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Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI Walkthrough Part 1
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Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI Walkthrough Part 1

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The first part of the guide for Main Story Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI, In the Withering Wintry Night, in Honkai: Star Rail. See walkthrough for the Trailblaze Mission and battle tips.

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Main Story Walkthrough Guides

A Grand Cool Adventure

"A Grand Cool Adventure" Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Dan Heng.
  2. Talk to March 7th to proceed to Jarilo-VI.

You Can Travel To Astral Express/Herta Any Time

Talk to March 7th and you will arrive at Jarilo-VI after a cutscene. You can go back to the Astral Express and Herta any time, so don't worry.

Travelers on a Winter Night

"Travelers on a Winter Night" Walkthrough
  1. Head towards the marker while defeating enemies along the way.
  2. Unlock Calyx (Golden)
    └ You can now consume Trailblaze Power
  3. Interact with the pile of snow where the Marker is pointing.
  4. Follow Sampo to start the battle with Gepard.

Consume Trailblaze Power With The Calyx

Once you unlock the Calyx, you can consume Trailblaze Power to obtain materials needed for upgrades and also raise your Trailblaze Level. "Trailblaze Power" works like stamina and keeps regenerating after being consumed, so make sure you keep consuming it before it becomes full.

NoteThis Calyx will be easy to run once your characters reach Level 10.

Gepard Battle

Follow Sampo to start a battle with some weak enemies, then straight into a battle with Gepard. Make sure your characters are around Level 5 and have Light Cones equipped.

Attack The Enemies' Weakness

Always try to attack the enemies' weaknesses. If you trigger a Weakness Break, you will be able to deal a lot more damage.

Keep Trailblazer Protected

The only character that can attack their weakness with a Physical Type attack is the Trailblazer. March 7th needs to protect him with her Skill while the Trailblazer deals toughness damage.

NoteThe battle ends once Gepard's HP bar is down to about a quarter.

Everwinter Night

"Everwinter Night" Walkthrough
  1. Follow Gepard.
  2. Follow the marker and check out the "Everwinter Monument".
  3. Go to Neverwinter Workshop and talk to Serval.
    └ Fix the machine.
  4. Follow the marker near Goethe Hotel.
  5. Enter the hotel to rest.
  6. Exit the hotel where the Silvermane Guards await.
    └ No battle here.

Fixing The Machine

Rotate the components so that the current starting from the yellow dot flows through the whole module. The result should look like this screenshot.

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

"You Can Run, But You Can't Hide" Walkthrough
  1. Unlock the Calyx on your way to the marker.
  2. Check the Control Device to reveal a shortcut.
  3. Follow the marker and activate the Space Anchor.
  4. Complete the Magflow Link to open the door.
  5. Consumables Tutorial
  6. Defeat the enemy and activate the Control Device.
  7. Fix the broken machine to find a treasure chest.
  8. Follow the marker to start the Bronya battle.

Unlock The Calyx

You can unlock Calyx (Golden): Bud of Aether along the way. Here you can obtain materials to level up Light Cones so we recommend leveling up your characters to about Level 10 at this point.

Complete the Magflow Link

Complete the Magflow Link to open the door. The result should look like this screenshot.

Fix The Machine To Find A Treasure Chest

Fix the machine by completing the puzzle and it will take you to a treasure chest. You should fix the machine whenever you find one.

Complete the Magflow Link

You will need to complete the Magflow Link to fix the machine. The circuit needs to go through all the components.

View The Panel

Once you fix it, check the panel. Then follow the machine.

NoteThe machine can't proceed when there is an enemy in the way. You will need to defeat it so it can keep moving.

Open The Treasure Chest

The machine will find a treasure chest when it arrives at the destination. The rewards are usually good, so try fixing the machine whenever you find one.

Bronya Battle

Defeat The Weak Enemies First

You won't be able to deal any toughness damage when she has any allies. Defeat the weaker enemies first so that you can attack with her weakness type.

Asta's Skill Deals Toughness Damage

Bronya is weak against Fire, so Asta's Skill works well. You can deal toughness damage multiple times to trigger a Weakness Break.


"Hide-and-Seek" Walkthrough
  1. Talk to the unfamiliar woman (Natasha)
    └ Collect all items in the room.
  2. Go outside and talk to March 7th.
  3. Hide-and-Seek practice round
    └ Follow the marker and talk to Hook.
  4. Hide-and-Seek 2nd round
  5. └ Find the 3 kids.
  6. Follow Hook to the Fight Club.

Hide-and-Seek With Hook

Moles Sidekick

Moles Sidekick is hiding behind the boxes. This should be easy to spot.


Hook is hiding behind the mine cart. This is also pretty easy to spot.


Julian is disguised as a grown up wearing glasses. You just need to talk to him to win.

The Eighth and Final Rule

”The Eighth and Final Rule" Walkthrough
  1. Enter the Fight Club.
  2. Fight the robot.
  3. Head to Sampo's location.

Robot Battle

Once you enter the Fight Club, you will join Dan Heng to fight against a robot. It isn't a tough enemy, so just attack its weakness as usual.

Prioritize The Enemy In The Middle

The enemy in the middle explodes when it is defeated, dealing damage to both enemies next to it. Defeat it first to deal damage to the other enemies.

Long Wait for the Blade's Edge

"Long Wait for the Blade's Edge" Walkthrough
  1. Follow the marker and Bronya will join.
  2. Unlock the Assignments feature.

Raise Your Trailblaze Level

Once Bronya joins, in order to continue with "Ones Fallen into the Abyss”, you need to raise your Trailblaze Level. Complete "Simulated Universe: Second Closed Beta" to unlock the "Daily Training" feature. This will make it easier to raise your Trailblaze Level.

Obtain Materials With Assignments

Here, you unlock Assignments. Assign your characters to obtain materials. The characters you assigned can still be included in your party, so don't hesitate to use this feature.

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Main Story Walkthrough Guides

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