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Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI Walkthrough Part 2
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Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI Walkthrough Part 2

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The second part of the guide for Main Story Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI, In the Withering Wintry Night, in Honkai: Star Rail. See walkthrough for the Trailblaze Mission and battle tips.

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Main Story Walkthrough Guides

Ones Fallen into the Abyss

RequirementTrailblaze Lv 14
Recommended Character LevelLv 20
"Ones Fallen into the Abyss” Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Seele at The Great Mine entrance.
  2. Follow the marker.
    └ Unlock Relics
  3. Follow the marker and talk to the miner.
  4. Follow the marker and talk to Elaine.
  5. Enter battle with the Vagrants in front of the elevator.
  6. Follow the marker. When you see 2 paths, go left to find a broken machine.
  7. Follow the marker while defeating enemies in the way.
  8. Use the Home-Use Object Finder to find the missing parts.
  9. Fix the mine cart to proceed.
  10. Battle with Automaton Direwolf.
  11. Follow the path and enter battle with Automaton Grizzly.

Unlock Relics

Relics are one of the equipments that characters can equip to increase stats. There are also bonuses for equipping Relics of the same set. When you choose which Relics to equip, make sure the Set Effect matches with each character's style.

Fix The Broken Machine

You get a treasure chest by fixing the broken machine. The result should look like this screenshot.

Use The Home-Use Object Finder To Find The Missing Parts

1. Place 2 Home-Use Object Finders

Place the Home-Use Object Finder and it will point in the direction of the missing parts. Place them to see where the lasers meet.

2. Place The Home-Use Object Finder Where The Lasers Meet

Once you figure out where the missing parts are hidden, activate the Home-Use Object Finder in that spot. It will find the missing parts so you can collect them.

Battle with Automaton Direwolf

Automaton Direwolf is a little stronger than previous enemies. Its weaknesses are Ice, Lightning and Imaginary. Try making a team that can attack with its weakness type.

Battle with Automaton Grizzly

You can deal HP damage and toughness damage to Grizzly by defeating the other robots. Attack with their weakness type such as Wind and Lightning and defeat the other robots first.

A Sunset Rendezvous

"A Sunset Rendezvous" Walkthrough
  1. Go to Goethe Grand Hotel and rest on the bed.
  2. Go outside and talk to Bronya.

The Past Will Return as an Avalanche

"The Past Will Return as an Avalanche" Walkthrough
  1. Go to Rivet Town.
  2. Follow the marker and go to the vantage point.
  3. Go to the market square and search near the marker.
  4. Talk to Eric.
  5. Complete the Magflow Link right beside you.
    └ Obtain Relic "Musketeer's Wind-Hunting Shawl"
  6. Follow the marker. Fix the broken machine along the way.
  7. Once you arrive at the orphanage, enter battle with Ice Out of Space
  8. Investigate the shining light, there are 3 spots in total.
  9. Follow the marker and talk to Clara.
  10. Activate the Control Device to use the shortcut.
  11. Talk to Seele.

Complete The Magflow Link After Talking To Eric

After talking to Eric, complete the Magflow Link right beside you. You can then open the treasure chest behind the door and obtain a Relic.

Fix The Broken Machine

Fix the broken machine along the way. Activate it and it will take you to a treasure chest.

Battle With Ice Out Of Space

Once you arrive at the orphanage, the battle against Ice Out of Space will start. You can use Asta's Skill to deal toughness damage if you include her in the team, making the battle easier.

Open The Shortcut

After talking to Clara, complete the Control Device. This will open the door, revealing a shortcut.

Lying in Rust

"Lying in Rust" Walkthrough
  1. Give Natasha the supplies.
    └ Natasha joins.
  2. Follow the marker.

Natasha Joins

Natasha will join your team once you give her the supplies. She is a healer you can obtain without any purchases and is really easy to use, so make sure you upgrade her if you have no healer.

To Rot or to Burn

RequirementTrailblaze Lv 18
Recommended Character LevelLv 30
"To Rot or to Burn" Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Hook.
  2. Head to the gate of Svarog's base.
  3. Talk to the Certification Robot and answer its question.
    └ Give the correct answer to receive certification without having to fight the robot.
  4. Open the first gate of Svarog's base.
  5. Head to the second gate.
  6. Go to Rivet Town and follow the marker to find Clara.
  7. Once you find her, enter battle with Blaze Out of Space.
  8. Go after Clara.
  9. Defeat the robots.
  10. Talk to Clara and repair the energy supply device.
  11. Head to the second gate, enter battle with Svarog.
  12. Talk to Svarog.
  13. Talk to Natasha.
    └ Unlock Equilibrium Level

Give Answer To The Certification Robot

Talk to the Certification Robot and it will give you a question. There are hints in the conversation people are having around you. If you don't give the correct answer, it will automatically start a battle and you will need to defeat it to proceed.


Certification LevelQuestions and Answers
Level 1 CertificationWho is the reigning champion of the Internal Combustion Engine Rap Tournament?
Answer: 88 Degrees Bedrock
Level 2 Certification A microcrystalline unit should be connected to which component?
Answer: Logic control hub
Level 3 CertificationNo questions, enter battle with robot.

Repair The Energy Supply Device

Talk to Clara and repair the energy supply device. Look at the screenshot for reference.

Battle With Svarog

The game will let you choose what to say to Svarog, but he will become hostile and the battle will start no matter what you choose.

Include A Healer In Your Party

Svarog can take action twice, so you will take a lot of damage. Having a healer will make the battle much easier.

Natasha Will Help Mid-Battle

Once Svarog's HP bar is down to about 70%, Natasha appears. Then your HP and Energy fully recovers before the battle starts again.

Include 2 Lightning, Wind or Quantum Characters

In the 2nd half of the battle, a hand shaped enemy will appear and imprison your characters. Imprisoned characters cannot take action so try to deal as much toughness damage as you can to free them.

NoteIf you only have one character that can attack with the hand's weakness type and that character gets imprisoned, you won't be able to free them. We recommend including a Wind and Lightning character that can also deal toughness damage to Svarog!

Unlock Equilibrium Level

When The Equilibrium Level Changes

You can now raise your Equilibrium Level. When the Equilibrium Level rises, the enemies become stronger but you will get better rewards and your characters' level cap will increase.

Changes When Equilibrium Level Rises
- Enemies become stronger
- Characters' level cap will increase
- Obtain better rewards

How To Raise Equilibrium Level

1Raise your Trailblaze Level
2Complete Trial of the Equilibrium
3Equilibrium Level Rises

Not Good with Farewells

"Not Good with Farewells” Walkthrough
  1. Follow the marker and watch the cutscene.
  2. Talk to the restaurant owner.
  3. Rest in your bed.
  4. Go outside and talk to Dan Heng.
  5. Talk to the Wildfire members.

You Need To Raise Your Trailblaze Level

After talking to the Wildfire members, "Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI - In the Withering Wintry Night" will be complete. Your Trailblaze Level needs to be Level 24 to progress the story, so you will need to raise your Trailblaze Level.

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Main Story Walkthrough Guides

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