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Prologue: Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow Walkthrough
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Prologue: Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow Walkthrough

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The quest guide on the Prologue: Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow in Honkai: Star Rail. Includes all the Sub Missions, walkthrough chart, available features, and battle tips.

Table of Contents

Chaos in the Deep

"Chaos in the Deep" Walkthrough
  1. After the opening cutscene, the battle begins.
    └Tutorial of Basic ATK & Skill
  2. Follow the target icon and fight with Antimatter Legion
    └Tutorial of Battle & Ultimate
  3. Silver Wolf joins
    └Enables switching of the playable character
  4. Explore the field and head for the target icon
  5. Battle Voidranger: Eliminator
    └Tutorial of Action Order
  6. Head to the target icon. The battle begins again.
    └Tutorial of Skill Points
  7. Access two terminals and talk to Silver Wolf.
  8. Follow the target icon to access the terminal next to the Stellaron.
  9. Select the Trailblazer's gender

Follow The Target Icon

Aim at the target icon and the next target will be displayed upon arrival.

If You Are Unsure Of The Route, Check The Map

Zoom in map

Tap the upper left corner to view the entire map. Check the route to the target icon if needed.

Explore The Field

Explore The Field

There are many items to discover in the field, so investigate thoroughly to find everything that catches your interest.

Glowing Objects Are Destructible

Destructible Objects

Whenever you come across glowing objects on the field, it is recommended that you attack and destroy them to obtain items.

Pick Up Items That Have A Hand Icon

Pick up Icon

If you see the hand icon, tap "pick up" to collect the item.

Cross Lights Can Be Checked

Cross Lights Can Be Checked

You can check the cross lights on the field to obtain items and hints that advance the story.

Select The Trailblazer's Gender

Select The Trailblazer

Decide on the Trailblazer's gender and name. Performance is not affected by gender, so pick the one you like.

Eye Of The Storm

"Eye of the Storm" Walkthrough
  1. Character screen becomes available
    └Tutorials of Path, Type, and Stats
  2. Follow the target icons and fight with Antimatter Legion
    └Tutorials of Enemy's Weakness, Toughness, and Weakness Break
  3. On the way to the central elevator, fight with Antimatter Legion
    └Tutorial of how to utilize each character
  4. Unlock Space Anchor and head to the central elevator
  5. Dan Heng joins
  6. Tutorial of Team Up
  7. Tutorial of Character's Level Up
  8. On the way to the Monitoring Room, fight with Antimatter Legion
    └Tutorial of Technique
  9. Head to the Monitoring Room and meet up with Arlan
  10. Tutorial of Trace
  11. On the way to the top level, obtain Light Cone
    └Tutorial of Light Cone
  12. Before the elevator at the top level, fight with Voidranger: Trampler
  13. Himeko joins

Tutorial of Weakness Break

Weakness Break

Learn about Weakness Break, a crucial combat element. Attacking with the enemy's Weakness Type inflicts heavy damage and limits their actions. It's the fundamental fighting technique in Honkai: Star Rail, so make sure to master it.

Unlocks Space Anchor

Space Anchor

Space Anchors are recovery and teleport points that, once unlocked, allow for quick travel to different locations. Make sure to unlock them when you find them on the map.

Point!Teleport is not available at this point, but the teleport function will be unlocked later. Once you find the Space Anchor, go ahead and unlock it.

Tutorial Of Light Cone

Light Cone

Light Cone is a type of equipment that is classified as a "Weapon". Equipping and reinforcing Light Cones can significantly improve a character's stats. It is recommended to have Light Cones equipped on every character in your team.

Voidranger: Trampler Battle

Battle Screen

Here you will fight Voidranger: Trampler, the last combat tutorial. Make sure to attack with the enemy's Weakness Type and aim for a Weakness Break.

Take Advantage Of The Trailblazer's Blast


Trailblazer's Skill can damage the target and adjacent enemies. Targeting the central enemy collectively reduces their Toughness as all enemies have Physical-type Weaknesses

Point!Reducing the enemy's Toughness to 0 can increase its damage and slow its actions.

