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How To Get Fire Trailblazer & All Eidolons
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How To Get Fire Trailblazer & All Eidolons

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The guide on how to obtain Fire Trailblazer (Preservation) in Honkai: Star Rail. Learn how to switch Paths, Shadow of Preservation, and how to get Eidolons, E6, and best Builds.

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How To Obtain The Fire Trailblazer

Defeat the boss in Chapter 1: Jarilo-VI

Fire Trailblazer can be obtained by defeating the Boss in Jarilo-VI. The first time you challenge the Boss, you can try it out with enhanced stats and equipment to see what it feels like to use it.

Can Switch Path From Trailblazer Stats Screen

After acquiring the Fire Trailblazer, you can switch paths anytime from the character's status screen. Only one Trailblazer with a Path can exist on the team at a time, so choose carefully when adding one.

Remember To Change Equipment After Switching

After switching Trailblazer's Path, check and change the equipment. The required stats and skills will change drastically, and Light Cone will only be effective if used with the corresponding Path.

Traces Need To Be Enhanced For Each Path

▲ Trailblazer's Trace Enhancement requires materials for each Path.

Even though the character level stays the same when switching paths, each path requires different enhancements for its corresponding Traces. Collect the appropriate materials for each Path.

How To Get More Eidolons

Obtain One In Chapter 2: Xianzhou Luofu

Shadow of Preservation, the Eidolon Upgrade Material for Trailblazer (Fire), can be obtained in Chapter 2: Xianzhou Luofu after advancing the story to some extent. It is recommended to advance the story as soon as possible if you want to use Trailblazer (Fire).

Purchase Four From Shop In Xianzhou Luofu

Four Shadow of Preservation can be bought at the World Shop in Xianzhou Luofu, "Jeweler's Pagoda", which is unlocked by completing "The Hound Chases the Fox" mission. Each costs 250 Strale - earn them from quests and treasure chests in Xianzhou Luofu.

The Information For The Last One Remains Unknown

Currently, the method of obtaining the last one Shadow of Preservation is unknown, but it may become available through a future update in Xianzhou Luofu as Chapter 2 has not yet been completed.

Recommended Build For Fire Trailblazer

Best Light Cones

Light ConeRecommendation / Explanation
Moment of VictoryMoment of VictoryRecommendation: ★★★★・
- Always increases the wearer's DEF
- Increases more DEF when attacked
- Good match for Fire Trailblazer with Taunt
Texture of MemoriesTexture of MemoriesRecommendation: ★★★★・
- Always increases the wearer's Effect RES and reduces DMG when attacked with a Shield
- Gains a Shield when attacked with no Shield
- High basic stats and available from Simulated Universe
Trend of the Universal MarketTrend of the Universal MarketRecommendation: ★★★★・
- Always increases the wearer's DEF
- Inflicts a Burn when attacked
- Works well with Debuff Team & Fire Team
This Is Me!This Is Me!Recommendation: ★★★★・
- Always increases the wearer's DEF
- Increases Ultimate DMG based on DEF
- Best for DMG Boost

Priority Is Given To DEF Boost

Equip the Light Cone that increases DEF first, as Fire Trailblazer's effects mainly depend on DEF. 5-Star is "Moment of Victory." "Trend of the Universal Market" and "Day One of My New Life" are recommended for Superimposition.

Nameless Glory Light Cone Is Also An Option

"This Is Me!" from Nameless Glory (Battle Pass) increases DEF and Ultimate DMG based on DEF. It's a good option if you need a suitable Light Cone, though it may take time to reach E6.

All Light Cones List

Best Relics

RelicRecommendation / Explanation
Knight of Purity PalaceKnight of Purity PalaceSet Bonus:
2-Piece Set: Increases DEF by 15%.
4-Piece Set: Increases the max DMG that can be absorbed by the shield created by the wearer by 20%.
Recommendation: ★★★★★
- Boosts both DEF & DMG
- 4-Piece Set increases the durability of Shield granted at high frequency
- Works well with Fire Trailblazer that gains a Shield frequently
Guard of Wuthering SnowGuard of Wuthering SnowSet Bonus:
2-Piece Set: Reduces DMG taken by 8%.
4-Piece Set: At the beginning of the turn, if the wearer's HP is equal to or less than 50% of their Max HP, restores HP equal to 8% of their Max HP and regenerates 5 Energy.
Recommendation: ★★★★・
- Reduces DMG to boost durability
- 4-Piece Set restores HP & Energy when HP is low
- 2-Piece Set is also easy to use
Firesmith of Lava-ForgingFiresmith of Lava-ForgingSet Bonus:
2-Piece Set: Increases Fire DMG by 10%.
4-Piece Set: Increases the wearer's Skill DMG by 12%. After unleashing Ultimate, increases the wearer's Fire DMG by 12% for next attack.
Recommendation: ★★・・・
- Boosts Fire DMG to increase the wearer's firepower
- 4-Piece Set boosts the wearer's DMG
- Lower priority compared to those can boost DEF and support performance at the same time
Planar SphereRecommendation / Explanation
Sprightly VonwacqSprightly VonwacqSet Bonus:
2-Piece Set: Increases the wearer's Energy Regeneration Rate by 5%. When the wearer's SPD reaches 145 or higher, the wearer's action is Advanced Forward by 50% immediately upon entering battle.
Recommendation: ★★★★・
- Regenerates Energy fast to increase the times of Ultimate
- Action is Advanced Forward by 50% when SPD reaches 145
- Advanced Forward has many advantages and matches well, but SPD condition is hard to reach.
Belobog of the ArchitectsBelobog of the ArchitectsSet Bonus:
2-Piece Set: Increases the wearer's DEF by 15%. When the wearer's Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher, the wearer gains an extra 15% DEF.
Recommendation: ★★★・・
- Boosts both DEF & DMG
- Increases more DEF when Effect Hit Rate reaches 120
- The extra effect is hard to be triggered by Fire Trailblazer, who doesn't need Effect Hit Rate

Best Cavern Relic Is "Knight of Purity Palace"

Fire Trailblazer increases Shield durability and DMG by boosting DEF. It's best for "Knight of Purity Palace," which increases DEF and Shield durability. Alternatively, "Guard of Wuthering Snow" can be used to increase durability, but it has lower Shield durability and firepower.

"Sprightly Vonwacq" Is For Sphere

Best for Fire Trailblazer with a powerful Ultimate is "Sprightly Vonwacq," which regenerates Energy faster to increase Ultimate activation times. Meeting the strict SPD requirement allows Advanced Forward action at the start of a battle, reduces DMG, and deploys Shield.

Using "Belobog of the Architects" to increase DEF is recommended but is not obtainable early on.

Fire Trailblazer - Build, Rating, Best Relics & Light Cones

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