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Guide for Simulated Universe World 6 in Honkai: Star Rail. See recommended team comps, paths, rewards, blessings, boss guide and battle tips.

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About World 6


Herta Space Station - Herta's Office
Clear World 5
Complete Chapter 2: Stars Spun, Prescience Sprung
Suggested Level
Recommended Types
First Time Clearance Reward
マイレージTrailblaze EXP ×600
星玉Stellar Jade ×120
ヘルタ債券Herta Bond
Immersion Reward Cost
Trailblaze Power: 40
Immersifier: 1

Immersion Reward And Drops

Immersion Reward
マイレージTrailblaze EXP ×200
建創者のベロブルグBelobog of the Architects
自転が止まったサルソットInert Salsotto
Extra Drops
遺失光塵Lost Lightdust
微光原核Glimmering Core
改ざんの野心Usurper's Scheme
シルバーメイン記章Silvermane Guard Insignia
古代シャフトAncient Spindle
永寿の天華Immortal Ethereal Flower
工造迴輪Artifex's Cogwheel


Boss Enemy
Cocolia (Complete)
Effect RES: Frozen, Imprisonment
Other Enemies
Aurumaton Gatekeeper
RES: 虚数属性
Frigid Prowler
Effect RES: Frozen
Ice Out of Space
Effect RES: Frozen
Decaying Shadow

Getting Prepared For World 6

Level Up Your Characters

You will encounter enemies up to Level 60 in World 5. You can beat it with your characters at Level 50 but the suggested level is Level 60. Raise your Trailblaze Level to 40 (Equilibrium Level 3) and your characters and Light Cone Levels to 60 to make it easier.

How To Increase Trailblaze Level Fast

Don't Forget To Upgrade Relics

Relics are also very important to upgrade your characters. Before challenging World 6, we recommend obtaining 4 Star Relics. You can run Cavern of Corrosion, World 3 and 4 or defeat elite enemies to collect rewards such as Planar Ornaments.

Best Relics For Each Character

Important: Ability Tree

The Ability Tree is very important for the Simulated Universe.

You can obtain Ability Points even if you don't complete the challenge. You can challenge World 6 multiple times to progress one step at a time.

This is a rare opportunity that allows you to complete challenges without consuming Trailblaze Power, so try farming Ability Points if you run out of materials for your characters.

Recommended Blessings For World 6

Hunt: Massive Damage

Hunt has many Blessings that increase SPD and Advance Forward. Since you can take many more turns you won't run out of Skill Points. It will also be easy to recover if you include a healer. You can activate Path Resonance very frequently, allowing you to deal massive damage.

Recommended Blessings for "Hunt"

  • Resonance Formation: Perfect Aim
  • Imperial Reign (3 Star)
  • Ejecting the Borisin (2 Star)
  • Auspicious Star (2 Star)
  • Catastrophic Constellation

Recommended Characters

Recommended Types/Skills

Trailblazer: Preservation is recommended

The boss Cocolia has Physical RES and her weakness is Fire. She summons enemies as well so the Ultimate AoE will be very useful. The shield will also be reliable, so we recommend choosing Preservation for the Trailblazer.

Be ready for "Frozen" debuff

Cocolia uses the Frozen debuff frequently. You may lose the whole battle if you're not ready for it, so you'll want to use Relics with Effect RES or include a character that can remove debuffs.

Hunt DPS Team

主人公(炎)Fire Trailblazer



Debuff Remover

Include multiple DPS characters and take many turns as possible with the Blessings of Hunt to finish the battle quickly. Seele's attacks are especially helpful, giving the other characters some freedom. Hook's damage output is also quite reliable. Lastly, include Natasha to heal and remove debuffs just to be safe.

Character Replacements

Characters can be replaced as long as they can attack with the enemy weakness type. This Hunt strategy relies on Path Resonance and damage output so be sure to include a few DPS characters.

World 6 Boss Battle

1Keep attacking and trigger Weakness Breaks
2Defeat the Ice Edges quickly
3Defeat Bronya first

1. Keep Attacking And Trigger Weakness Breaks

Cocolia's attacks have a high chance to inflict the Frozen effect. You may risk losing the battle if you let the enemies take their turn. Attack them with their weakness type to trigger a weakness break, preventing them from attacking, and to end the battle quickly.

2. Defeat The Ice Edges Quickly

The Ice Edges will be summoned multiple times and will deal AoE damage while also having the chance to inflict the Frozen effect. You want to get rid of them before they become a problem. Use the Ultimate AoE attack and Path Resonance to defeat them quickly.

3. Defeat Bronya First

Bronya will join mid-battle. She deals massive single-target damage and also supports Cocolia. She removes Cocolia's debuffs and at the same time buffs her damage output, so it's better to defeat her first. Use both AoE and blast attacks to defeat her.

Ignore Bronya if you have enough DMG output

The battle ends as soon as you defeat Cocolia, so it is also possible to ignore Bronya to win. If you have a single-target DPS strong enough to defeat Cocolia quickly, like Seele, you can also consider ignoring Bronya.

Cocolia's Skills

Phase 1

Cocolia (Complete)
Chill of Bone-Piercing Coagulation
Deals Ice DMG to a single target.
Omen of Everlasting Freeze
Summons Ice Edges.
Hoarfrost of Eternal Isolation
Deals Ice DMG to a single target, with a high chance to Freeze the target.
[Talent] Intensifying ColdThe enemy and all other summoned enemies gain slightly increased DMG for each Frozen target on the team. This effect can be stacked.
Ice Edge

Phase 2 - 3

Cocolia (Complete)
Punishment of Endless Winter
Deals massive Ice DMG to all targets.
Chill of Bone-Piercing Coagulation
Deals Ice DMG to a single target.
Omen of Everlasting Freeze
Summons Ice Edges.
Hoarfrost of Eternal Isolation
Deals Ice DMG to a single target, with a high chance to Freeze the target.
Wrath of Winterland Saints
Enters the Charge state. The next attack casts "Punishment of Endless Winter" on all targets.
Reverberating Ice
Deals Ice DMG to Frozen targets and units adjacent to the target. This also removes the target's Frozen debuff. If the adjacent targets are frozen, this ability is used again on the target.
[Talent] Intensifying ColdThe enemy and all other summoned enemies gain slightly increased DMG for each Frozen target on the team. This effect can be stacked.
Suppressive Fire
Deals Wind DMG to a single target and delays their action.
Windrider Bullet
Deals Wind DMG to a single target.
Combat Redeployment
Dispels all debuffs on a friendly unit except Bronya, causes them to take action immediately, and slightly increases their DMG output.

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