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Jarilo-VI Boss Guide - Echo of War: End of the Eternal Freeze
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Jarilo-VI Boss Guide - Echo of War: End of the Eternal Freeze

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The guide on how to beat Cocolia, Mother of Deception, the Chapter 1 boss in Honkai: Star Rail. Includes Location, Weakness, Best Team Comps, Battle tips, and Skills.

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Warning!This article includes major spoilers for Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI. Please proceed with caution when reading.

Cocolia, Mother of Deception Location & Requirements

Located On Everwinter Hill, Jarilo-VI

LocationJarilo-VI - Everwinter Hill
How To UnlockComplete Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI Part 3
Combat TypeWeaknesses:Fire属性Lightning属性Quantum 属性
Debuff RES: Frozen, Imprisonment
Trailblaze Power Cost
*In Echo of War
RewardsGuardianGuardian's Lament
Musketeer of Wild WheatRelic "Musketeer of Wild Wheat"
Thief of Shooting MeteorRelic "Thief of Shooting Meteor"
Lucent Afterglow
4-Star Light Cone "Quid Pro Quo"
4-Star Light Cone "Fermata"
4-Star Light Cone "We Are Wildfire"
4-Star Light Cone "River Flows in Spring"
4-Star Light Cone "Past and Future"
4-Star Light Cone "Woof! Walk Time!"
4-Star Light Cone "The Seriousness of Breakfast"
Rewards Refresh04:00 AM every Monday

In The Storyline, Trailblazer Is A MUST In The Battle

In the storyline, Trailblazer (Physical) is a required team member to face Cocolia, Mother of Deception. Trailblazer (Fire) will replace the physical version in the second half of the battle, but if you're struggling in the first half, it's recommended to enhance Trailblazer before taking it on.

Use AoE With The New Mechanic

In the battle against Cocolia, the "Engine of Creation" is a new mechanic where the character's Energy builds up when allies attack and get hit, similar to the character's Ultimate.

Activating it causes a powerful AoE attack, and it is possible to inflict the "Weakness Break" to "Lance of the Eternal Freeze." It is recommended to use it to reduce Toughness when Cocolia summons or uses powerful attacks.

Can Be Rematched In Echo of War After Completing Jarilo-VI

Defeating Cocolia, Mother of Deception, in the storyline will unlock her as an enemy in Echo of War. This play mode allows players to battle enhanced chapter bosses and earn 4-star Light Cones and exclusive Trace upgrade materials.

The Rewards Are Required For Some Characters' Trace Enhancement

To enhance certain characters, you need unique materials, which can only be obtained in Echo of War three times weekly. Since you need a lot of materials, we recommend challenging Echo of War each week after it is unlocked.

Characters using Guardian's Lament for Trace Enhancement

Recommended Team Compositions

Tips To Team Up

DPS With Fire, Lightning, Or Quantum Type Is Highly Recommended

Cocolia, the Mother of Deception, is resistant to Physical, Ice, Wind DMG, and Frozen and Imprisonment debuffs. However, she has three weaknesses: Fire, Lightning, and Quantum.

If you can trigger a Weakness Break, you can prevent Cocolia's powerful attacks. Quantum Entanglement, in particular, delays Cocolia's Action Order, so it is recommended to include characters with Weakness Types, especially Quantum.

Frozen/Imprisonment Removal Ability Is Also Required

Cocolia, Mother of Deception, periodically inflicts Frozen/Imprisoned on a single ally. Shield and Effect RES cannot prevent this debuff. It is advisable to have a preparation to remove the debuff.

Characters with Debuff-Removal Skills

Seele's Action Boost Team

Removes Debuff
Reduces Toughness
Removes Debuff

The core of this team is the Quantum DPS, Seele, who can act many times and excels in DMG and Toughness-reduction.

When defeating the summoned "Lance of the Eternal Freeze," her Talent allows her to increase DMG and receive an extra action. Combined with Bronya's skills, she can act four times in one turn.