A Moment of Peace

"A Moment of Peace" Walkthrough
  1. Head to Asta
  2. Unlock Warp (Gacha)
    └Asta is guaranteed for the 1st time
  3. Talk to Arlan and get Light Cone
    └Tutorial of Light Cone Enhancement
  4. Talk to staff who need help
  5. Go back to Asta
  6. Unlock the Space Anchor and head for the target icon
  7. Activate the Repulsion Bridge and cross to the other side
  8. Unlock the Space Anchor and fight powerful enemies
  9. Follow the target icon
  10. Doomsday Beast Battle

Asta Is Guaranteed For The 1st Warp

The 1st Warp

The first Warp (Gacha Banner) is unlocked here. Asta is guaranteed the first time of Warp.

Be Attentive To The Conversation With The Staff Who Needs Help

The Conversation With The Staff

Remember the content of the conversation when talking to staff needing help. This will help you choose the right option.

Correct OptionsUp → Right → Down

Activate The Repulsion Bridge

Activate The Repulsion Bridge

The Repulsion Bridge allows you to switch between blue and orange footholds with a device. Use it to reach your destination.

1. Activate Control Device At The Bottom Of Supply Zone

Activate the Control Device

Activate the Control Device at the bottom of the hill in the "Supply Zone" area. The Repulsion Bridge will change color from orange to blue, allowing you to cross to the middle section.

2. Activate Control Device In The Middle Section

Activate the 2nd Control Device

Activate the Control Device in the middle of the "Supply Zone" area, and the Repulsion Bridge will change from blue to orange, allowing you to cross to the other side.

Doomsday Beast Battle

Doomsday Beast Battle

Head towards the target icon to start the Doomsday Beast boss battle. Use the tutorial information to prepare for this first major battle.

Prioritize Himeko's Skill

Himeko Skill

At the start, three enemies with Fire-type Weaknesses appear. Himeko's Skill can reduce their Toughness, so use it wisely to avoid running out of Skill Points on her turn.

Basic ATK Is Enough For The Stunned Enemy

Stunned Basic ATK

After defeating the three initial enemies, the main body will be briefly stunned, allowing for attacks. During this time, you should use Basic ATK to reduce its HP and charge Skill Points.

Point!During this time, it is recommended to use March 7th's Skill to give Shields to allies whose HP is low.

In The Latter Part, Use Ultimate To Take Them Down At Once

Himeko Ultimate

When the main body's HP reaches 0, another three enemies will appear. In the latter half of the battle, enemy attacks intensify, so use Ultimate to quickly reduce their HP.

Lingering Shadows

"Lingering Shadows" Walkthrough
  1. Unlock Messages
  2. Tutorial of Eidolon
  3. Talk to Himeko
  4. Talk to Herta

Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta

"Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta" Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Herta
  2. Challenge the Simulated Universe
  3. Herta joins

Simulated Universe Walkthrough

Simulated Universe

Talk to Herta to challenge the Simulated Universe.

Defeat Enemies On The Field While Gaining Buffs

Field buffs

In Simulated Universe, you can acquire various buffs along the way. Defeat enemies on the field while gaining buffs.

Defeat The Boss To Complete It


Defeating the boss in the deepest section of the Simulated Universe will complete the test.

Herta Joins

Herta joins

After completing the Simulated Universe, Herta joins the team. She is an exceptional character with an Ice-type AoE.

The Voyage Continues

"The Voyage Continues" Walkthrough
  1. Unlock Teleport function
  2. After talking with March 7th and Dan Heng, speak to Himeko
    └Choose "I want to join the Express.", then move to Astral Express
  3. Unlock Interastral Guide
  4. Go to Dan Heng's room and talk to him
  5. Enter March 7th's room and check three locations
  6. Return to the lounge and talk to the conductor
  7. Sit on the sofa and move to the next planet
  8. Unlock Friends feature

Unlock Navigation (Teleport)


The Teleport function is unlocked, enabling fast travel to unlocked Space Anchors for comfortable navigation around the map.

Talk To Himeko And Join The Astral Express

Join The Astral Express

Talk to Himeko and select "I want to join the Express" to board the Astral Express. Before that, talk to March 7th and Dan Heng for character interaction.

Sit On The Sofa And Move To The Next Planet


Once you sit on the sofa, you will be taken to a new planet and begin a new chapter. You can return to the Astral Express or Herta Space Station anytime, so don't hesitate to go on a new adventure.

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