dan Heng and Sushang

The battle will start with Dan Heng and Sushang. Luocha will join in mid-battle.

Concentrate on the Boss once Luocha joins

You only need to defeat the boss to win this battle. You won't be able to trigger a Weakness Break with the character types available, so ignore the weaker enemies and concentrate your attacks on the Boss.

The Hound Chases the Fox

"The Hound Chases the Fox" Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Tingyun.
  2. Follow the marker and summon Diting.
  3. Follow the blue lines.
  4. Collect 3 pieces of clues from Tingyun.
  5. Talk to Tingyun.
  6. Head to Stargazer Navalia.

Summon Diting In The Search Area

Go to the yellow search area and summon Diting. You will see blue traces of light indicating where Tingyun went.

Look For Clues

The clues will only appear when Diting is activated

Activate Diting's ability in the search area to see if there are any clues. Tap "Investigate" while Diting is activated to collect the clues. You can also talk to people nearby to gather information instead.

1st Clue

The first clue is near the table. Activate Diting to collect it.

2nd Clue

The second clue is next to the bench. It will be hidden behind the bench when you first walk past it so be careful not to miss it.

3rd Clue

The third clue is behind the sign. Once you collect 3 clues you will be able to track Tingyun, so follow the marker.

Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung

"Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung" Walkthrough
  1. Go to the area with the marker and use Diting to find 3 clues.
    └ Use Diting to find the 1st one, the other 2 are in a pot.
  2. Trace Kafka's steps using Diting.
  3. Access the Control Device and choose "Move to the right" once.
  4. Get across to the other side and unlock the Space Anchor.
  5. Access the Control Device and choose "Move to the right" once.
  6. Go up the stairs and follow the marker.
  7. Access the Control Device and choose "Move to the left" once.
  8. Follow the marker and unlock the Space Anchor.
  9. Battle with Kafka.
  10. Head to Exalting Sanctum and enter battle.
  11. Talk to Songyan and Guangda at Exalting Sanctum Plaza.

Look For Kafka's Clues

1st Clue

Use Diting to find the first clue. Collect the clue while Diting's ability is activated.

The other 2 are in a pot

You can't collect the second and third clues with Diting's ability. You need to break the pots to collect them.

Kafka Battle

Defeat weaker enemies first

The weaker enemies in this battle won't recover when you defeat them, so defeat them first.

Boss Weakness物理 風 虚数
Normal Enemy Weakness炎 風 虚数

Remove Debuffs

Kafka will use the "Dominate" debuff. When a character is Dominated, they cannot take action and will attack their ally every turn. We recommend you include a character that can remove debuffs to remove them quickly as possible.

Characters That Can Remove Debuffs
(Unlock Trace)
三月なのかMarch 7th
(Unlock Trace)

Battle At Exalting Sanctum Plaza

Head to Exalting Sanctum Plaza and enter battle with weaker enemies. Pela can prevent them from recovering when they are defeated and can also attack with their weakness type.

Enemy Weakness炎 氷 量子

Venom Brews, Immortality Looms

"Venom Brews, Immortality Looms" Walkthrough
  1. Go to the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery and talk to Dahao.
  2. Talk to Qingzu.
  3. Talk to "Mumbling Weirdo" at Exalting Sanctum.
  4. Transcribe "Thousand-Handed Merciful Medicus' Salvation.
  5. Talk to "Strange Cloud Knight".
  6. Talk to Green Hibiscus.
  7. Talk to "Strange Cloud Knight" and enter battle.
  8. Follow the marker.
  9. Complete the Abacus Circuitry.
  10. Meet with the person from the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus and enter battle.

Look For Suspicious Person At Exalting Sanctum

Go to the marked area and find the suspicious person. He is labeled "Mumbling Weirdo".

Strange Cloud Knight Battle

Talk to the Strange Cloud Knight and the battle begins. He is supposed to lose on purpose so the battle should be very easy.

Enemy Weakness炎 風 虚数

Complete The Abacus Circuitry

Go to the marker and you will find the Abacus Circuitry. You need to move the module around the green axis so that the module is placed at the designated spot.

Meet With Person From Disciples of Sanctus Medicus And Enter Battle

Meet with the person from the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus and a two-wave battle will start. Attack the boss as much as possible while characters with AoE such as Herta deals toughness damage to the other enemies.

Boss Weakness氷 風 虚数
Normal Enemy 1 Weakness炎 氷 量子
Normal Enemy 2 Weakness
炎 雷

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