Also, the two debuff removers make it difficult to be defeated by Frozen or Imprisonment.

Jing Yuan Weakness Break Team

Jing YuanJing YuanTingyunTingyunAstaAstaNatashaNatasha
Reduces Toughness
Energy Recovery
Reduces Toughness
Removes Debuff

The team specializes in Weakness Break, with Jing Yuan and Asta, who are good at reducing Toughness.

Jing Yuan's attacks are mainly AoE, making it easy to handle "Lance of the Eternal Freeze." Depending on Tingyun's Ultimate target, you can choose buffs between DMG boost, Recovery, or SPD Boost.

F2P/Dolphin Team

HookHookTrailblazer (Fire)Trailblazer (Fire)AstaAstaNatashaNatasha
Reduces Toughness
Removes Debuff

This team mainly consists of regular 4-Star characters that are easy to obtain for players who spend little or no money.

The main DPS, Hook, deals moderate damage but has high durability due to her self-healing ability and the additional effect, "Naivete," which prevents the Frozen and Imprisonment with a probability.

How To Defeat Cocolia, Mother of Deception

1Aim for Weakness Break
2Use "Engine of Creation" to handle weaker enemies
3Keep HP as high as possible
4Remove Frozen/Imprisonment quickly

1. Aim For Weakness Break

Cocolia, Mother of Deception, inflicts high DMG and Crowd Control debuff in both phases. You should delay her action with Weakness Break and use attacks of the Weakness Types for a quick defeat.

2. Use "Engine of Creation" To Handle Weaker Enemies

In the first half of the battle against Cocolia, Mother of Deception, she will periodically summon weaker enemies. The summoned "Lance of the Eternal Freeze" will repeat AoE attacks, so use the "Engine of Creation" mechanic with Weakness Break to quickly defeat them.

3. Keep HP As High As Possible

Cocolia, Mother of Deception, can inflict high DMG and Crowd Control debuffs that prevent Healers and Shielders from acting, often resulting in allies being defeated. It is crucial to keep the HP of all allies as high as possible, especially if your characters aren't very strong.

4. Remove Frozen/Imprisonment Quickly

Cocolia, Mother of Deception, frequently inflicts Frozen or Imprisonment debuffs. Effect RES is not effective in preventing these debuffs. If you have a debuff remover in your team, be careful not to drop to 0 Skill Points and remove the debuffs as soon as possible.

Also, it is recommended to include characters with Taunt to prevent the Healer from being Frozen or Imprisoned.

Characters With Taunt Skills

Trailblazer (Fire)Trailblazer (Fire)ClaraClaraGepardGepardMarch 7thMarch 7th
*Not Weakness Type
*Not Weakness Type
(To One Ally)
*Not Weakness Type

Cocolia, Mother of Deception Skills

Skills In The First Half

Cocolia, Mother of Deception
Soulrend ColdstreamDeals massive Ice DMG to a single target, with a high chance to Freeze the target.
Bone-Shattering Cold
Deals Ice DMG to a single target.
Heartless Annihilator Call
Summons "Lances of the Eternal Freeze."
Harbinger of Annihilation
Locks on to a single target. The next attack will use "Soulrend Coldstream."
Talent: Creator's ResolveAfter changing form, gains SPD and deals Imaginary DMG instead.
Lance of the Eternal Freeze
StatsWeaknesses:Fire属性 Lightning属性
Debuff RES: Frozen
Skill"Everwinter Reverberance"
Deals Ice DMG to all targets.

Skills In The Second Half

Cocolia, Mother of Deception
Last Choir of Genesis
Deals massive Imaginary DMG to all targets.
Genesis Chord
Deals Imaginary DMG to a single target, with a high chance of causing Imprisonment.
The Creation's Prelude
Enters the Charge state. The next attack uses "Genesis Absolute Sound" on all targets.

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